Mpow Bluetooth Headphones -All You Need To Know About Pairing|Solving Common Issues

Neckband headphones have surged in their popularity in the last few years with people especially because of the convenience they provide. Mpow jaws is one of the newest brand in the block that has capitalized on the increasing popularity of neckband headphones and come up with its own line of fascinating products. But every device comes with its own share of connectivity issues that need resolving. Let us learn how to connect mpow Bluetooth headphones

How do I turn on my mpow Bluetooth headphones?

1. Ensure that the mpow Bluetooth headphones are charged sufficiently for powering on. If not connect to the charging source. 

3. While the headphone is turned OFF, press and hold the Multifunctional button for more than 5 seconds till you see the LED lights flash blue and red. 

4. The headphone is ready to be paired to your device.

How do I connect my headphone to my Smartphone?

Once you have turned your Bluetooth headphones ON, it has entered into pairing mode. This is when you need to connect the headphone with the desired device. You must ensure to keep the headphone and the Bluetooth device within 3 feet of each other. Then follow the instructions provided below for connecting the headphone to the specific smartphones. 

For Android –

  • Go to the settings option on your smartphone.
  • Tap on Connections.
  • Go to Bluetooth options from there.
  • There you will find a section titled available devices. The name of your mpow bluetooth headphone will appear under that section. 
  • Tap on the headphone name and wait for two seconds for your Android smartphone to get connected to your headphone. 

For iOS

  • Go to the settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Bluetooth.
  • Search for the mpow bluetooth headphone which should be listed under the other devices section.
  • Tao on it to connect to the headphone.

For Windows 10

  • Go to the Windows Search box and type in Bluetooth
  • The Bluetooth and other devices window would pop up.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned ON.
  • Click on “Add Bluetooth and other device” option.
  • You would find your mpow Jaws headphone listed under that space.
  • Select your headphone and wait for a few seconds to secure a connection between your computer and your headphone. 

For MacOS

  • GO to Apple Menu on your Macbook.
  • Navigate to System preferences.
  • Your mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphone would be listed underneath.
  • Select your headphone 
  • Click on Connect.
  • Click on Accept when and if prompted.

How do I know if the headphone is connected properly to the device?

The clear indicator of successful connection between your device and your mpow jaws headphone would be the LED indicator which would stop flashing. Wear the headphones over your ear and play some music on your device to check if the connection is secured properly. In case you find that it hasn’t been able to connect even after following the above set of instructions then remove all the list of existing devices from your smartphone and repair the mpow headphone again. 

You can repair the headphone either by long-pressing the multifunctional button until the blue light flashes thrice or long pressing the multi button along with the +volume button for more than  seconds. 

How to reset the mpow jaws bluetooth headphone?

Whenever there is some unprecedented problem in mpow jaws bluetooth headphone which you can find no solution to, more often than not a reset will fix it. Make sure that the headphones are turned off. Press and hold onto the power button for around 6 seconds. The LED indicator will flash alternatively with red and white colors. That will signify that the headphones have been reset. Turn the headphones ON again and pair and connect to your device and the issue would appear to have been solved. 

How do I charge the headphone?

As mentioned before the first thing to ensure when turning on the headphone is it is sufficiently charged. A slashing red light would indicate that your headphone requires charging, provided when turned ON. Connect the headphone to a suitable charge and you’ll notice that the red light has stopped flashing and is now persistent. Once the charging competed the light will turn into blue and that is when you must disconnect it from the external power source and turn it ON. 

Different models and features

Mpow Jaws Gen413 hour playtime
Mpow Jaws Gen5CVC 6.0
Mpow Jaws Gen618 hour playtime, improved noise cancellation