AudioMX HS-5S Recording Headphones Review – Built for Music Producers & Audiophiles

Being involved with music producing, how long I have been desperate for tracking the tempo of tracks! Using one mono speaker to produce desirable beat matching can be difficult, especially when you’re a DJ or a music producer. That’s why investing a quality pair of studio monitor headphones.

Choosing the best pair of headphones is like choosing a good bed — you are gonna have to wear every day. And, if you’re investing quite a lot of money in a headset, but it doesn’t serve its purpose, then you have a completely botched deal.

Just because certain headphones are tagged with “studio”, doesn’t mean they are the best. Today I’m reviewing a pair of headphones that will completely change your experience with your headphones. And, the headset is the AudioMX HS-5S. If you’re not familiar with AudioMX, the company has been around for years and manufacturing a variety of audio solutions. So, let’s find more about this product:

Who is the AudioMX HS-5S for?

  • Involved with music production? Then, the AudioMX HS-5S are one of the best pairs of studio headphones.
  • Looking for accurate sound with nice mids and decent lows? The AudioMX HS-5S is all around the accurate headset.

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AudioMX HS-5S Recording Headphones


Package & Accessories

As soon as you’ll unbox the AudioMX HS-5S, you notice high-quality packaging and the headphones. You’ll find the headset in a big cardboard box with branding of the AudioMX products. You will notice the attractive image of the headset on the front. Accessories may look minimal, but still useful. You’ll find a 3.5mm to 1/4″ stereo adaptor and one set of Velour pads.


If you’re looking for a headset to use while riding the subway or in the gym, then this may not be suitable for you. Because the AudioMX HS-5S are not a light pair of headphones. You have to trade lightness for durability and sturdiness. As you’ll lift the headset from the package, you’ll feel its weight, but also see the high-quality build that is constructed to last a lifetime. The ear cups are efficiently padded with a pleather-like material. The ear cups easily cover my ears and are a good size for me. The leatherette pads scream of quite flexible and plush material. The headband is also padded and offers comfort. The cable is thick, flexible and quite long too!


The AudioMX HS-5S deliver exceptional sound quality with profuse mids and decent treble. The headset offers a non-fatiguing, soothing listening experience. This is an open-back headset that envelopes the listener with an expansive and detailed soundstage. Its soundstage really outperforms that of Sony’s MDR-MA300. You can enjoy a smooth and tight treble response.


  • One of the best headsets for studio usage
  • Soft padded ear cups
  • Very high-quality audio reproduction
  • The plug end of the cable jack comes with a protective spring that prevents twisting


  • Heavy
  • Non-detachable cables


Q: Who manufactured the headset?

A: AudioMX.

Q: How much does the headset weigh?

A: The AudioMX HS-5S weigh 13.8 ounces.

Q: How powerful is the driver?

A: The driver has a 42mm high-resolution unit that is built to deliver clear highs and a thumping bass.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that should be well-built to cater to your professional usage, then the AudioMX HS-5S should be your first choice. Although this is not the type of headphones you can carry around, this surely deserves the high rating for durability, versatility, and clarity.

If you wish to learn more about the AudioMX HS-5S, visit Amazon for more reviews!