Best Headphone Stand of 2021 (Tested & Reviewed)

When we buy headphones, we usually don’t think about where we will place them when we are not using them. The simplest is to leave them behind the monitor.

Listening to our favorite music while we are working gives us the motivation we need to move forward with our daily tasks. However, many of us place the headphones anywhere on the desk, giving it a messy and sloppy look. If you want to have your desk with a pleasant countenance, then you must know the best headphone stands that will keep your spaces tidy.

If you are a gamer and you spend most of the day sitting in front of your computer with your headset on, you will know better than anyone how ugly a desk can be with a tangle of cables on top.

Types of the headphone stand

There are two types of headphone stand, the vertical ones that do not require a wall and the sides.

Independent vertical stand

An independent headphone stand, as the name implies, is one that does not require any support, so you will not have to fix it on the wall or a table. You have to put it on the table and go!

Lateral stand

Unlike an independent headphone holder, with this model, you will have to hold the base under the table or on the sides of it, and you will be ready to use it.

Advantages of the headphone stand

The supports for the hearing aids are a very useful product, some of its advantages are


An independent headphone stand is very easy to carry from one place to another, given its small size, and in addition to that, they avoid spoiling. In this way, you can have them comfortably in the house, school, work, or wherever you go.

Keep your headset safe

The main advantage of these bases is that they keep your device safe and protected from any damage.

Compatible with all brands

Its design and shape follow a universal pattern and therefore, are compatible with headphones manufactured by different companies.

Eliminate clutter

Another important advantage is that its use gives your desk a presentable and neat appearance. These hearing aid bases help you organize your table the way you want.

A space saver

Without a doubt, you can have a lot of space available by placing the headphones on the stands. You can hang them under the desk or on any side of the table without wasting an inch of its surface.

Top 11 Headphone Stand of 2021 (Best Picks)

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Headphone Stand

Best Headphone Holders In Detail!

Let’s learn about the features of each stand

1. Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder with 3   USB 3.0

If you need to hang your gamer headphones in a sober and elegant place, then this is the right option for you! This aluminum stand has an incredible design that makes it perfect as an accessory for your desk.

It comes equipped with 3 USB 3.0 ports to give you easy access to your USB accessories, it also integrates a very convenient 3.5mm port to connect your hearing aids.

It is shareable with any brand of helmets, is available in space gray, silver, and gold, has a low price, its measurements are 20.3 x 3.8 x 21cm and its weight is 499g.


  • Modern and sophisticated design.
  • It has cable management to avoid tangles.
  • Possibility to connect the headphones directly to the stand.


  • The price is somewhat high compared to the rest of the market models.
  • With the stand connected to the computer, it is necessary to use the headphones.
  • It is quite high.

2. Avantree Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder

If you are looking for a stand for your headphones, the Avantree HS102 headset stand is the one you need. Our top 2 is a safe bet, showing itself as a headphone holder with cable support that will make your life much easier and will allow you to always have your headphones organized.

The support for wired headsets HS102 Avantree color is black and boasts a very elegant and unique design, adapting to all styles. Fully universal, it is compatible with all headphone models. Robust and resistant, it is made with stainless steel, and also has anti-scratch protection that will keep it looking good from the first day. Do you now understand why he is our champion?


  • Its lower base for storing cables or any device.
  • It has a soft silicone pad that prevents scratches.
  • Compatible with all headphone models.


  • It cannot be disassembled.
  • If the headphones are not installed correctly, they may fall sideways.
  • Does not include USB ports.

3. BRAINWAVZ Truss – The All Metal Under Desk Dual Headphone Hanger Stand Mount

Are you tired of having your headphones pulled but you don’t have enough space for a stand? It’s over, and with this support under Brainwavz Truss headphone table, space will no longer be a problem, and you can keep your headphones perfectly organized and always at hand, under your desk.

It is our runner-up, and it is one of the best headphones stands on the market today, boasting excellent value for money. Black, once you paste it under the table it will remain perfectly fixed, thanks to its resistant adhesive tape. It is what you were looking for.


  • It can be installed without drilling holes.
  • Very resistant supports the headphones in perfect condition without falling.
  • It fits all headphone models perfectly.


  • It is only valid for installation under the table.
  • It does not offer the possibility of connecting external devices because it does not have USB ports.
  • On low tables, the headphones collide with the legs.

4. Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger 

And in the third position and highly recommended is the Avantree Universal headphone stand, one of our favorites.  It is a headphone holder with cable since it has a tray specially designed to keep the cables perfectly organized. With an ecological design, it will give a quality leap to the decoration, and it is also totally universal, adapting perfectly to all the different models of headphones that you can imagine. It is the headphone stand you were looking for. Get him.


  • It includes support for headphones and also for cables.
  • Modern and elegant wooden design.
  • Universal support is compatible with all models and sizes of headphones.


  • If you are not careful you can scratch easily.
  • It does not have USB ports.
  • It has no power supply.

5. Docooler SADES W10 Gaming Headset Stand Holder with 3.5mm AUX Port USB HUB

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If you love video games and only settle for the best sound, this Docooler W10 gaming headset stand will be shown as one of your best allies. Ideal to always have your headphones ready, it boasts an exclusive design and great resistance, adapting without problem to all headphone models.

If you were looking for headphone stands, the Docooler W10 will offer you the highest quality and comfort. It includes three USB ports that will allow you to connect the headphones, charge the mobile or any other device. Highly resistant, with this stand to hang the headphones your desk will be much more organized.


  • Modern and exclusive design ideal for gamers.
  • Its three USB ports are compatible with all types of devices.
  • Universal support that adapts to all models of headphones on the market.


  • The design can be excessively youthful.
  • It is not mounted.
  • It is something big and takes up enough desk space.

6. Headphone Stand, ELEGIANT Headset Holder 

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This Elegant universal headphone holder is ideal to always have your helmets ordered and ready to use. It works as a hanger, guaranteeing that the headphones will stay stable, and also includes support for the cables that will increase its durability and avoid possible entanglements. This support for music headphones is ideal to keep your headphones in perfect condition and keep order on your desk.

Of excellent quality and highly resistant, it is one of the supports for headphones with the best quality-price ratio you can find in the market. A safe bet with which you will not fail.


  • Rear support to hang the cables.
  • Its small dimensions do not take up too much space.
  • It is compatible with all headphone models.


  • Does not include USB or auxiliary ports.
  • Very large helmets could rub against the base.
  • The design can be something basic and simple.

7. YaPeach Headphone Stand, NewBee Universal Aluminum Earphone Holder

The NewBee headphone stand is ideal to always have your helmets perfectly tidy and ensure the design of your desk. With a lightweight and compact design, it allows you to easily transport it anywhere. It is one of the headphones stands with the best value for money in the market.

Easy to assemble, this support for music helmets has an excellent texture thanks to its ABS and rubber material, being pleasant to the touch and very resistant. Modern and elegant, it will be perfect on your desk. Suitable for both domestic use and professional music stores. A headphone stand that will exceed all expectations.


  • Possibility of transporting it easily anywhere.
  • Ergonomic and detachable design.
  • Of excellent quality, it is made of ABS + TPU + Aluminum alloy.


  • It needs installation since it is not assembled.
  • Overly basic and simple design.

8. BRAINWAVZ Hooka The All Metal Headphone Stand Hanger

If you are one of those who never know where you leave your headphones and go crazy looking for them at home, with the Brainwavz Hooka headphone stand this problem will end. It is a support for music helmets designed for vertical surfaces, which boasts an elegant design and is highly resistant, adapting perfectly all headphone models.

Do not worry about the weight or size because this headphone holder will hold without any problems. It is made of metal and is very strong, being ideal for installation anywhere. With a very small size, it is smaller than usual and barely occupies space.


  • Headphone holder too small. Ideal for tight spaces.
  • Made of high-quality metal, it is tough and durable.
  • Suitable for all headphone models.


  • Only available in one color: black.
  • Does not include a USB port or auxiliary input.
  • It is important to glue the adhesive well, but it could be released.

9. Headphone Stand, Forrader Universal Aluminum Headphone Holder 

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This aluminum helmet mount is very easy to take wherever you go. It has a beautiful timeless and sophisticated design that makes it perfect for any desk, it is light, small and you can rest on it, headphones of all sizes.

Its base is wide and incorporates non-slip, the upper part is rubber to prevent damage when supported, its aluminum mast is light but at the same time strong and the base is hard plastic with non-slip corners.

The headrest is made of elastic rubber TPU, it can be used with any brand of headphones, it comes in black, is less expensive than other similar models, its measures are 9 x 9 x 20cm and its weight is 90g.


  • Portable design lightweight 
  • Less expensive 
  • Good build quality


  • Only one color black
  • Don’t have any port for external use

10. CORSAIR ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand with 7.1 Surround Sound

The support of Corsair does not have rounded support, but flat, which is not the most indicated, especially for helmets with worse pads, but in return, it obtains other functionalities.

The most striking is undoubtedly its RGB lighting system, but perhaps the least decisive since it obtains two USB 3.1 ports, a 3.5 mm connector, and a rubber base, all manufactured in the best available aluminum.


  • RGB lightning facility
  • Impressive sound quality 
  • More powerful with dual usb 3.1 support 
  • Non-slippery material for better grip 
  • Built-in AUX jack


  • Too much pricey 

11. HiveNets Headphone Stand Aviation Aluminum Sturdy Portable Universal Gaming Headset Holder

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Possibly the best stand of the comparison. Simple, basic, elegant and of the best quality.

Not only do they provide a bow design, but in that bow includes a leather pad to reduce the pressure suffered by the headband pad, avoiding pressure on it as much as possible.

The base includes silicone pads to avoid unwanted movements, but perhaps the best in its price.


  • Lots of color option 
  • Anti-slippery material 
  • Sleek design
  • Take less space 


  • No additional port support 

Things to consider before buying a headphone Stand

Due to a large number of base models headphone headset that is available in the market, it is good that you consider certain considerations before you spend your precious money so make sure you have in your hands a product of good quality.

Do you have space on your desk?

If the answer is negative, keep in mind that there are several hook fasteners that may be perfect for you. They can be connected to the end of your desk so that they hang on one side and do not take up any extra space.

Do you want a wire feeder?

This is only necessary for headphones that have very long cables, but without a doubt, your desktop will look much tidier.

What do you need to have in a headphone Stand?

Probably, the most important factors that most people consider are the style and appearance of the stand. Apart from this, some stands incorporate different design elements; for example, some brands offer to hide the cable by wrapping it around the base with some notches, giving it a much more sober appearance.

Will the stand fit my headphones?

Good question! The majority of the headphone stands are developed to fit universally in a wide range of headphones. Some more bulky models may be too large when placed in smaller stands.

If you have a very large or heavy headset, then it pays to pay a little more and buy a stand that is much more robust, this will make them look much better and reduce the risk of accidentally knocking them down.

In the market, there are stands with beautiful minimalist designs that will make your spaces look great and also some have a variety of very nice colors that will match the decoration of your room or office.

Many can even be placed under the table to maximize the space on your desk. Take a look at the following products so you can find the one that best suits your needs.