7 Best Headphones For Classical Music 2021

Even the most straightforward tune you hear features utmost intricacy in its composition and arrangements. As such, you inevitably need top-quality headphones that will enable you to stop such complex notes and tunes. The situation turns more challenging when you hear Classical music. It features full-fledged orchestra, wherein there will be hundreds of instruments forming a band.

To reap the maximum enjoyment, and to make the most excellent audio experience with classic pieces, you need such worthy headsets that produce pristine audio. You need to look for Headphones that feature robust, yet lightweight construction.  Most importantly, you should look for items that allow optimum comfort, and allows freedom of movement. It is easy to put on such Headphones for longer spans, as the Classic Music Pieces are significantly longer than the Light Music Tracks. Here is your guide about selecting the best Headphones to enjoy Classical Music.

Quick Answer | List Of Top 7 Headphones For Classical Music

Best Headphones For Classical Music

Best Headphones For Classical Music 2021

1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 

Comfort and Convenience are the key factors that a buyer ought to consider while buying Headphones. In that regard, the BEYERDYNAMIC 990PRO Headphone puts the most impressive performance. It had been one of the top sellers in its category since 2004. It is a gallant alternative to the premium price alternatives, producing an excellent audio experience. However, the cost is affordable for all. The Headphone features a close resemblance to the design and feel of the Studio Headphones, promising you the best classic music audio experience. 

The construction involves plastic for the entire body, and the Ear cup holders are made with metal. You will find the Memory Padding that eases the pressure to the ear and imparts a premium look to the device. One of the crucial features of the Headphone is the Velour Wrapping that ensures adequate comfort for users. 

The Headphone comes with 250 OHM Impedance. But, users are likely to need a small amplifier for optimizing the output volume, especially when the device gets paired with a phone, or other portable source gadgets. 

1. Extended Frequency Range 

2. Offers the optimum comfort and convenience 

3. Projects Natural Sound 

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The sound quality of this Mid-Range Headphone enjoys a rough edge over all other devices within a similar price range. The Low-end Responsiveness makes the Headphone a perfect pick for classical music. It is for this reason that it projects the output from lots of percussion with optimum clarity. The Headphone comes with Mid and High-Frequency adjustment features, which is perfect for playing classical music pieces. The Open-back layout ensures that users get to enjoy the music in a completely natural way. As such, buyers can stand assured about getting back the best value in return for the cost. 

2. Sennheiser HD 599 SE

It is a Studio-grade Headphone and features an Open-Back design that ensures the ultimate comfort. The same feature eliminates chances of artificial reverbs. Even if the Headphone does not emphasize Low-Frequency, still its worthiness lies in its capacity to maintain the High and Low frequencies at the right equilibrium. As the Treble and Mid-Frequencies are the focal points, it ensures that listeners enjoy the utmost clarity, while enjoying classical pieces. You will undoubtedly appreciate the device, as you can spot each instrument distinctly. The 50 OHM Impedance and 12 to 38,500 HZ Frequency Response is the spot-on feature of this instrument. It ensures that users will never need an amplifier for suitably driving the Headphone. 

The Velour Ear Cushion is one of the best features of the Headphone. It ensures comfort and convenience and allows you to keep enjoying your favorite classical pieces for the longest time. The Padding on the Headphone is another feature that adds to the comfort and convenience of the user. It cuts down the extent of head pressure significantly. 

The Open-back Design not only contributes to comfort, but it enhances the tonal quality of the output. It gives a more natural vibe to the sound, making it all the more pleasant and soothing to the years. The ear cups got designed in a manner that it will direct sounds, producing an in-room impact. 


1. Features Dual Cables 

2. Prominent Mid and Treble 

3. Offers the optimum comfort and convenience 

Why Do We Recommend This Headphone?

Considering the facts and figures stated above, you can opt for the Headphone with confidence. The item has justified the goodwill that the manufacturer enjoys for offering high quality products, without affordable rates. You will hardly find reasons to regret for prioritizing this device, over other alternatives

3. AKG K240 Studio

The Headphone will impress you on the first instant with its Semi-Open design, and its robust Noise Cancellation feature. It comes with a long cable that simplifies the task to upgrade the microphone. The same features allow optimum freedom in movements. It comes within a pocket-friendly price. The best part is that by paying a mass level price, you get to enjoy the exceptional sound quality. Speaking about the Frequency range, it comes within the 15 to 25000HZ. Users highly appreciate the excellent sound clarity capacity of this device. It ensures that buyers get the best value in return for the cost. 

At times, users are likely to experience a Fat sound, and the bass comes more rounded than the usual snappy and tight feature. The Headphone features Velour Pads that eliminate excessive pressure. The adjustable headband is another feature of the Headphone that deserves a special mention. Even if the design appears a bit tight and narrow, it supports users to put on the Headphone for longer hours at a go. 

Reviews about this Headphone comes exceptionally positive. It is likely to make you confident about investing in this item. The Headphone has certainly done justice to the reputation of the manufacturer. The manufacturer has a reputation for offering the most extensive and delightful support to users. 


1. Provides Decent Comfort and Convenience

2. Allows Freedom of Movement

3. Excellent Noise Cancellation Feature. 

4. Comfortable and convenient 

Why Do We Recommend This Item?

The Low-to-Medium Impedance Rating is another feature of this device that deserves a special mention. It implies that users will never need external amplifiers to amplify the sound output. Users can pair the Headphone with a Smartphone or any portable source devices quickly, as well as effectively controlling the volume level. 

4. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO

The biggest challenge in buying the exclusive classic Headphone is with the high cost. In that regard, the Beyerdynamic 1990 PRO Headphone is a gallant exception. Even if the price is towards the upper side, it gives you back the best value in return for the cost. It features HD Technology, delivering impeccable sound quality. 

Speaking about the durability, and the extent of comfort and convenience, you are ought to rate this device with a perfect-ten score. It comes with a detachable cable that allows freedom of movement. The lightweight construction ensures that users face no difficulties and issues in using the Headphone for longer spans. The lightweight frame eases pressure, making the musical session all the more exciting and enjoyable. 

One of the critical features of the Microphone is its low impedance, and it makes the Headphone the right pick to enjoy classical music. The same feature makes the device compatible with Smartphones and all other portable source devices. It comes with the same delightful performance when you pair with a more significant source device. 


1. Excellent Sound Quality 

2. Extended Frequency Range 

3. Offers the optimum comfort and convenience 

Why Do We Endorse This Headphone?

The sound clarity will surely impress you on the first go. Even if designed for playing classical music, the device is still equally suitable for playing the music of other genres. The Open-back design and the Natural Tone are the features that deserve a special mention. It is undoubtedly worthy of your money, as the construction involves the most excellent grade raw materials. It ensures that the device endures for the longest time. The user-friendliness of the tool is another feature that makes this device all the more coveted. You can opt for this Headphone with confidence about getting back the best value for the cost. 

5. Shure SRH1840

Even if the Shure SRH 1840 Headphone comes with a Hefty Price Tag, it offers you unparalleled durability, and the optimum comfort and convenience. The construction involves Aluminium Alloy and Stainless Steel. It adds more strength to the piece, making it the perfect part to use in the course of travelling. The sound quality is vibrant, and it promises you the best audio experience. Reviews Suggest, it is one of the best Headpieces for enjoying classical music pieces. 

Even if the Headphone features a wide range of responsiveness, the Lows don’t match the ideal Midrange. The capacity of the Headphone to produce Pristine sound quality and its serenity are the features that make the Headphone all the more coveted. A much-coveted Headphone to relish the beauty in Classical Music, it is equally suitable for playing the music of other kinds. 

The manufacturer has a reputation for offering extensive and delightful support to users. They will stand beside you when you need their assistance the most. 


1. Excellent Mid Range Responsiveness and Pristine Sound Quality 

2. Clear and Natural Sound

3. Durable and Robust Construction 

Why Do We Recommend This Item?

To take care of the internal Resonance, the Headphone features a robustly constructed Steel Driver frame. It maintains the Coherence, irrespective of the playing Volume. The same feature contributes to preventing the loss of sound, as usual with the Open-Back Design. 

You will surely love the well-padded and adjustable Headband and the Ear Cups. However, one of the significant drawbacks of the device is its bit heavier weight. It sometimes makes it tough for listeners using the method for longer spans at a go. 

6. GRADO SR80e Prestige

Users appreciate the ability of this microphone to produce the optimum sound quality, and its capacity to offer the highest comfort. The Large ear Cushions and Earpads are the features that make these pieces the perfect choice to enjoy classical music. The On-ear and Open-back designs are other aspects that deserve special mention about the device.. 

One of the major cons of the Headphone is its Open-back design that escalates the extent of Sound escape. At the same time, it allows more external noise to overlap the main sound. As such, it is the perfect pick for Home use as well as for applications in the Studios. 

The best part about this Headphone is that it is suitable for playing the music of all genres. Even if the sound is not fat, it comes clear. It is another factor that soothes the transition between Arrangements and different music genres. 

When it comes to the pricing aspect, it will never burn out your pocket. However, you will find inexpensive models that offer more comfort and convenience. At the same time, the thicker Earpads fails to absorb significant pressure. 


1. Excellent Mid Range Function 

2. Natural Sound

3. Excellent Frequency Response 

4. Highly Comfortable  

5. Highly Durable and Robust Construction 

Why Do We  Recommend This Headphone?

The incredible Treble and Midrange features make the Headphone all the more coveted for enjoying classical music pieces. For this feature, the Headphone delivers optimum sound clarity and enables users to distinguish the instruments involved in the Orchestra. With this Headphone, it becomes easier to note every note distinctly. As such, you can enjoy the most complex compositions and arrangements

7. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones

The ATH-AD700X Headphone features exceptional audio experience, and it is perfectly suitable for enjoying classical music. It comes with an exclusive Wing Support Feature that ensures the best comfort for users, and it is escalated further with its lightweight construction. The Open-air design ensures that users experience no sound pressure. As such, if you are looking for a Headphone for enjoying musical sessions for hours, it is the piece that you should opt. 

The best part about this Headphone is the pocket-friendly price. For it is more significant drivers, the Headphone produces pristine sound output. You will undoubtedly appreciate its Dynamic Response. However, there are specific concerns with the device as well. For instance, it is not a premium grade product. 

The Low Impedance feature makes the Headphone work ideally, without an external Amplifier. You can pair this Headphone with a plethora of source devices, including Smartphones and other portable source devices. Likewise, the Headphone produces excellent performance, when you match it with a Personal Computer. 


1. Minimum Sound Pressure 

2. Excellent Instrumental Differentiation 

3. Wide Range of Frequency 

4. Comfortable Fit

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Larger spacing of the drivers and big size of the Ear Cups develops a spacious Soundstage as well as Natural Tone. On the other hand, the Wide Frequency Response takes care of the peaceful transition between the most intricate musical arrangements and compositions. The Headphone would have received a better review if it had not featured a Non-Detachable cable. It certainly restricts movements with the Headphone. On the whole, it is a good purchase, considering its affordable price and extended durability. 

Frequently asked Questions

1. What Are The Advantages Of Buying Open-Back Headphones?

Even if the Closed-back design Headphones do not trail behind in terms of the audio experience, the Open-Back pieces stand matchless. The closed cup feature in these Headphones reduces noise significantly. On the other hand, it allows the development of Reverberations, creating an impression that the music is playing around you, leading to an artificial tone. 

The Earcups in the Open-back design Headphones allow noise and air to mix with the principle soundtrack. It contributes to enhancing the in-theatre impact- the hallmark of classical music performance. As such, the open-back Headphones are the perfect pick for enjoying Classical Music Pieces. On the other hand, Closed-Back Headphones make the perfect choice while on the go. 

2. What Are The Points To Consider About The Sound Stage And Frequency Response?

The Open-Back design enhances the Orchestral Effect. But, there are prominent differences between the different models available in the market.
The differences in this regard involve the sound output quality and the capacity of the Headphone to reproduce the sound in the spacious environment.
While considering the Frequency Range, 20 to 20000 HZ gets regarded as the perfect range, compatible with the human ears.

Here, it gets assumed that the Headphone Performance for the real world will not be far from the Anechoic Measurement of the Chamber. You can enjoy Classical Music Composition better on Headphones that deliver a Real-time Soundstage, featuring prominent placements of the different musical instruments involved in the Orchestra.
Do you hold the notion that Classical Musical Pieces don’t feature any bass? If so, you are thinking along the wrong lines. For instance, the Piano can play notes below 30 HZ. The Double-bass can produce sound closer to 30 HZ. On the other hand, the Cello usually occupies MIdbass Frequency in the range between 80 and 200 HZ. It is significantly higher than what you find in an orchestra, featuring lots of Percussion. 

4. Your Guide To Buying The Best Headphones For Enjoying Classical Music

It is a wise and considerate buyer who deserves to get the best value for money. It holds for buying Headphones as well. The market offers you an inexhaustible collection of models, coming with different features, and across the varied price range. You need to consider these aspects before you make the purchase decision. This considerate approach will make it easier to identify the piece that promises you the optimum audio experience. Such Headphones will undoubtedly make the Classical Musical sessions all the more enjoyable and exciting. Here are the key points to consider, while buying a Headphone: 

The material involved in the construction of the Headphone. 
The weight of the Headphone- always opt for the pieces that are lightweight yet robustly constructed 
If the device is compatible to pair with different kinds of source devices. 
User-friendliness in operating the Headphone. 
The ease in charging and maintaining the Headphone 
Check if the Headphone allows freedom of movement. 
You should always opt for the pieces that feature Noise Cancellation property. 
Compatibility in transition between different genres of Music. 

You will find innumerable options, while you look around for Headphones to enjoy Classical Music. In that regard, the models reviewed above are the most delightful options to opt. The construction involves the most excellent grade raw materials that make it durable/, On the other hand, all these models produce pristine sound quality. As such, you keep enjoying classical music pieces with these Headphones for longer hours. Therefore, you can invest in these models with an open mind. You can stand assured to get back the best value in return for the cost. Investing in these Headphones, you will never regret it at a later stage.