The Best Headphones For Kids In 2021 | Mild & Crystal Clear Sound

Listening to music is universal because music attracts everyone. Not only the music, but people love to watch content on the internet. It can be any type of content but mostly related to streaming, watching, and listening. And to do all of this you need a good headset or headphone that will serve every purpose perfectly. Headphones are a significant part of every human being’s life. If individuals are staying in the house or going outside, things that they generally don’t forget to carry is their smartphone, wallet, and the headphone.

Not only the mature people, but the headphones are a need for the kids too. The kids need headphones to watch several contents related to their age. This gives them an immense pleasure as well as helps them to increase their listening skills. Here in this article, you will get to know about the 10 best headphones for kids in 2021. So get ready to gift your kid proper headphones if it’s a birthday or another occasion. But before that, it’s important to know which type of headphones should be chosen for the kids.

How the headphones should be chosen for the kids?

When it comes to buying a headphone for adults then it’s no problem because you can just choose one randomly. Some prefer high bass, some prefer good vocals, some prefer sweetness, some prefer loudness, some prefer in-ear headphones, some prefer over the ear headphones and many more. But you need to be extra cautious when you are choosing headphones for your kids.

  • You have to make sure that the bass is decent and not too high on the headphones.
  • You need to make sure the sound output is not too loud and it can’t exceed a certain volume level. Loud or too loud headphones can damage the ears of your kid and the listening power may get decreased over time.
  • You should always look for the one that is ideally built only for kids. Don’t choose random headphones because these headphones are built for mature aged individuals.
  • You need to get a headphone of premium build quality because the kids am not that matured to take care of the headphones properly. So chances are very high that they may break it or damage it. So you need to go for the one that has good and strong build quality.
  • Make sure the headphones you buy for your kids are comfortable for them to wear and to hear contents. So always go for the one that fits perfectly on the ears of your kid.
  • Make sure the headphone is waterproof and shock-proof. Because when the headphones will be in the hands of your kids, they may use them randomly without not taking proper care.
  • Buy the one that is not harmful to your kid’s mind and growth. Because this is the age where they learn and grow the most. So make sure the headphones don’t become an obstruction on their way to growing. Always go for the quality ones.

Top 10 headphones for kids In 2021 (Best Picks)

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headphones for kids

Best headphones for kids

By considering every parameter here is the list of the best headphones for kids. Make sure to check out everyone and get to know which one your kid will like the most.

1.Jvc tinyphones children’s headphones

The jvc tiny phones is the perfect choice for the kids. The design is funky and kind of crazy. No matter what, your children will definitely like it once he/she/they see it. Jvc hakd6y kids phone headphones are one of the headphones that the kids like because it has built with eye-catching colours.

  • It is a 3.5 mm headphone.
  • It has a 1/8 inches’ stereo mini-plug.
  • The cord length of the headphone is 2.6 feet.
  • The headphones volume is limited to some extent and it can’t be increased further when it reaches the limit.
  • It is a wired headphone that means the sound quality will be fantastic.
  • The treble is amazing and therefore your kid will enjoy the music output.
  • The vocals are amazing so hearing the words and dialogues will be pretty clear. As a result, the listening skill will be increased.
  • It comes with varieties of different colours.
  • Not so expensive and offers pure value for money.

2.Ifrogz little rockerz

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This is the headphone that is one of the most popular headphones among the children. When you get to see the headphone, one thing that will definitely catch the eyes of your kids is the funky style of the headphone. It offers an entire line of dress-up themes like a lion version, a little princess with a crown and many others.

  • The built quality of the headphone is very premium.
  • The volume and the sound output is limited to 85db to protect your kid’s ears and hearing ability.
  • One of the unique features of this headphone that not so many headphones offer is that it has a venting facility. That means your kid will be able to hear you even they are listening to music or watching video or tv on the headphone. This feature is really useful when your kid gets the idea of what’s happening around her/him and still, they can listen to music.
  • It is a very kid-friendly headphone.
  • It comes with various themes of different dresses and contents. So your kid can choose from a wide range of stocks that look good on his/her eyes.
  • It has a 30 mm driver that means the audio quality will be amazing. They will really enjoy when they will play games, listen to music or watch tv.
  • The cable length is 1.2 meter so there will be flexibility.

3.Fsl protec kids headphones

This headphone is really unique because a proper mechanism works in the headphone to handle the safety volume issue. It is one of the best headphones for kids. The headphone always maintains the safe volume levels for the children. It is a very versatile headphone with very rich and unique features.

  • On the left side of the headphone, there is a button exist that is the sound-volume adjust button. It is the child-proof dial where your kid can set the volume up to three different levels.
  • The lowest sound output and the volume is limited to 84db that is considered as the safest volume level for the kids.
  • Next is the 94db volume level that is ideal for everyone above 10 years old.
  • The final volume level is the unlimited version that is suitable for adults or when your kid wants to hear some loud music.
  • The headphone is long-lasting and durable.
  • The headphone is suitable for every different os running device like android, ios, mac os, windows gadgets.
  • Total 6 colours are available and your kid can choose the preferred colour among them.
  • The build quality of the headphone is very premium and it will not break under the rough use of kids.

4.Griffin crayola headphones

Griffin is a company that is very popular for making iphone and ipad accessories. Crayola is one of the kids favourite colourful brands. These two brands team up together and they make the perfect headphones for the kids.

  • These headphones are colourful. There is a wide range of different designs with different colour options are available.
  • The headphones are safe and pure fun while listening to music and watching tv.
  • The headphone is very child-friendly because the sound output and the volume are limited.
  • The build quality is decent and not very high. It will be okay kind of headphone for kids use.
  • There is no proper padding on the headband. So it may feel a bit stiff for some kids.
  • The price is very reasonable and from that perspective, it is pure value for money.
  • The headphone is very durable.
  • Your kid can decorate the headphones with 40 included stickers that is something the kids really like.
  • There are 3 included crayola markers and your kid can create his/her own sticker.

5.Griffin kazoo volume-limiting headphones

The griffin kazoo headphone lines are very popular among the kids. The design of the headphones will definitely catch the eyes of your kids. It is a perfect cheerful option for your little ones.

  • The headphones are made for the younger audience and there is a wide range of designs and colours available. Your kid will definitely like variants such as monkey, lion, penguin, and others.
  • There is no padding on the headband.
  • The headphone is not so expensive and a bit cheap. So if your kid damaged it or lost it, you will not sweat too much.
  • The looks of the headphone are really funky and crazy.
  • The over the ear design helps to listen to the music with fun by not getting disturbed from outside noise.
  • The sound output and the volume is limited on the headphone so the hearing of the kids gets protected always.
  • It’s a 3.5 mm wired headphone.

6.Puro sound bt 220

Next comes the premium looking puro sound bt 220. If you think that you don’t want to give your kid a funky looking headphone or your kid doesn’t like this kind of headphones, then you should definitely take a look at it. It is a suitable choice for the kids if your kid is slightly older than the normal age.

  • The looks of the headphone are premium and classy, preferred by mostly the adults.
  • It is a bluetooth headphone that means the connectivity is wireless.
  • The sound output is limited and restricted to 85 db. So the volume will not go very high. As a result of the hearing ability and the ears of your kid, stay protected.
  • The battery life is amazing. It will give around 18 hours of battery life that is quite amazing because many high-end bluetooth headphones don’t offer that much battery backup.
  • There are many colour options available.
  • On the left ear cup, it has integrated volume control.
  • The headphone is durable and made with non-toxic materials.
  • The headbands and cushioned ear cups are adjustable.
  • There is a fascinating noise cancellation feature built in the headphone.

7.Philips shk2000pk kid’s headphones

The name philips is enough to show how good a headphone can be. It is a pretty good looking headphone that most kids like. Also, it is one of the headphones that are tremendously popular among kids.

  • The headphone provides utter comfortability.
  • It is an on-ear type headphone.
  • There are a head band and cushion cups in the headphone, that means your kid will always like the comforts while listening to music or watching tv.
  • The build quality of the headphone is very strong and it can handle kids rough use without any issue.
  • The ear cups are adjustable.
  • Many colours are available.
  • The volume is restricted to 85 db that means it is safe for your kid’s ears.
  • It is a 3.5 mm wired headphone.
  • It has a noise cancellation in-built feature that means the outside loud noise will not disturb your kid while using the headphone.
  • The sound quality of the headphone is fabulous.

8.Kidrox wired kids headphones

This is the headphone that provides vast comfortability because it has a foam built construction. The headphone is so comfortable that your kid can use it for a long time without any single issue or feeling hectic.

  • The headphone has a head foam on it. That is why it is very much comfortable to use.
  • The headphone is very durable and long-lasting. No matter how rough your kid uses it, it will survive the experience.
  • The volume is limited to 85 db that is ideal for the kids.
  • There are many colour options available.
  • The headphones may look a bit odd at first because of the head foam built but this is totally worth it for the kids.
  • It provides a 1-year trouble-free warranty.
  • It is made of soft, safe, bendable, non-toxic eva foam.
  • The headphone even comes with an extension pad for small heads.
  • Perfect choice for the kids between 3 to 9 years.
  • The build quality is good and it handles the rough use easily without any hinge.
  • It is a very light-weight headphone.
  • It is a 3.5 mm wired headphone.

9.Kidz gear deluxe headset headphones

The kidz gear is basically famous for making a unique product and headphones with proper engineering. The kids gear deluxe headset is one of the headphones made for kids that is ideal for doing every operation. It is a very high functional headphone.

  • The design of the headphone is really unique and your kid will definitely like it.
  • The headphone is ideal for gaming because it has an attached microphone with it. So kids will enjoy using it and playing a multiplayer game with his/her friends.
  • The built-in microphone is wonderful for talking, playing games.
  • The headphones are ideal for listening to music and watching tv.
  • It is a 3.5 mm wired headphone.
  • Like every other headphone, this headphone is available in a wide range of colours for boys and girls.
  • The headphone is very sturdy that means the build quality is premium. It will handle the rough use of kids at ease.
  • The microphone is not removable. So that is something your kid has to bear and adjust.
  • It comes with a 1-year hassle-free warranty.
  • The high fidelity flexible rotary boom microphone has great sound output.
  • The sound output and the volume is restricted to 85 db. So it is good for your kid considering the headphone can be used for kids.
  • It works with almost all of the audio supported devices.
  • Ideal for the children above 2 years.

10.Sony mdr 222 kd

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This is probably the best headphone for the kids because the name is sony. When the brand name comes then definitely everyone prefers sony for electronics and accessories. This is the headphone where sony focuses hugely to make an ideal headphone for the children only and they have succeeded so far.

  • It is a 3.5 mm wired headphone.
  • The ear cushions are made of foam that means it is very comfortable and lightweight headphone.
  • It is small, over the head type headphone.
  • It has 13.5 mm drivers and neodymium magnets. That means the audio quality and output is very clear, rich, crisp, and pleasing.
  • The volume can be limited to 85 db that is the ideal sound range for the kids. It has a volume limiting resistor cable.
  • These headphones are recommended for the children of above 8 years of age.
  • Maybe it is a low volume headphone as it is made especially for the kids but the high impedance audio output is supported in the headphone.
  • It is a very comfortable headphone for very long time use.
  • The build quality is something where your kid needs to compromise because the build quality of the headphone is not that good.

So these are some top headphones that you can buy for your kid to give them the sheer joy of enjoying rich audio quality while listening to music and watching tv. All of these headphones are suitable for the kids because the sound output and the volume are restricted on the kid’s level and it can’t be increased further. If you don’t like the list, then it’s okay and you can buy other headphones but make sure you follow the guidelines of buying the headphones for kids or you can choose one from the list.