Best USB C Headphones- The Best Choice In The Market For Multipurpose Use

USB C headphones are highly desirable and are the future of the market. It is compatible with all the devices having a C port in it. This feature makes it suitable for laptops, tablets, PCs, and mobile phones too.

If you use wireless headphones frequently, you might have to deal with battery life. Besides, connectivity problems also prevail in wireless earphones. It leads to an overall disturbing experience.

With USB C headphones, you are not only eliminating such matters but also enhancing your contemporary experience. Many such headphones come at a very reasonable price. Such deals offer an extraordinary amount of noise-isolating feature at a reasonable price.

Quick Answer | List of Top 8 USB Headphones

Best USB C types earphones and headphones

Let us look at some of the best USB c headphones and discuss their pros and cons in detail. 

1. Samsung Type C headphones

One of the leading companies came up with the C-type USB port headsets. This product is capable of providing the best audio quality to its customers. You will enjoy undistorted, studio-quality audio. This Samsung Type C headphone incredibly separates the left and right signals. It leads to exceedingly apparent sound quality that makes your playlist more alive.

Moreover, it contains two-way speakers. AKG technology provides you with professional sound quality. The fabric of the wire is such that it prevents tangling and curling up of the cable. You can be tension free while keeping this earphone into your pocket or bag.


1. Studio-quality audio

2. Highly clear sound

3. Excellent quality of the fabric of the wire

4. AKG Technology

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Samsung is a strong brand that will make you feel content with its service. The clarity of the sound and the powerful bass will enhance your experience. Moreover, the quality of the cable makes it extremely portable. You can keep it in your bag without worrying about the tangling of the wire.

2. MK wired type C earphones

This superior, high-tech, product will take you to another world of music, where you feel isolated from the sound of the surrounding. The excellent sound cancellation property is the best thing it offers. In addition, it is highly comfortable, portable and handy. It is because of its lightweight. The fabric is of high quality that prevents tangling of the wire.

1.2 meter cord length gives it a classy look. It is neither too long to carry, nor very tiny and difficult to use. It is just perfect.


1. Superb noise cancellation

2. Portable

3. Lightweight

4. Perfect cord length

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The deep bass and superior noise cancellation will enrich your experience. You will feel incredibly comfortable using it due to its lightweight.

3. OnePlus Type C Bullet Earphones

One Plus is a rising brand in the current market that has already established itself as a reliable brand name. One Plus is leading the market with its handsets in the contemporary world. Now, it has come up with C type Bullet earphones that are going to be another hit. 

The built-in DAC provides better audio experience with high bass and extraordinary details of the beats. It will make you groove to your favorite song of the beloved artist as it also provides realistic sounds.

The several steps quality tests make sure that the product satisfies your ear-buds. The well-aligned buttons prevent the need to use the phone to pause a song or answer a call. It leads to a very comfortable use, and hence users love this product.

Also, you get a year’s brand warranty. Overall, this is a deal that you won’t want to miss.


1. High bass

2. Extraordinary audio detail

3. Well-aligned buttons

4. Brand warranty

Why Should You Buy This Product?

In addition to the best audio experience, this product provides you with a year’s warranty. This aspect is advantageous in the long run. The well-aligned buttons will make it easy to attend calls and pause or play songs.

4. Google Pixel USB C Ear-buds wired headsets

This product is a bit costly but worth every penny. The quality is worth everything that you pay. If you are talking about the USB type C ear-buds and you have the budget, this should be your first choice. Before talking about its specifications, let us notify ourselves that we get a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

It has a frequency response of the range twenty hertz to twenty-kilo hertz. In addition, this product offers real-time translation from one language to another. Press and hold the volume up button to get the latest updates. The Google Assistant helps you to get most of your work done in the blink of your eye. Hence, it is not only useful for calling or gaming purposes but also provides various other facilities.


1. Best quality

2. One-year manufacture warranty

3. Real-time translation

4. Access to Google assistant

5. Spectacular sound quality

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Apart from proving the best audio quality with high bass and clarity, this product also serves other purposes. The real-time translation feature is a handy and practical addition. Hassle-free access to Google Assistant makes most of the task extremely simple. The one-year manufacture warranty offers risk-free buying from a well-established company.

5. WeCool Mr. Bass W010 Metallic In-Ear Type C Earphones

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This product is one of the most desirable among its competitors due to its several astonishing features. First of all, it comes with a mic. So, in addition to listing songs, it will serve other purposes too. Its rich bass and excellent noise cancellation will make you fall in love with it. It is compatible with several devices, including One plus seven, One plus seven pro, One plus six T, etc. 

Moreover, it ensures noise cancellation and is too suitable for all-day use. This feature makes it highly acceptable for hard-core users. Suppose you are into fitness-freak and enjoy songs while working-out, this product is again the best for you. Its anti-fall design makes it suitable for sporty people too. The secure magnetic ear-buds make it hassle-free to carry it at several places.


1. Astonishing noise cancellation

2. Rich bass

3. Anti-fall ear-bud design

4. Magnetic ear-buds

5. Affordable

Why Should You Buy This Product?

It is comparatively more affordable than other products. Its anti-fall ear-bud design is highly appreciable. The noise cancellation feature is excellent, and the rich bass adds to the fantastic experience. 

6. Nwark/Joie Type C earphones

These earphones are best for multipurpose use. You can enjoy the songs at excellent quality and also make use of its features for attending calls. The bass is powerful, and the affordable rates present it as one of the best deals. The hands-free function makes the whole process easy, and the product becomes simple to use. The other benefits of the product include its compatibility. It works amazingly well with one plus series. 

As a user, we desire the minimization of external sound while enjoying songs. This earphone not only provides this feature but, at the same time, also reduces sound leakage. It leads to a peaceful environment. The person sitting next to you cannot listen to the songs that you are enjoying.

Besides, its design makes it very comfortable for the ears, and its lightweight property makes it highly suitable for rough use. If you wish for a clear sound, at an affordable rate, you must go for it!


1. Affordable

2. Excellent sound cancellation

3. Avoids sound leakage

4. Lightweight

Why Should You Buy This Product?

You get this item at a highly reasonable price. In addition to its sound quality, it offers nice sound cancellation property. It avoids sound leakage too. The lightweight property makes it highly portable and handy.

7. Wissenschaft JP55P USB type c earphones

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The latest Audio & DAC Chipset supports digital input signals and converts standard resolution audio to better quality sound. It is a sporty material that offers an astonishing level of bass to enhance the workout session.

The multifunctional remote makes the usage of this product highly comfortable. The buttons make it easy to play and pause songs, answer and end calls, reject calls, etc. You can also handle the volume from the buttons with extreme ease. The hands-free microphone makes the calling facility highly comfortable.

Furthermore, the lightweight body makes the product exceptionally comfortable for use. You can use it for hours without any disturbance. Its in-ear design is such that it tends to match your ear canals and fit into it, making you feel incredibly comfortable. The buds won’t fall off easily even if you workout wearing them. 

The other eye-catching feature includes its sound insulation and sound cancellation. These earphones tend to cancel sound leakage. Also, it minimizes the external sound. You can entirely rely on it for a fantastic and memorable experience. This product can turn out to be one of your favorites.  


1. Good for sporty people

2. Lightweight

3. Comfortable in-ear design

4. Well-aligned buttons

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Its anti-fall design makes it fit into the ears even while working out rapidly. Its lightweight will make you feel comfortable even for prolonged use. The well-aligned buttons make attending calls and changing music exceptionally easy. 

8. LeEco LePDH401IN CDLA type c earphone

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If you feel for acoustic music, this pair of earphones is just for you. First of all, the product is highly portable. Its easy handling facility makes it one of the user’s most favorite. The next robust feature of this product is its maximum power input. With high external sound cancellation and low sound leakage facilities, this product is one of the best.  

Moreover, its minimum frequency response is twenty hertz, and the maximum frequency response is twenty thousand hertz. The cord length of 1.2 meters gives it a classy look apart from making it comfortable for usage. This product is compatible with many devices having type C USB. The sound quality that you get is one of the best. You must surely go for it to enjoy acoustic music in a very different and memorable way.


1. Good for acoustic music

2. Highly portable

3. 1.2 meter cord length

4. High noise cancellation

5. Low sound leakage

best usb c headphones

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The noise cancellation and noise leakage facility makes this product one of the best in the market. It is one of the perfect products for acoustic music.

Buyer’s Guide To Get The Best USB C Headsets

There are various options to select the C type headsets from the market. However, all the products might not satisfy your purpose. Here are a few points that you should consider while finalizing a product-

1. Warranty

If you get a warranty with your product, it will be highly useful in the long run. You will not have to worry about the item now and then. Also, try to choose a product that offers warranty for a longer time. Before finalizing the earphone, read well about the terms and conditions. Be fully aware of your rights and facilities before investing in the headset.

2. Wire

The material of the cable will play a very significant role. The better the quality is, the longer it will last. Also, some products offer wires that are intangible. You should give special care to this aspect before finalizing the product. The length of the wire also plays a primary role. Be acquainted about the length of the wire well in advance. If the wire is too long, it will give a shabby look. On the other hand, if the wire is extremely short, you might feel uncomfortable using it. The wire will be hanging from your device in many scenarios. So, check the length of the wire before buying the headset.

3. Sound Quality

While judging the sound quality, you should know about the bass, treble, and the clarity that the product offers. Good bass is the most prominent features of a good headset. If you have a proper amount of bass in your product, it will always satisfy you.

The other important issue is the clarity of the sound. Proper clarity will lead you to enjoy the music with every minute detail. You will be able to listen to each beat and effect and hence, will enjoy your experience even more.

4. Noise Cancellation And Noise Leakage

Although all the headsets offer this feature, the better this feature, the better is your experience.There are many products that offer as good as about ninety per cent sound cancellation. The noise cancellation is a necessary aspect. It makes you feel the music without feeling disturbed by the external world.

Similarly, noise leakage is also a highly essential aspect. The person sitting next to you might feel disturbed if you play music that does not suit their taste. So, choose the product that provides a fair amount of both noise cancellation and anti-noise leakage feature.

5. Portability

Lightweight and comfortable material makes the item portable. Try considering this aspect while you choose the best product. There are many products that are lightweight and handy. The material is also designed in such a way that you can keep it in your bag or pocket without any tension. The microphone is built in such a way that it is not too delicate to break easily.

7. Ear-Buds Material

Choose the material that is soft. This is a very important point that most of us often ignore. For those you need to use their headsets for longer hour, the ear-buds should be of better quality and highly comfortable.

8. Microphone

The microphone quality is again something that is extremely essential for the overall working of the headset. Choose the product that has a well-placed microphone so that, it is easy to carry and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will cover some frequently occurring doubts regarding the C type USB headphones. Let us go through this and understand why this product currently one of the best things to own.

1. Are USB Headphones/ Earphones Better?

The USB headsets provide a better quality of sound. It comes with a mic and an earphone. The bass quality it offers is superior to any of its competitors. It makes the song listening experience worth every penny. 

In addition, this product is exceptionally suitable for fitness freaks. You can do exercises and run with these earphones on. Also, the high-tech ear-buds won’t fall off your ear while you exercise rigorously. It is not the case with other devices.

Irrespective of how much cents you invest in your headsets, you might feel disappointed with the quality of the ear-buds.
Apart from such benefits, its minimal weight acts as an icing on the cake. It is suitable for long term use.

2. What Are The Common Applications Of USB Earphones?

USB headphones are becoming famous due to its compatibility with several devices. It is suitable for any device that has a C port in it. Due to its flexibility and advantages, this product is likely to rule the market in the coming times. 

Its high-quality audio features make it exceptional for songs and music. Also, the multipurpose button makes it ideal for calling purposes. It is also a perfect pick for gaming. 

The high-quality ear-buds remain intact in the ears even after you do highly rigorous workouts. Thus, it makes the product highly desirable among fitness freaks too. It is perfect for songs, games, calling, video telephony, and exercising as well. 

3. How Does USB Earphone Work?

The high-quality sound results from a highly intelligent technology that provides an edge to the product. USB headset offers the praise-worthy sound quality and is excellent for sound cancellation from the surrounding. It is a perfect device with a splendid microphone position that leads to hassle-free calling facilities.

While connecting the headsets via a USB port, there is something that should be in mind. The computer does not require an input of an analog microphone and output for the speaker. Therefore, the headset is compatible with the USB. It leads it to adapt to the digital standard of the USB. 

4. What Is The Role Of The Sound Card On The PC If We Use USB Headsets?

There is no use of any sound card on the PC. It is due to the reason that the USB adapter is working as the sound card. 

5. Will My C Type USB Headset Work With Any Device?

Before investing in this product, you must do minimal research as well. This product is compatible with many devices. Basically, it is suitable for all the devices that have a C type port. But, if in case your machine has both C types USB jack and 3.5 mm jack, then the earphones might not work. It is due to the inbuilt characteristics and alignment of the mother-board.

6. Are The USB Headsets Affordable?

The C type of USB earphones come in various ranges. As per the features, design, and your requirement, you can choose among multiple products as per your budget and necessity. They are usually less costly than Bluetooth headsets and wireless headsets. 

Also, you don’t have to face connectivity issues like the one you go through in the wireless products. So, overall, it is a great deal. 

7. Will USB C Headsets Work On Laptops?

This device will work with any equipment like laptops, tablets, phones, etc., having a C port. You don’t need any other validation for this product to work. If your device has a C type port, the headphone or the earphone will work with it.

8. What Are The Advantages Of USB C Earphones?

In addition to the splendid sound quality, it is easier to plug in and handle. The wire length is also considerable, resulting in an elegant look.

So, these are the qualities of the USB C-type headsets. We have discussed in detail the best products in the market. With all these answers, now it is highly genuine to conclude about the credibility of these products. It is right to say that these products are some of the best items available in the market. If you have a reasonable budget, you will get more than you expect. If the case is the opposite, you will still be very content with the product. Thus, I would recommend you give USB C-type headsets a shot. You will love the overall experience!