Best DJ Headphones of 2021 – Feel Music Like a DJ

Nowadays, a DJ is like a shaman: he controls the environment through his music and manages to get the public into a collective trance. The ability of a DJ to mark a good set is directly proportional to the equipment he uses, whether MIDI keyboards or DJ controllers, but good DJ headphones are like the hammer and chisel for these artists.

DJ headphones are one of the most versatile work tools for every DJ. They would be the drive belt that allows them to coordinate the tracks and not get lost. Therefore, they have special features that differentiate them from other music headphones. There are many options, and choosing a DJ headset can be complicated. Therefore, we have prepared a comparison with the best DJ headphones on the market. Would you like to know which ones use the most famous DJs?

How to choose DJ headphones?

Unlike other headphones, designed to provide the highest possible resolution and sound clarity, DJ headphones follow different guidelines. DJ headphones are designed for use in specific circumstances and environments, such as parties or concerts, for example.

We recommend DJ headphones built with a light and strong body. You need headphones that resist the blows you can receive at parties or live. Also, we recommend that you look for a lightweight and foldable pair for easy transport.

DJ headphones are usually very comfortable. Therefore, the ones we recommend in this article are closed, over the ear, or the ear. The headphones that are placed over the ear and on the ear are comfortable, perfect for pads for long listening sessions, and the closed design provides good sound insulation.

The closed headphones that we recommend have passive noise cancellation. This means that they have an acoustic design that allows them to attenuate or reduce external noise. Normally these headphones integrate insulating materials between the external part of the headset and the part that is attached to our ear.

Another benefit brought by closed type headphones is that they usually emit deep bass and pronounced high frequencies. An increased presence of bass frequencies may be necessary for DJ headphones. It helps you perceive the rhythm of the song you are playing in places with lots of noise.

These are the main features that you should look for in DJ headphones. They must be contrary, comfortable, lightweight, and closed type.

Top 10 DJ Headphones (Best Seller)

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 DJ Headphones

 The Best DJ Headphone Reviews of 2021

The study of sound is a science as well as an art. Our ears are the most important tools for understanding precisely what goes into the musical performance. To make sense of the chaos, you need to know exactly how sound travels through your head and the other way around. But how can you hear something if you’re wearing headphones? Using headphones will change your hearing experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad. If your listening experience is enhanced by a good pair of headphones, then it’s worth investing in them.

1. Pioneer HDJ-X10

The HDJ-X10 model of Pioneer DJ Headphones brings important innovations in design. The moving parts of these headphones are made with a resistant metal that has passed a US Army resistance test. The cups have a comfortable polyurethane leather padding, and both the cups and the headband have a nano-coating, something unique among DJ headphones that makes cleaning much easier. These DJ headphones come with a hard case to carry them and two cables, one spiral of 3m and one straight of 1.3m.

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 are very comfortable. The headband has soft padding and puts little pressure on the head. Besides, they are flexible, something very useful for DJs who like to place them in different positions on the neck. Like the HDJ-2000, these DJ headphones have a special mini-XLR input for the cables, so you will have to purchase Pioneer cables if the included ones are damaged, although at first glance they seem very resistant.

Pioneer HDJ-X10 DJ headphones respond very well with musical genres such as electronics or hip-hop. The bass is heard fancy. They stand out from 80Hz, although they can dull the mid-tones a bit. For us, who are very purists, they are not the best to listen to any music, due to the strength it gives to the bass. But for that reason, they are perfect for mixing genres in which the bass take a lot of presence. The frequency response is surprising: 5 – 40,000Hz, and the emphasis on the bass reaches 200-300Hz. Even so, the mid-tones are perceived very clearly. The vowels stand out in this regard.


Resistant, comfortable, cool design, good sound quality


They are expensive. The bass is a bit oversized, which makes it sound a little color. This is good for puncturing certain genres, but not so much for listening to all kinds of music.

2. Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K

The HDJ-2000-MK2 professional headphones are an improved version of the HDJ-2000. They are more comfortable, have better noise cancellation, and their construction is more robust. These DJ headphones are closed over-ear type and maintain the classic design of the previous version. They are available in black or silver colors. The main difference in design is that these headphones for playing music are more comfortable, so they are ideal for prolonged use. The cups integrate soft pads and leather covers. Also, they are rotating, suitable for any work. The headband is strong but light and has a thin magnesium alloy that reduces the pressure of the headphones on the head. They have a folding structure and come with a hard case.

They are portable and rugged, perfect for any event. On the outside, these Pioneer DJ headphones seem very solid and should withstand any use and abuse. They have a removable mini-XLR input connector that helps prevent possible cable separations and is also easily replaceable. We do not know if the input improves the sound quality, but you will have to purchase Pioneer cables with this special input in case the included ones are damaged. The Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 headphones come with two cables, one straight 1.6 m, and one spiral 3 m.


Of the best DJ headphones on the market.

Good sound quality,

powerful bass,



High Price 

3. Beyerdynamic DT1350

The first thing that draws attention to the DJ Beyerdynamic DT1350 Pro headphones is that they are built like a tank. While the Sennheiser HD25 are lightweight and have interchangeable parts, the DT1350 are presented with a metal body with a very strong industrial aesthetic. They do not look as attractive as the HD25, but the metal adds a more professional and discreet touch.

Like the HD25, they have a split band and allow you to monitor with one ear since their cups can rotate by 90 degrees. They have an On-Ear design, are resistant and very portable. They come with a rugged semi-hard case and audio adapters. The cable is one meter, enough to avoid the use of extensions understudy and maintain portability.

The DT1350 Pro DJ headphones have more metal than plastic on their body, but they are compact and lightweight. They exert a slightly higher pressure than the Sennheiser, but the difference is minimal. The glasses feel comfortable and are ideal for long sessions. Further,


Sound quality, good design, durability.


They are not as attractive or flashy.

4. Beats Pro

The aesthetic is cool. The Beats Pro has a striking and recognizable over-ear design that generates a lot of passion among young audiences. However, not everything is an image in this life. The structure of these headphones is resistant but not so comfortable. They exert some pressure on the head and can cause discomfort after a few hours. Also, the edges of the two metal bands, which extend between the headphones, can sometimes be noticed. From our point of view, the internal padding of the band is thin for headphones that can be somewhat heavy.

And the cups? The cups have comfortable padding and are also swivel, foldable, removable, and washable(the latter is necessary for the white model). The purchase package of these DJ headphones includes microphone cable and remote input, audio adapter ¼ “, 4.2m spiral cable with 3.5mm twist lock connector and a carrying bag. Beats Pro headphones are available in black or white colors.

These Beats headphones are designed for DJs and music producers, so their sound quality is high. When we tested them, the Beats Pro headphones handled recordings with good sound mixes very well. The average frequencies are faithful and have no extra colorations. The clarity of the vowels and instruments of these tones is fantastic. High frequencies sound equally good. Other Beats headphones may have somewhat aggressive treble, but this is not the case with the Beats Pro.

The bass response is remarkable. These headphones reproduce electric bass better than most professional DJ headphones. The quality of the bass is incredible, but they are very present in the mix. The Beats Pro gives the bass a lot of prominences, so they don’t have a neutral sound profile. DJs or people who love these frequencies may fall in love with these headphones, but not so much those who seek to listen to music with a more faithful resolution.


Striking design, excellent medium, and high tones.


Uncomfortable for long sessions. They are expensive

5. Sennheiser HD 25-1-II

These DJ Sennheiser headphones feature a simple and functional on-ear design. They are very light, a feature that professional DJs love. The weight of DJ headphones can make a big difference in marathon sessions. The band can be separated to eliminate the fatigue they can cause when used for a long time, and the tension they cause on the head is minimal.

The body, although made of plastic, is very hard. Withstand the blows very well and can even resist a few drops without damage. The only negative point is that they do not have a folding structure. The best of these DJ headphones? Each piece is easily replaceable. The box brings the headphones with a 1.5 m straight cable, extra pads, a 6.3 mm adapter, and a carrying bag.

Excellent, like any of the quality Sennheiser headphones. They work very well to monitor sound and for music production. The bass is perceived as accurate and controlled, and the medium and high tones have great detail. The sound profile presents a good sharpness in the different frequencies, something necessary when mixing live music.

The sound insulation provided by the HD 25 is excellent. This is a strange thing in an on-ear headset, but the closed design helps in this regard. They have a fairly decent passive noise cancellation and are very good for mixing music in quite public environments. The Sennheiser HD 25 headphones have an impedance of 70 ohms. 

This capacity far exceeds the competition, as DJ headphones usually have between 25 and 30 ohms. The impedance indicates the electrical resistance that some headphones have, and they tell you how much power they need to sound reasonable. The higher the impedance, the better the sound quality, but the input signal weakens more. Therefore, if you want to express the sound quality to these Sennheiser, we recommend using them with a headphone amplifier.


Lightweight, good sound insulation, replaceable parts.


They have no folding structure.

6. Numark Red Wave Carbon

The Numark Red Wave Carbon features a special on-ear design for DJs. They are light for the size they are and can be used over extended periods, as long as some breaks are taken. The box includes a 2.5m smooth removable cable, a 63mm adapter and a soft case for carrying the headphones. The headband features a metal skeleton covered with a gray and red plastic padding. The brand logo is located on the outside of both cups. These can be folded inwards to facilitate transportation and can rotate 180 degrees vertically, or 90 degrees sideways, to monitor with one ear.

The quality of construction is not excellent, since it has a lot of plastic, but it has good details, such as leather that serves as padding to the cups. The band can be adjusted to suit any user. They exert some pressure on the ears, but the softness of the cups reduces discomfort. The closed design provides a very good passive noise cancellation.

These DJ DJs have 50mm drivers that provide a deep and powerful bass response. The voices are perceived as very warm, and the sound profile is dynamic and with great detail and clarity in the different frequencies. They emit a better sound than that of most DJ headphones in this price range, and their sound insulation is excellent. The mixture emphasizes the bass a bit, but the high and medium tones are perceived with good separation. The sound profile is not neutral, but it is perfect for mixing. The sound is perceived somewhat off if we compare it with Sennheiser HD 8 headphones, for example, but they are much more affordable.


Portable, good sound quality, affordable price.


They are not very robust.

7. V-Moda Crossfade LP2

These DJ headphones are very resistant. They have a braided cable with Kevlar material and metal plates at the rear. Even the integrated plastic elements seem very solid at first glance. The V-Mode Crossfade LP2 are closed-type over-ear headphones. The cups rotate only about 30 degrees up or down. This can be a problem if you like to move the glasses 90 or 180 degrees to the sides, but if you mix by placing a glass directly to your ear, you will not have problems. They are very comfortable, and you can use them in long sessions without problems.

They do not have a folding structure, so you will have to use the hard case they bring to transport them. The company includes two cables with the purchase: one standard to connect the headphones and another that includes a microphone and remote control. The remote control allows you to adjust the volume, as well as some general functions and the microphone. Although it is not necessary to use it in most cases, it is quite useful if you want to use them to listen to music from your phone or tablet. They work perfectly with iPhone and Android phones. The Crossfade LP2 is a good option if you need excellent headphones both for mixing music and for listening to music. They are compatible with the V-Moda BoomPro microphone, an accessory that adds a Boom microphone to the headphones.

Like most V-Moda headphones, LP2s feature accented bass tones. They do not have the neutral profile that the most purist of sound wants, but they are perfect for mixing life or even for gamers. V-Moda integrates two sound profiles in these headphones. One called M-Class, to listen to music, and the LP-Class created to mix live music. The M-Class mode has greater sound fidelity while the LP emphasizes the bass. The two modes have powerful bass, but the sound is perceived warm and very pleasant in both.

These DJ headphones emit some distortion in the lower tones, but it’s nothing to worry about. You probably don’t notice it, even when looking for it. In general, DJ V-Moda headphones are perfect for electronic music or other musical styles with accented bass.


Solid construction, connectivity extras.


They are not foldable.

8. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

The ATH-M50x Audio-Technica is a high-quality over-ear headset. The construction is quite solid: they are made mainly of hard plastic, and the cups and band are reinforced with metal. They have a padding of very soft-touch material, and the cups can be turned 90 degrees, something very useful when you are doing the dishes. The design of the ATH-M50x DJ headphones is attractive. Something big, but the glasses and the band adapt well to the head. Like many of the best DJ headphones, they bring a standard removable cable with 2.5mm input and 3.5mm output. The cable entry presents a safe to prevent disconnections.

Audio Technica includes with the purchase a 6.3 ”jack adapter and three cables: one of 1.2m for portable use and two longer ones (smooth and spiral) of 3m. The size of these headphones helps our ears feel free, and the pressure caused by the band is minimal, even when used for extended periods. They are ideal for taking anywhere since they have a folding structure. The ATH-M50x compete with the Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 for comfort, although they fall short when it comes to isolating external noise. This is the only negative point we found in these DJ headphones.

Good. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones offer sound capable of satisfying even the most demanding audiophiles. They have a fairly powerful bass power, something that DJs appreciate. However, the low frequencies do not overshadow the mid and high tones. Although they are closed headphones, their sound is perceived close to the best open headphones. They offer excellent, expansive, and very clear sound in different shades and their frequency range is surprising.

The vowels are heard smooth and detailed. In general, the sound they produce is exciting. They are perfect for listening to any music or to mix, which gives a lot of play. The power of the bass can be too much when we use them to listen to audiobooks, but when listening to any song, the experience is totally pleasant.

The ATH-M50 has been revered by professional DJs for years and the new model maintains the same level of quality. These DJ headphones can also be used to monitor audio in the studio. They are designed to play music with high precision and do a tremendous job. It’s sound balance has good fidelity, although it feels somewhat warmer than normal.


Powerful bass, good stereo sound. One of the best DJ headphones in terms of value for money.


The noise insulation is not the best.

9. Pioneer HRM-5

The Pioneer DJ HRM-5 are a pair of cheap DJ headphones and good quality laptops. They come with two removable cables: a smooth one of 3m and a spiral of 1.2m (3m extended). They also bring a bag for easy transportation. The band is reinforced with stainless steel, can be easily adjusted and has a folding structure. The cups have rectangular shapes and can rotate 180 degrees. Both the cups and the band have abundant padding of memory foam that is very comfortable.

They have a closed over-ear design that isolates external noise very well. In general, they have a simple but attractive design and are ideal to use for extended periods, both at home and in external environments. The build quality is not as robust as in the Pioneer headphones described above, but this is to be expected due to the price.

It is rare that Pioneer catalogs the HRM-5 as DJ headphones because they have a neutral and very faithful sound profile. They can be used perfectly to produce music or listen to it critically. These professional Pioneer headphones feature a good mix of deep bass, articulated and high-pitched tones with many details. They have a nice sound profile, no matter what genre of music is played. The bass is not emphasized as in other DJ headphones, so they emit a more suitable sound to listen to every day.

The sound spatiality is excellent for cheap DJ headphones. The different frequencies are well separated, and even the smallest details are perceived. The HRM-5 offers a very powerful sound. We tested them with a smartphone and at the medium volume, they already sound quite strong. They have an excellent frequency response that reaches up to 30kHz and a maximum power input of 1,700 mW.


Comfortable, good sound quality, affordable.


They are not so robust

10. Sony MDR-V55 Red Extra

No products found.

The Sony MDR-V55 DJ headphones feature a folding structure and rotating cups with pleasant touchpads. They are constructed with hard plastic that seems to be resistant, but that sounds a bit when used. The band has a lightweight rubber padding that helps hold the headphones and separate the head of the metal skeleton from the band. The band is quite flexible, but they are less comfortable than other headphones in this price range. Although their size can be deceiving, they are headphones on-ear (the glasses rest on the ears and do not cover them).

They can generate a lot of sweating if they are used to mix live in hot environments. The design is quite simple but attractive. They are available in black and white colors, and the cups have red, black, and blue details. They are lightweight, weigh 220 grams, and come in a box with a 1.2 m non-removable plain cable. It also comes with an L-shaped jack adapter at the end for added protection.

We don’t love the construction of these Sony headphones, but the sound is excellent for cheap and quality DJ headphones.

They have 40mm dynamic drivers that provide good 5-25kHz frequency response. Since they are DJ headphones, it is not surprising that the sound profile that Sony chose gives enough relevance to the bass. These have a lot of depth but remain controlled: they do not detract from the lower-middle quality, which is perceived. The clarity they offer in medium tones is excellent for cheap headphones. In this section, Sony headphones behave better than several more expensive models of this brand. The response of the treble is also very good: they have a lot of presence in the mix, and together with the deep bass, they have an aDynamic and vibrant sound profile.

Cheap DJ headphones often pay too much importance to bass, which makes the final mix lose a lot of quality. The Sony MDR-V55 have the emphasis of the bass desired by many DJs, but these do not overshadow the other notes. The frequencies have good separation and clarity, although the treble sounds a bit softer.


Folding structure, good design.


Somewhat awkward.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing DJ Headphones 

What are the Common Features of Good DJ Headphones?

  • The main requirement of a DJ headphone is that it has good sound quality with the ability to produce bass.
  • The bass will help you mix the sounds of your songs without having to turn up the volume, which will avoid blowing out your ears and possibly damaging your hearing.
  • It also needs to be comfortable enough that you can wear them for hours at a time without any discomfort, but not too bulky or heavy that they’ll leave you with a headache after wearing them all day.
  • The durability of the headphone is important because when DJs are on stage, they’re constantly moving around and bumping into things, so it needs to stand up to this abuse without breaking apart under pressure.
  • The price point is also important because it should be affordable for everyone.


What headphones do DJs prefer

According to a recent survey, DJs prefer headphones that have a flat sound signature. Koss has been working on this trend with its latest line of headphones.

In the past few years, more and more DJs are using these headphones due to their superior sound quality and portability. So before you buy your next set of DJ headphones, make sure they match your style!

What are the best Pioneer DJ headphones

For those who want a cheaper option, however, Pioneer DJ headphones are an excellent choice because they come with an integrated set of features at an affordable price.

The Pioneer DJ headphones offer durable build quality that can withstand wear and tear while still providing affordable sound quality. The audio range is wide and doesn’t lose any clarity until high frequencies. It’s also durable enough to last for years of intensive use with only minor repairs necessary on occasion.

The Pioneer DJ headphone are a great option for DJs, but also can be used for listening to music on occasion. They have been in production since 1997, which gives them enough time to make sure they have excellent quality.

Pioneer DJ headphones offer many features that make them stand out from other brands in the market like their over-ear design that provide natural noise isolation, their long-lasting battery life (up to 30 hours), and their lightweight design that is easy to carry around all day long.

Pioneer DJ headphones come with a microphone/remote because they are meant to be used as a DJ tool.

How are DJ headphones different

Technology has changed the way of the music industry, and DJs are not behind in this. DJ headphones are designed to provide superior sound quality and comfort, while remaining affordable.

When it comes to DJ headphones, these products can be categorized into two types: premium headphones and low-cost headphones. Premium DJ headphones usually offer high-quality sound, while low-cost DJ headphones have less features but are still comfortable to wear.

The first set of premium DJ cans was introduced by Pioneer in 1958, with no other company even trying to rival them until Sony’s introduction of the MDR-7506s in 1976. Today, there is a wide range of premier headphone models from companies such as Akai Professional, Numark/Denon DJ Headphones line up options from this year’s CES show.

Why do DJs take their headphones on and off

It is a common misconception that DJs are only able to hear what they are playing with their headphones on. This is wrong and it is an important part of the live DJ experience.

To understand the different sounds happening around you, a DJ needs to listen to what they’re playing alongside the music in their headphones. It’s like having two speakers – or two ears! The sound quality of your headphones is just as important as the sound quality of your speakers when it comes to a good live set.

This misconception also leads some DJs into thinking that they have lost control over their mix because they can’t hear what other people are saying over the music, but this isn’t true either!

Can you DJ with wireless headphones

To be able to DJ with wireless headphones, you need to have a set of wired headphones and a set of wireless pods. The wireless pods will connect to your wired headphones and give you the freedom to take your music with you.

It’s important that you know what type of music genres to play in order to get the best sound quality from these cans. For example, if you’re playing EDM or House, go for an over-ear or on-ear headphone respectively. For rock or metal genres, look for closed-back or over-ear headphone types that are fit for noise isolation purposes.

You can find many brands in the market that carry wireless headphones already. Some brands like Sony came up with their own proprietary digital signal processing technology called LDAC which they believe is more effective than other brands. But there are also companies who don’t have a proprietary signal processing technology like Sennheiser and Bose, but they have come up with their own great features that are not found in other headphones.

Are beats good for DJing

Beats are good for DJing.

There are many advantages to using beats to DJ. The most significant benefits of using beats can be seen in the increase in performance and the decrease in effort required to mix songs. The sounds of a beat can vary from song to song so it is easy for a DJ to pick and choose different tracks without having to split their attention between two sources on the go. These are just some of the benefits that come with using beats as your main source for your music while mixing.

What headphones does Martin garrix use

Martin Garrix is a 20-year old Dutch EDM DJ and producer from Breda. He has collaborated with many artists from different genres and his work has gained an international success. He was ranked as the number one DJ in the world by Billboard in 2016.

Martin Garrix is always on the go, travelling all around to perform for his fans. His style of music is based on a lot of energy, making him perfect for headphones that have an active noise cancellation feature like Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

Are noise Cancelling headphones good for DJing

Noise is a problematic issue for DJs.

One of the most common complaints from DJs is that they can’t hear what’s going on in the crowd, and other people can’t hear the music.

Noise Cancelling headphones have been designed to help address these problems. They are often used by DJs, although they are not recommended for use as headsets because of their high noise reduction levels and poor sound quality. The advantages of noise cancellation include allowing DJs to concentrate on their performance without having to worry about hearing anything else going on around them.

Why Do DJs Wear Headphones, Anyway?

In the 90s, DJs were the sound of the party. They would spin their records and control the crowd with their charisma. Nowadays, it seems like DJs are a dying breed.

There are many reasons why DJs wear headphones when performing – one being that they can’t hear themselves playing all of their own songs in their head as well as other people’s requests, which can lead to mistakes or even getting frustrated with themselves if they don’t play something right away.

Another reason is that headphone-wearing DJs have better control over the sound. This is because they can easily adjust the volume of their tracks and make sure that they are not too loud or too quiet.

How Much Should I Spend on DJ Headphones?

There is a wide range of prices for DJ headphones. Whether you are looking for entry-level DJ headphones or high-end professional equipment, there is a headphone out there to fit your needs.

Entry-level DJs may get by with a pair of $50 headphones that sound good and are durable. For more experienced DJs, the investment becomes more worthwhile depending on the frequency of use and level of sound quality required.

Entry-level DJ headphones may be cheap but they sound poor by comparison to mid and high end models. You can find some models on sale at major retailers such as Walmart that are priced under $100 but certain features often make up for the difference in cost between entry-level and professional equipment.