Best Bass Headphones of 2021 – For Bass Sound Lovers

Are you looking for the best bass headphones, then stop here and read the full article below. 

Although it seems strange, finding some headphones with good bass is not a simple task. Many times, these products have a general design that offers good treble, but that falters at this point. Luckily, there are headphone brands who have realized this issue and who offer products with the necessary bass quality so that your music does not stay halfway.

As a first aspect, since we are looking for headphones with good bass, it is necessary to assess the sound quality. Check the product range, which should be as low as possible at the bottom of the range to cover the bass efficiently. All this without forgetting the impedance of the product, so that this sound is rich in all other points of the sound range.

Another important aspect is comfort. In-ear headphones, by design, must have sufficient elements to adjust their comfort to the size of your ear and your own preferences. Do not forget, in addition, to verify the cable, both for its size and for its resistance, as well as the weight of the product that, the lighter, the better.

Finally, we cannot stop talking about the additional functions of the headphones. With the rise of mobile telephony, it is normal for the product to have hands-free functions, incorporating a microphone in the wiring, as well as a control panel. This control panel must also allow us to handle songs or calls comfortably.

Therefore, we have compiled this small informative guide that we hope will be useful in the search for those perfect headphones.

Things to consider before buying your best bass headphones


The driver size is the first thing you need to check for while buying good bass headphones.

Larger drivers are capable of producing a quality sound of the wide frequency range, reaching the greater depths of bass.

Sometimes, having a single bass would not be ideal for satisfying a bass-head. In those cases, the bass headphones come with a dedicated bass driver on each ear cups along with the default drivers.

These dedicated drivers operate on the lower frequency ranges, that’s where the bass falls in.


Impedance is the measure of resistance.

Headphones with higher impedance produce a great bass definition, but they do require a good power source.

The bass headphones that have an impedance of above 35 ohms may need an amp, for it to sound good.

Even some of the relatively high impedance headphones can be driven by your smartphone, but they may not shine to it’s fullest potential.

If you are looking to use the headphones with your smartphone, impedance is the factor you need to look at.


If you are looking to wear the headphones for prolonged hours, comfort is the thing you need to look at.

The ear pads made of extra soft material, and some of the headphones even have a breathing foam to reduce the heat production in the ears while wearing. 

On-ear headphones tend to sit on the ears comfortably, whereas over-ear headphones cover the ear fully blocking out the noise.

Top 6 Bass Headphones In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Bass Headphones

List of Best Bass Headphones

1. JVC Real Sound System Z Series HA-SZ2000 

These headphones are like the industry standard for bass. The cylinder is made of brass, specially designed for the production of bass.As of now, this product is imported by Amazon from Japan.

The headphones have 30 mm drivers and are also equipped with a nano carbon tube diaphragm. The controllers allow the headphones to produce sounds of frequencies ranging from 4 Hz – 29 Hz.

This type of wide frequency range is what matters while deep bass occurs.

There are two controllers for each headset. One is a generic controller and the other is dedicated to producing low frequency bass.

The medium and treble are clear. For the headphones to function at their maximum, you may need to use the equalizer.

The sound stage is excellent.

It sounds fascinating!

They are like two stereo speakers mounted on your head. You can really feel the natural presence of the sound.

Due to the low impedance of the headphones, the sound is fairly balanced and offers decent bass without an amplifier.

But when you connect these headphones to the amplifier, the bass sounds.

The sound isolation is excellent like that of most bass headphones.

The headband is adjustable and the headphones are foldable.

For some people, the pads they come with are not comfortable. If you are too worried about comfort, there is no shortage of ear pads.

In my experience Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Ear pad is very comfortable and durable. With the built-in pads, you can comfortably enjoy 3 hours of games or music.

These are large headphones, which seem strange to small heads. The build quality is excellent.

In truth, like other serious headphones, they are not portable. It comes with a 1.2 m cable, since it always makes use of an extension cable if you think the cable is short.


  • Explosive bass
  • Great soundstage
  • Good sound quality
  • Great build


  • Stock earpads are not comfortable

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is equipped with double 45mm large aperture controllers. This exquisite pair of headphones boasts of having copper-coated aluminum wire voice coils, and its magnets are built with rare earth.

ATH-M50x headphones have a sensitivity level of 98 dB and extended frequency levels of 15 Hz – 24 KHz. It offers exceptional clarity, thanks to its remarkable sound insulation and excellent engineering.

This pair of bass headphones is quite versatile. Its excellent sound performance makes the ATH-M50x ideal for monitoring, mixing, djing and personal use. Enjoy exceptional bass quality when buying these headphones.

ATH-M50x headphones are designed for portability and comfort. The headphones rotate up to 900, allowing single ear monitoring for users. However, if you want to isolate yourself, these headphones will completely cover your ears to give you an immersive listening experience.

If you need a pair of headphones for use in noisy environments, the ATH-M50x is strongly recommended. It employs a circumaural design for optimal noise isolation, providing perfect isolation and extended clarity in powerful environments.

Audio-Technica has used professional quality materials to build the headband and headphones . This not only guarantees the comfort of use, but also increases the durability of the headphones.

The ATH-M50x is built with durable materials, it is really made to last.

It has a folding design that saves space and improves portability. These headphones come with two detachable cables (rolled and straight) and a compact carrying bag for convenient packaging.


  • Remarkable bass quality
  • Rugged, ergonomic design that offers great comfort
  • Multipurpose headphones


The earcup padding quality is poor

3. V-MODA Crossfade LP2

The V-MODA Crossfade LP2 adorns dual 50mm drivers that offer a well-balanced sound consisting of tuned treble, vivid media and twinkling bass.

These headphones have a passive noise isolation function that eliminates external noise interference.

The V-MODA LP2 offers powerful audio clarity that makes it attractive to musicians and producers who want reliable studio performance.

Although it offers excellent bass quality, the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 over-the-ear headphones also provide clear treble and crisp media. This pair of headphones recreates live concert performances, providing reliable sound for audiophiles around the world.

The V-MODA LP2 headphones have a hexagonal shape to reduce the clamping force imparted in the ears. The headband is designed to contour around your head, providing a snug fit.

The internal padding of the headphones is a high-quality Ergosoft foam cushion that helps improve the relaxation of use. This material is naturally molded around the ears, offering unmatched noise isolation and greater comfort for the user even with prolonged use.

The V-MODA Crossfade LP2 has a SteelFlex headband that provides superior durability to the user. This headband can be stretched by gently blending it outward, which helps relieve any pressure that is imparted on the head.

The headband has ten flat curves that allow flexion. This flexibility dramatically reduces the chances of breakage.

The rugged construction of the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 makes it highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, salt fog and extreme temperatures.

These internal headphones combine style with versatility. You can customize the earphone protectors to show your desired logo design.


  • Impressive bass quality
  • Provides supreme convenience and style
  • Highly customizable, thanks to its stealth mode
  • Provides the perfect noise insulation, making it ideal for use in loud environments


Might need an initial EQ balancing

 4. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

The bass response offered by these headphones is outstanding. There is a bass controller through which you can control the amount of bass you want.

There are low levels from 1 to 4. The last level (4th level) certainly dominates the music and for most of them, levels 2 and 3 would be great.

When you buy these headphones for the first time, you must pass the 48-hour recording period for the headphones to sound at their maximum.

The bass is undoubtedly what these headphones stand out. Apart from this, the media are crisp.

The treble softens a bit, that’s something audiophile you wouldn’t notice, unless you hear EDM and octave waves!

These are circumferential headphones, which means that the pads rest around the ears and not on them.

This relieves the pressure you exert on your ears due to the tight seal. The cushion of the headphones is super soft and offers comfort like that of the pillows.

Construction is another thing in which these headphones stand out. The bass control button and detachable cable features really distinguish these headphones from the competition.

The headphones come with 16 cases, which can replace the design of the headphones. The headphones are very durable.

The headphones also come with an accessory kit and a remote microphone cable, which includes an in-line microphone.


  • Great bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Superior comfort
  • Highly customizable


Treble is bit soft

5. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

These headphones come with dual 50mm drivers each that allows the mid high not to be affected by the bass.

This dual controller configuration allows the headphones to produce deep bass and vivid media and treble.The bass is very powerful.

The midrange seems slightly low. But when you try EQ, it’s still nice. The sound is soft and clear. The highs are also clear and improve after the burning period.

The sound stage is quite good.The good thing is that these headphones sound similar to Bose IE 2, the high-end headphones. But unlike IE 2, they cancel unwanted noise quite effectively.

As they are made for portable use, they are quite comfortable Headphones. They tend not to develop heat in the ears after a while, like Beats’s. The headband and earmuffs are so comfortable that you will not feel any tension in the head.

The headphones are made of synthetic leather-based on viscoelastic foam, which offers a perfect fit. You can easily use them for hours.

They have a rugged design. Each component, from the headband to the cable, is designed to last.

The CLIQFOLD design of the headphones makes it ideal for use while traveling and you can store it compactly in your travel bag.

It also comes with a shield kit to customize the colors and design of the headphone protector.

It also comes with a noise-insulated microphone, that’s a point in favor if you plan to use them with smartphones.


  • Dual drivers
  • Excellent bass
  • Rugged design
  • Unmatched comfort


Mid-range is slightly recessed without EQ

6.  J.V.C HA-SZ1000

The frequency response of these headphones is 5 to 28,000 Hz.

These headphones contain two controllers, one is for high mid frequencies, and another is a 55mm subwoofer dedicated to producing deep bass.

Even with excellent bass, these headphones offer good treble that is clear. It is due to the dual controller configured in the headphones.

They offer good noise isolation due to the perfect fit. Sound does not easily escape from cans. Do not attempt to use these headphones directly from your phone.

With just a small amplifier, these headphones can blow your ears!

They offer good comfort.Although they are a bit heavy due to the dual drivers, they are easy to use for long hours.

But the only drawback is that for some people common pads can be uncomfortable.In that case, opting for a pair of pads like Brainwavz can do the job.

Durability would not be a problem since they are solidly constructed with a silver ring that surrounds the driver’s housing and high-quality plastic body.


  • Good bass
  • Good sound quality
  • Dual drivers
  • Good build


Stock earpads are a bit uncomfortable