How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Xbox One?

Wireless Headphones enable you to enjoy music and get into seamless communications, without the restrictions in connecting wires. As such, users keep looking for wireless headphones. These headphones enable you to keep up communicating even if you are on the go or you are driving. Therefore, the rising demand for these items seems to be noticeable. Wireless headphones make gaming sessions on Xbox all the more exciting and enjoyable. 

Xbox promises profound fun. It keeps you happily engaged for hours. Microsoft owns Xbox, and it is a video game series. A quality headphone on this Console elevates the engagement with these games. Things turn all the more thrilling when you are using a wireless headphone. It allows you to play your favorite Xbox games, even if you are on the go. 

The question is how to connect your wireless headphones with Xbox. It is compatible with wireless headphones that come with and without Bluetooth.

Here comes the guide that will streamline your task in this regard. 

How to connect headphones without Bluetooth connectivity with XBOX?

Are you using a wireless headphone that comes without Bluetooth compatibility? Even so, you will not find it difficult to establish a connection between your Headphone and XBOX. Instead, you can serve this task within a few seconds without getting into any hassles. Here are the steps: 

  1. Ensure that you get your Headphone completely. Charging headphones are comfortable if you plug it into the Console’s USB Port. 
  2. Now, turn on the Console and your Headphone. Once they attain full power, you need to release the connect button on the XBOX Console. 
  3. Hit the connect tab to your Headphone within 20 seconds, keep holding for about 2/3 seconds. Subsequently, you start getting sound from your headphones. 
  4. Thus, connecting wireless Headphones with the XBOX console is not hard, and you can complete these steps within a few seconds. 

How to connect Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones to XBOX Console?

Though connecting Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones with XBOX might take some more time, the steps are straightforward to execute. Wondering how to get it done? Check out the guide in that regard: 

  • Start by plugging the wireless headsets into the Xbox Console for installing the current headphone driver. It would help if you had a connection to Xbox Live to accomplish this step. 
  • It would help if you got your Headset wholly charged. Charging the Headphone is simple. You need to plug-in the Headphone into the Console. 
  • If you decide to charge your headphones through the gaming console, you get an automatic connection for the majority of the time. In case you can’t connect automatically, turn on your Console, switch your Headphone to the Bluetooth mode. 
  • Hit the Power Button for about 2 seconds until it starts flashing green. You will get an initiation sound, and after you hear it, keep pressing the connect button for 2/3 seconds. 
  • Once you release this button, you should press and release the Connect tab. You need to do this step within the next 20 seconds. Else, you will not get connected. IF you get connected successfully, you will find the green lights flashing three times.

Why you need a wireless headphone for XBOX?

Playing games on XBOX becomes the most exciting and engaging if you are using a wireless headphone. Here come the crucial reasons to try wireless headphones on your XBOX console:

  1. You enjoy premium-grade sound: The biggest reason to adopt wireless Headphones is to enjoy the premium sound quality. A comparison between wired and wireless headphones reveals that wireless headphones enjoy a rounded edge in audio output quality. Clear sound will boost your engagement with the game. 
  2. Breaking out from the restriction of wires: Using the wireless models of headphones, you break away from the constraints of wires. This way, you can enjoy these games, even when you are on the go. You can say, wireless headphones are more flexible than wired ones. 
  3. Noise-Cancellation Feature: You will certainly not love the distracting background noise. Sometimes, you don’t have control over such sound. In such instances, wireless headphones with its noise-cancellation feature are the perfect pick. It cancels the background noise, making the gaming sessions all the more enjoyable and engaging. 
  4. Comfort and Convenience: Wearing a wireless headphone is more comfortable and convenient than the wired ones. Thus, you go about enjoying the gaming sessions for long, without standing any discomfort and troubles. 

If you are yet to try the wireless headphones on XBOX Console, give a try right now! You will have a fascinating experience.