The Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

Most of the gamers opt for open back headphones because the headset produces some of the best quality sounds with minimal resonance. These types of headphones, open back headphones, do not have drivers covered by any seals like closed back headphones. The gamers can see the drivers from outside of the ear cups. Most of them have a thin grille for protection purpose.

Gamers often prefer open back headphones as it produces authentic sound rather than closed back headphones, which produce resonance. Due to this most of the time mixing producers or during recording they prefer open back headphones over closed back headphones. Users will notice that some of the high-end audiophile headphones are the open back headphones. But nowadays people can also find affordable models for regular use such as gaming purposes. After using the open back headphones, you will understand the capabilities and advantages of the open design. 

What are the pros of using open back headphones for gaming?

Some of the pros of using open back headphones for gaming are:

  • It does not store heats

Most gamers prefer using an open back headset, as it does not accumulate heat. This occurs because the headset has a closed-back design. This type of headphones has an open back which allows the air to pass without any difficulty. And this plays an important role for gamers.

  • You can experience natural sound

Gamers can experience natural sounds by using these headphones. With the help of open-back design, you do not experience any stuffy sound.

  • It is lightweight

As a gamer, you do not want to have a headphone that will weigh much. The headphones also have breathability, which enables the users to wear it for a long period of time without causing any ear pain.

  • Experience ambient sound

When playing the game, you need to make sure you can listen to your surroundings. With the help of this headphone, you can hear your surrounding as well as enjoy playing your game.

  • It provides comfort

While gaming, you don’t want to wear headphone that will not provide comfort. The open-back headphones provide amazing comfort and your ear has space to breathe. As mentioned earlier, the open back headphones do not make you sweat, and you can wear it for long. Hence you get a high level of comfort.

Top 8 open-back headphones for gaming (Best Picks)

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open-back headphones for gaming

Best open-back headphones for gaming: A Detailed Review

While you may get many headphones available in the market, it can get intimidating. The products mentioned below are the best open back headphones available in the market.

1. Sennheiser Game ONE Headset

As gamers, you will love the standard design of the Sennheiser headset and the headband sits comfortably over your ears. The headset has a plush cushion, which gives your ear room to breathe. Due to the softness provided by the cushion, your ears won’t hurt once you take them off after playing for a long time. The headset has noise-cancelling features, which will help you get the best gaming experience. It also has an impedance of 50 ohms. The microphone present in the headset will help you with Internet calls and clear audio recording.

While gaming, you can experience high quality audio as it offers a frequency of 15-28000Hz. You can also control the volume with the controller present in the cable. The headset has an intuitive design, which provides the users with the option to mute by just raising the boom arm. Users will love this headset as it comes with exchangeable cable, which allows compatibility with PC, Mac, Tablets, phones and consoles. It features a 3.5 millimeter jack input.


  • Comfortable to wear for a long period of time.
  • Features noise cancellation.
  • It has a flexible boom arm.

Why do we like it?

Easily mute the sound by raising the boom arm. You can also wear the headphone for a long time, and it won’t hurt your ears.

2. Audio Technica ATH ADG1X

Most gamers would say this is the best open back headphone available in the market right now. Although it can cost more money, people still love this headset. The headset comes with a 53 millimeter drive and fine tuned for FPS. You can also use this headphone to play other games where the story takes up the majority of the game.

Although the company has great 3D wing support, this headphone provides a different level of flexibility. Also, this headphone provides great comfort, and you can wear it for hours when playing. The noise-cancelling feature present in this headphone makes it great for in-game voice chat. Gamers can control the volume and mute it with the switch present in the cable. The soft earpads provide extra cushion to your ears while playing.


  • One hand operation available in this headphone.
  • Improved 3D wing support system.
  • Open-air design provides amazing sound clarity, and comfort.

Why do we like it?

For anyone who does not have a budget should opt for this headset as it provides some of the best features.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

You can find this headphone in three different variations, 32, 250 and 600 ohms. For gamers, most of the professionals would suggest using the 250 ohms as it provides the best sound quality. This headphone has a cable of a standard ¼ inch connector along with a screw-on 3.5mm jack. Although you don’t get the option to detach it, the reinforced design at the connection point helps to make the cable durable. With the help of open-back design, you can still hear your surroundings and respond if someone calls you while playing the game. Most gamers often compliment the bass quality of this headset. You can experience a crisp sound and enjoy a variety of games when wearing this headset.


  • Amazing bass quality to experience any type of games.
  • High impedance.
  • Easily replaceable headband pad.

Why do we like it?

Providing the customers with high-quality bass makes it easier for them to enjoy games such as FPS or sports stimulator. Also, you can replace every part of the headset without any problem.

4.Philips Fidelio X2HR

For those who want to opt for a mid-priced range, open-back headphones should purchase the Philips Fidelio X2HR. Most gamers love to use this headphone as they say it provides amazing quality for its price. With the amazing bass quality, people love to use this open back headset for gaming. This headphone has a solid build. The ear cups consist of high-quality plastic that looks like metals, and it does not creak. The ear cups also consist of memory foam that makes it easier to wear for a long period of time. Although the headphone tends to weigh much, you can wear it for a long time without fatigue.

The headband has a leather strap and underneath lies a hammock headband which rests on your head. You also get the option to remove the cable, and it lies on the left ear cup. The headset provides great treble and bass with the recessed midrange. The bass provides a good impact for the open back headphone. Most people love this open back headphone for gaming as it provides great quality, comfort and ergonomics.


  • It has amazing bass.
  • Easy to drive.
  • Great soundstage.

Why do we like it?

This headphone provides elevated bass and also the real leather, steel and memory foam gives this headphone a premium look.

5.Philips SHP9500

For all those gamers who do not want to spend a lot and stay on a budget should opt for this headphone. This headphone comes with a V-MODA BoomPro microphone that provides you with great sound. With the price being less, the headphone has a plastic build. But that does not make the product flimsy.  The headband, also made of plastic, has foam padding underneath. The metal grill of the ear cups has L and R written in a large white letter to identify left and right.

Philips SHP9500 comes with large ear cups to easily fit people with even large ears. But the users do not have the option to replace the ear pads. You can adjust the headphone according to your need, and it provides comfort. This headphone has very less weight and sits comfortably on your head. People can find good mid-range and soundstage at this price point. Also, users can see the clarity of the headphone when used for gaming.


  • Budget friendly.
  • You can easily detach the cable.
  • Good soundstage.

Why do we like it?

Gamers who want a budget friendly headset and still enjoy the gaming experience should choose this headphone. It also provides decent comfort to the users.

6.Samson SR850

Although this headphone may not have come from a top manufacturer, but for gaming purpose, it provides some of the best features. For all those gamers who want to build their gaming set up from scratch should opt for this headphone. It does not cost much and provides decent quality. The 50mm drivers present in the headset provide a great dynamic range. The frequency ranges from 10Hz to 30kHz. You also have the option to change the connector from ¼ inch to 1/8 inch and enjoy gaming in different platforms. This is a semi-open back headset that provides the users with the option to tune out most of the background noise. If you want to experience good games while having a noisy background should choose this headphone.


  • The frequency has a wide range.
  • This headphone costs less.
  • Great isolation.

Why do we like it?

We recommend this headphone as it provides a wide range of frequency and costs less.

7.Sennheiser HD 599

To target the entry-level audiophiles, the Sennheiser HD 599 is the best headset in the market. Customers can find this headphone in two different colors, black and ivory. Although you will see the headphone has a plastic build, but it provides sturdiness. Most people do not want to spend that amount for a plastic build, but the headphone provides good durability.

As the headphone consists of plastic, it does not weigh a lot and provides the utmost comfort. A padded soft leatherette covers the headband and does not hurt your head. The huge ear cups sit perfectly on the ears. You can also find a 3.5mm headphone port on the left ear cup. The headphone also has a good bass decent midrange. You also experience amazing imaging and soundstage with this headphone.


  • The headphone has removable cables.
  • Light clamping force to provide comfort.
  • Easy to drive from a computer’s motherboard.

Why do we like it?

Although made of plastic, this headphone provides ultimate comfort and expansive soundstage.

8.Grado Prestige Series SR80E

Grado is a well-known manufacturer of open back headphones. The headphone comes with high-quality ear pads. Users have the option to remove the ear pads and replace them with a new one. This way, the headphone can last for a long time. For beginners who just started playing games should opt for this Grado open-back headphone and then later upgrade to their high-end models. Although you might not feel the most comfortable when wearing this headphone, the product provides amazing sound clarity. It has a balanced frequency range. The cable also lasts for a long time, and it splits into two and goes to both the ear cups.


  • Balanced sound and frequency.
  • Budget friendly for beginners.
  • You can easily replace the ear pads to make it last longer.

Why do we like it?

Beginners can start with this headset and understand the impressive audio quality before upgrading to a high-end headset. 

Are open-back headphones better for gaming?

Most of the gamers would often choose open-back headphones for gaming as it provides excellent stereo imaging. With the help of stereo imaging, your brain can access from where any particular sound comes from and offer a great experience. For example, when playing the game, you can easily detect the direction of gunshot or footsteps. Also, the headset offers better soundstage, which makes you feel all the sound happening around you.

Open-back headphones provide great comfort to the users, and one can wear it for a more extended period of time. The ear cups provide breathability to the ears, and you won’t feel fatigued or hot. Most of the time, people get in trouble when playing a game and not know what happens around them. But with the help of an open-back headset, you can experience the ambient sound and also know about your surroundings.

Buyer’s guide for open-back headphones for gaming

Before choosing the open back headsets, gamers should know what features they should look out for. In this article, we will discuss about information and features you should expect in an open back headphone.

1.     Noise Cancellation

Customers can find two types of headphones, such as noise cancellation or noise isolation. Although they offer similar outputs, they have a different working method. Noise isolation has a traditional way of working. These types of headphones block outside noise, and you can only hear sounds inside the headphones.

2.     Playback and volume control

Many open-back headphones come with this feature of volume and playback control. The volume button present in the cable allows the users to turn up or down the volume while playing. One can also pause the music or attend a call with the help of this button. With the help of this button, you can easily control the sound with one hand while enjoying your game.

3.     Waterproof

When you play games for hours, then you need to know about the sweat that will occur from wearing the headphone. Hence it is essential to opt for a headphone that has a waterproof feature. With the waterproof feature present, you can easily wear the open back headphones for hours when playing a game without the need to worry about sweat. The premium feature can cost more than regular ones so carefully make a choice.

4.     Microphone

Most of the gamers know the importance of having a microphone when playing a game. You can easily communicate with the other online players if your headphone features a microphone. Hence it is important to look for this feature when purchasing a headphone, whether premium or basic.

5.     Comfort

Comfort plays a huge role when choosing a headphone. As a gamer who would wear the headset for hours, they want a product which offers comfort. If you buy a comfortable headphone, then it won’t cause any irritation. Open-back headphones provide the ultimate comfort to the users. Make sure to check if your headset has a cushion and does not overheat. Try to choose a headphone with mesh material to absorb moisture and cool the ears.

6.     Weight

When it comes to the weight of the headset, it covers both portability and comfort. Make sure the headphone does not feel heavy on the head or over the ears. Try to get a headset with smaller drivers, which provide a comfortable fit. First, try to understand your needs and then choose a headphone as different features can impact the weight.

7.     Durability

If you purchase an expensive headphone, then make sure it lasts for a long time. Check the material quality used to make the product. You can also look at the customer’s reviews to understand about the durability. Brands also play an important role in durability.

8.     Charging time and battery life

Gamers who choose a wireless headphone should look at the battery life. You do not want to have a headphone that will die in the middle of your game. Try to choose a headphone that has over 5 hours of battery life and also takes less time to charge fully.

User guide for open-back headphones for gaming

It is necessary to know about the user guide for open-back headphones. It is important to know how one should operate the headphones to make it durable. One does not have to know special skills for that and by following certain steps, make it last longer.

  • When you opt for an open back headphone try to choose the one, which comes with removable ear caps. By removing and replacing the ear cups with a new one, you can make the product last for a longer period of time.
  • Although you might choose a durable headphone do not neglect it. If you misuse the headphones or it falls down, there is a possibility of the headphone getting damaged. Hence try to keep the product safe and not let it fall as it can break certain parts or damage the internal wiring.
  • If you choose a headphone that has some weight, then it is important to care for it when moving the product to another place. The weight makes it difficult to carry. And if your headphone has the tendency of heating then do not use it for a stretch of many hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Are open back headphones better

Open back headphones are better than closed back headphones because they offer a wider range of sound. Closed back headphones block out sounds from outside the headphone in order to enhance the sound inside that is being listened to by the listener.

The more open a headphone is, the more natural and less distorted it will be. Open back headphones also provide an amazing noise cancellation feature which means they can block out sounds around you that would otherwise be distracting or bothersome. Closed back headphones generally have less noise cancellation as well as less bass which may be a turnoff for some listeners.

Open Back Headphones are a type of headphone that are not covered with a closed-back design, meaning there is no cover to block external noise. They can be placed over the ear and can often be folded into a carrying case.

This headphone design is used in professional studio recordings and sound monitoring environments where the need for perfect sound monitoring requires an open-back headphone design. The open back allows for more accurate reproduction of low frequencies or bass notes, more so than closed back designs which tend to reduce low end response at some frequencies.

The open-back headphones are also used in DJ applications where they provide better control of listeners by allowing them to hear what is going on without having their ears completely covered up from external noise.

Who makes the best open back headphones

The best headphones for an open back design are the Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones. They are designed to produce a large amount of sound, and have a sensitive transducer that is able to pick up any sound. The frequency response is 18 – 20 kHz, which provides an accurate representation of the human voice. The full spectrum headset uses a large diaphragm that is 35mm in diameter, and has a 50mm long voice coil that produces 8 Ohms impedance.

Why are most audiophile headphones open back

The open-back headphones are better because the sound is more natural. They also have better bass and less noise, which makes them perfect for home use.

Open-back headphones are generally considered to be superior over closed-back headphones. Closed-back headphones have a very “in your face” sound that seems to dominate when listening to music or watching movies. Open-backs on the other hand, have a much more natural sound that is not overpowering or distracting. They also offer much better bass and less noise than their closed counterparts, making them perfect for home use or when you want to listen at lower volumes without bothering other people in the same room.

Are open back headphones noise Cancelling?

When you are wearing closed headphones, sound waves pass through the ear cups and into your ear. This way, sound is immediately cancelled out. However, when you wear an open back headphones, the sound waves travel outward and are not cancelled out by the ear cups on top of your head.

On some occasions, it might be distracting to people around you or even bother others while using them. But there are some solutions that can help reduce the noise cancellation quality like turning down the volume or adjusting the settings on your device.

However, don’t worry too much about it because these products aren’t meant for cancelling all sounds around you.

Are open back headphones more expensive?

Yes, they are. Open back headphones usually have a large open-air ear cup, which allows the listener to hear ambient sounds as well as their music.

This is because of the extra sound it generates, which can be up to 30dB louder than closed-back headphones. It’s not unusual for people who have some hearing loss in one ear to use open-back headphones in the other ear just so they can hear what’s going on around them and not feel isolated.

Does Bose make open back headphones?

Most people don’t know that Bose headphones do not have an open back design, and this may be a point of confusion for some people.

Bose headphones are known for their excellent sound quality and high-end look. In 2009, they were the world’s largest headphone manufacturer with a market share of over 25%. Bose has been in business for over 20 years and has earned the loyalty of many customers.

Are open back headphones better for gaming

Open back headphones have been argued as more beneficial than closed back ones due to their superior sound quality and ability to place sound in front of your ears rather than on the exterior of them. They also can provide an immersive audio experience, making you feel like you’re part of the game or movie you’re watching or playing instead of sitting in a theater seat with closed-back headphones on over your ears.

What is the difference between closed back and open back headphones

Closed-back headphones are more for people who need to block out noise and have a steady source of noise. They have a closed design which eliminates the ambient sound from the outside.

Open-back headphones are meant for people who are looking to listen to music, podcast, or audiobooks with a dynamic range of sound. They have an open design which allows environmental sounds to enter the headphone’s chamber.

Do you get better sound with the open back headset?

When using an open-back headset, you will notice the wider soundstage and also it also has more presence.

Benefits of open-back headphones?

Gamers would find most of the high-end headphones have the open back feature as it provides the users with more clear and natural sound.

Why should I use open-back headphones for gaming?

Open-back headphones provide good imaging and wide soundstage, which helps when playing games. Users can also get the utmost comfort when wearing this headphone for hours.

Can others hear open-back headphones?

Many users have complained about the problem of sound leaking from open-back headphones. Hence one should not use it when inside a library or public place.


Gamers can choose from the products mentioned above and buy the best open-back headphone within their budget. You can get both wired and wireless headphones. With the help of this guide, you can easily take the decision of purchasing the right open-back headphones. Try to pay attention to the comfort, durability, battery life, type of cable and sound when purchasing a headphone for gaming. Most of the open-back headphones provide above average sound clarity, but some have better sounds than others. Look at your budget and features you want to have in your headphone and then make the decision.