Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones Review In 2021

Welcome friends, on our top 10 Bluetooth Headphones reviews in 2021! Whatever type of smartphone you have, now you can save yourself a lot of hassle by opting for a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones. In this generation, anyone who loves music to a great extent wouldn’t shy away from spending dollars on good quality headphones.

Since the beginning, however, ever since the appearance of headphones we deeply love and now technology has advanced a lot. We have now the wired or wireless headphones that are usually powered by Bluetooth and NFC. Not only are there so many out there to choose from, but there are so many bad ones.

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Bluetooth Headphones

Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones Review In 2021

Bluetooth headphones come in all shapes and sizes, too. In these collections, we only pick the most popular and best Bluetooth headphones for you. We have chosen some headphones those are best for sport and exercise, as well as larger on-ear and over-ear headphones that provide more features such as noise canceling and longer battery life that last an entire day on a constant playback.

However, some headphones don’t have a microphone or have only short battery life, so keep an eye out for those features before making a decision. So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look top 10 Bluetooth Headphones in 2021.

1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless is part of the all-new, second generation Momentum headset family. If you are thinking about the Bose headphones above were expensive then the Momentum 2.0 Wireless really take the attention.

Cut the cord in style. The Sennheiser Momentum over-ear headphones will look majestic to some, overkill to others. It’s a solid headphone along with 22-hour battery life with both Bluetooth and Noise Gard activated to ensure performance. And that should be enough for listening to music, watching movies, and even playing games.

Comfort-wise they’re simply outstanding. The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 pads are memory foam and topped with leather. Those big ear cups are ultra-comfortable, on-device controls and lightweight enough for you to just wear them and don’t be bothered again and again.

Important Note

  • Less subtle looks than the first generation
  • Sound more fun than outright accurate

2. Bose QuietComfort 35

The next up we have the Bose QuiteComfort 35 wireless along with Bluetooth headphones, and these do provide world-class noise cancellation makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. The ideal travel headphones for those often on the go.

Unlike their predecessors, the QC35 feature a built-in rechargeable battery and work for 20-hour per charge and up to 40 hours in wired mode. They put years of research into headphones that provide true listening freedom and connect easily to your devices with Bluetooth or NFC pairing.

Bose QuietComfort 35 also included microphone happens to be excellent for calls and VoIP. If you want the best noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone then you can’t get any better than this.

Important Note

  • No aptX
  • No option to turn off ANC
  • Boring looks

3. Sony MDR-ZX770BT

You don’t need to shell out hundreds of pounds to get a great pair of Bluetooth headphones. Sony MDR-ZX770BT headphone has a killer feature, awesome sound performance or wireless capabilities along with Bluetooth audio streaming with AAC and aptX support.

The build quality and materials are top-notch for the price. Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calling and the sound quality won’t blow your mind, but it’s totally handy for listeners searching for a full sound.

This headphone brand is well known for the premium build quality, rechargeable and long battery life, which is supposed to last for 17 hours – though, personally, we were able to squeeze 20 hours out of them. Their light weight and soft ear pads make them supremely comfortable even for the longer runs.

The sound quality is well as clarity is brilliant, and the headphones also offer tight beats with 40mm drivers and Beat Response Control.

Important Note

  • Bass might be too light for some.
  • The design is a bit drab.
  • Light on accessories.

4. Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless headphones are a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for fans of bass-heavy music class. B&W has been reworking its popular headphones ranges and recertified products have been tested and updated to ensure they meet Bowers & Wilkins high-quality standards.

The most impressive thing about this headphone is offering over-ear design and dual cavity cushion ear pads and also isolate outside sound. Their sound is both robust and weighty for all genres, but especially so when it comes to EDM and hip hop.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless headphone is made for iPhone remote/microphone cable, plus a generic cable that works with all smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

Important Note

  • Very expensive.
  • The headband can feel a tad uncomfortable for long listening periods.

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5. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

If you are a frequent traveler and want to purchase a pair of over-ear headphones, our recommendation is definitely to try a pair of Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2. The sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, and handy features make it the best Bluetooth in-ear headphones.

This headphone has become the best wireless headset because of its high-res sound, and powerful speaker drivers deliver the right balance of rich bass, crisp highs, and natural mid-tones along with long lasting battery life.

BackBeat PRO 2 offers the ultimate in wireless freedom with Class 1 Bluetooth for an impressive 100-meter range and feel sturdy and are very comfortable to wear – even for extended periods.

Important Note

  • Noise cancellation isn’t quite on par with Bose
  • Bass not particularly full
  • While the design has been improved, the headphone is still a little heavy

6. Jaybird Freedom F5

Take control of your life with the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones! We are going to share something different, instead of the usual over the ear headphones we have looked in the list, this one’s an in-ear wireless earphones. Jaybird produces some excellent wireless headphones, which will impress you with its sound quality, excellent design and comfortable size.

The Jaybird Freedom F5 appear to be conventional neckband-style sports headphones and the patented silicone ear fins securely attach to the top and back/lower surface areas of the ear for a snug fit, locking the ear buds in during workouts.

We have added in our top 10 Bluetooth headphones because of its fantastic sound quality, above-average battery life, and ease of use, something that its competition has a hard time accomplishing. With just 20 minutes of charging you can enjoy up to 8 hours of total battery life.

Important Note

  • Takes a lot of time to find the right fit
  • Wingtips can be a little uncomfortable
  • Continuous-use battery life

7. Plantronics BackBeat Sense

Plantronics BackBeat Sense one of the best Bluetooth headset in the market which is very light weight with very good sound and battery life. I am sure you know that Plantronics is a well-known name in the audio business, their BackBeat takes place one of the best series in the market. Now you can pick them up for less than $100. Today, we have added two headphones from Plantronics. So, without wasting time, let’s take a look.

I am sure you have noticed the name “Plantronics BackBeat Sense”. If you are wondering why they use the word “Sense” then you should know that they come with a proximity sensor that actually turns off the music when the headphones are taken off.

The headphones have an impressive and rechargeable battery life up to 18 hours along with 100 meters/330 feet from phone or tablet with Class 1 Bluetooth. The headphones come with support for aptX, has passive noise-cancelling and need less than 3 hours to charge fully.

Good things just don’t end here, the headphones offer an amazing construction and designed to maximize comfort, these lightweight headphones also feature pillow-soft, memory-foam cushions so you can listen to music all day.

Important Note

  • Proximity sensor can activate when around neck
  • Some optimizing issues when listening from PC/Mac

8. Samsung Level On PRO

The Samsung Level On Wireless Pro is on-ear headphones that are designed mainly for use with phones. The headphone come with 3.5mm Wired or Bluetooth wireless connectivity and extremely comfortable along with stylish, foldable design with Active Noise Cancellation for crystal clear audio.

The Samsung Level on PRO is unquestionably a good looking pair of headphones. Thanks to clever Samsung tech, they offer much higher-quality wireless audio transmissions than you get with rivals such as Beats or Sennheiser.

The Samsung Level On Wireless Pro uses very softly, faux-leather-topped foam pads that make this one’s extremely comfortable and even if you want to wear it for a longer period of time, you won’t be feeling any discomfort in the process.

This headphone looks a little like a more grown-up, slightly lower-key Beats headphone. They’re offering good, smart touch, button-free controls audio.

Important Note

  • Flat presentation
  • Poorly defined central channel
  • Too loose for sports use

9. Sony MDR-1000X

If you’re looking for one of the best pairs of Bluetooth headphones with great active noise canceling then you should try Sony MDR-1000X. Not only do the 1000X offer exceptional noise-cancellation, they’re comfortable, sound punchy, and the closest competitor to Bose’s QuietComfort, offer a better build quality than their Bose QC35.

In short word, Sony has created a pair of headphones that will easily win travelers heart on public transports and airplanes. This one is specially designed for the working executive who dresses smart and also provides first-class sound quality, Bluetooth convenience and a bunch of well-designed usability features.

Sony estimates battery life longer with up to 20 hours and comes with easy touch control. Listen to music without missing announcements.

Important Note

  • Very Expensive
  • Noise cancellation is good, but not great
  • Included audio cable lacks inline remote

10. Brainwavz BLU-100

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Brainwavz may not be a household name like Sony or Bose, but it’s little BLU-100 are the best value in-ear Bluetooth headphones you can buy. The sound quality is good enough to challenge rivals that cost twice the price, and the build quality is amazing with this price and these Bluetooth headphones could well be one of the biggest bargains going.

Brainwavz BLU-100 come with secure, comfortable fit with lightweight earphone housing and low profile cable and remote. You get a sturdy little carry case along with superb Comply S-400 memory-foam tips in the box that mold themselves to the shape of your ear canal for an even better fit.

The Brainwavz BLU-100 is best for style in a wireless Bluetooth capacity, taking audio listening to a whole new exciting level. The headphones themselves are also nicely constructed given their bargain-basement pricing.

Important Note

  • Short battery life
  • Maximum distance for Bluetooth needs improvement

At the bottom line, I want to say that, choosing the best Bluetooth headphones is not easy, especially for people who are relatively newer in the field of wireless headphones. Hopefully, after reading our Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones review in 2020 you will find your best headphones with excellent features. Please let us know your favorite pairs of Bluetooth headphones in our comment box.