Best iPhone Headphones of 2021 | Awesome Picks For Your Great Phone

When we buy an iPhone, one of the accessories that are included in the package are Apple’s headphone. These headphones have a beautiful design and provide a sound quality that is not bad, but, if you are one of those who need more than what Apple offers them in the box, than you have arrived at the right place. 

Apple, also, has decided to eliminate the classic headphone port on its latest smartphone, taking a key step so that most users start thinking about buying a Bluetooth headset for the iPhone.

If you also want to join the wireless fever and get a wireless headset, thus getting rid of tangles and discomfort, we have good and bad news: there are a million alternatives out there, but, because of that choosing the most suitable is nothing simple.

In this article, we want to help you find the most suitable option for you, and that is why we have tied the blanket to the head, and we have carefully tracked the market to find the best Bluetooth headphones to use with your iPhone, iPad, Mac and with many other devices!

Why You Should Buy An Extra Wireless Headphone For Your iPhone?

You may need an extra Wireless headphone. Because –

– Are great because you can move around freely while listening to your favorite songs.

– Are portable and easy to bring along when travelling.

– Have a long battery life so you don’t have to worry about charging it frequently.

– Sound quality is better than that of wireless ones because they do not suffer from signal interference.

– They are sturdier than wireless headphones and less likely to break down easily due to the wire connecting the two earpieces of the headphone together.

Things To consider Before Buying a Headphone for iPhone

If you are looking for the best headphones for iPhone, going wireless is your first choice. But there are other 7 factors such as sound quality and battery life to be considered before buying any headphones.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity refers to the output power of the sound, measured in decibels (dB). It is advisable not to exceed 100dB to avoid damaging the ear.

Impedance: measured in ohms (ohm) indicates the passage of electric current and affects the intensity of sound produced by the headphones. How many less Ohm greater volume. Ideally, it is in the range of 16 to 32 ohm, in small devices; and between 25 to 70 ohm in the larger headphones.

Answer: it is measured in hertz (Hz) and has to do with the frequencies that the headset reproduces. A good parameter is that it provides frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz, which are the frequencies that the human ear can capture.

External insulation: The sound quality will depend a lot on the cost of the headset, the most expensive will surely offer us a better balance of bass and treble; but much will also depend on the ability they have to isolate the external noise, nothing is worth a headset that listens very well to what it reproduces, but that the outside is also heard superbly.

Restraint: They are very small devices, and with a bad move if they do not have good support, it can come off. Some models usually use tweezers or some similar system that adapts to the ears; others instead adapt to the inside of the ear; being the first most bulky.

A good reference to decide this issue is to take as a parameter the headphone we use daily. If we are one of those who have problems so that it is in the ear, it is better to get wireless with a clamp or some fastening system.

There are models that allow alternatives to adapt, be it to combine one system or another, or the possibility of adapting the headset to the ear.

Battery life: It will depend on how much time we allocate to its use if they will actively accompany us throughout the day, or only on journeys such as going to and from work. If the user that we are going to give it is intensive, we will have to do it with long-lasting ones, of course, this will impact on the size of the battery and therefore on the weight of the headset.

Another alternative if we are not willing to resign size, is to take the loading system with us, which should be considered small and transportable.

Here the parameters and calculation are very simple; we must consider, how many hours the battery lasts, how many hours we will have them in use and how long it takes to charge.

Size: One of the issues that like this type of headphones, is that being much smaller than others are easy to transport and go virtually unnoticed during use. Remember that the clamping system and the battery size will have a lot to do with the size.

Top iPhone Headphones (Bestseller)

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Best iPhone Headphones

As each person has different preferences, needs, and budgets, we have looked for quality alternatives in different segments, and we have combined these wireless headphones that would be able to satisfy any user.  Let’s read some reviews-

1. Joyful Heart wireless headphones

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Joyful Heart headphones are uniquely designed for training, so you can use them while walking, running, and while exercising in the gym. The sound quality is amazing. It includes an HD microphone that allows users to enjoy the hands-free experience. Silicone hooks are very comfortable and fit perfectly to the ear. The battery capacity is quite good and offers 8 hours of listening.

2.Apple airpods

Planning to buy something from Apple? Well, then Apple AirPods is a very good option. Although this headset is one of the best, the price is quite high. They offer excellent sound quality, and the sound starts playing automatically as soon as you put on the headphones. It comes with the ability to allow you to activate other options like Siri, make calls, etc. Apple airpods battery last for 5 hours.

3.Bose sound sport wireless headphones

Another great detail on our list that comes with all the necessary features to make it the best headphone for apple iPhone.

These headphones feature an unmatched combination of comfort and stability. That is because we have designed the conduit of our tips StayHear + Sport tips to distribute while the fin adapts naturally to the shape of the upper crease of the ear. They don’t fall, but they’re still comfortable. And you can concentrate on reaching new levels in your workouts.

It is packed with features like Voice prompts, constant balance at any volume, Bluetooth and NFC pairing, sweat and weather resistance, etc. The battery life is excellent.

4.Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones

Bose is already a very popular name in the market, and getting headphones from this reputed brand is definitely a great option. You can use it with all iPhone and Android devices. In addition, you can control everything starting with calls, volume, music, etc. Overall, this is an excellent model that is available at a very affordable price.

5. V-Moda Crossfade 2 wireless

This is another very expensive wireless headset for iPhone after Apple AirPods, which is designed to offer excellent audio quality. The sound system is impressive. Designed with vegan leather along with a steel frame, this headband is made to help you fulfill your dream of listening to music. The deep clean bass guarantees high quality, while the military-level MIL-STD-810G guarantees durability. The battery life is good enough. So, if the price is not a bar for you, this model is a great option.

6. POP Design wireless headphones

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One if the best wireless headphones for iPhone are available at a good price below $ 50. Therefore, if you are looking for the best and cheapest wireless headphones for your iPhone, this is a great purchase of parts. It is equipped with a surprising noise cancellation technology to eliminate all kinds of background noise. And so it allows you to enjoy music in the busy area. The IPX7 rating indicates that you can use this headset even when it rains outside. The battery life is impressive; You will get the battery capacity 8 hours with just one charge, while the headphones are available in three sizes. Therefore, you will easily find the most suitable for you.

7.AKG noise canceling headphones

This is definitely one of the best wireless headphones for iPhone that is wrapped with immense features. The battery life is quite long. You can use it for 30 hours on a single charge. With all this, the main attraction is its amazing noise cancellation feature. Cleverly eliminates all interfering frequencies and then offers excellent audio quality. Then, the price is worth it.


 Are Apple headphones comes in good quality?

Apple’s headphones are well-known for their quality and design, and they definitely deliver on the latter part of their name. They are sleek, compact, lightweight, and come with a long list of features that make them look like a premium product. The sound quality is also quite high; Apple rates it at 40 ohms impedance which is one of the highest in the industry.

In addition to these features, Apple’s headphones also come with an included carrying case which makes it easy for you to bring your new headphones from work to home or wherever you need them without worrying about damaging them or getting caught up in an awkward situation where you have left your old headphones on the bus.

 Can you use other brand’s wireless earbuds with iPhone?

You can use other brands wireless earbuds with your iPhone, but you will need a third-party case in order to hold the wireless receiver.

The best case for Apple wireless earbuds is the Apple AirPods Case, which is available in black and white. The official cases cost $49.

How to choose a wireless earbud for iphone?

When choosing a new pair of wireless headphones, the main considerations are how much distance they can cover before losing signal, how much space they take up in your pocket or bag, whether they’re waterproof/resistant to sweat/water damage, and whether or not you need to purchase an additional charging case.