Unbalanced Headphones|Your Guide To Fix

You might have experienced issues related to unbalanced headphones. In such instances, one earplug of the Headset will sound more than the other one. It is a serious concern with the audio experience and the last thing that you will ever accept. Let’s explore how you can overcome these issues to enjoy excellent audio. 

How to fix unbalanced headsets? 

An unbalanced Headset is a condition wherein one ear cup of the Headset will emit lower sound than the other. It triggers serious concern with the audio output quality, and trigger inconvenience for users. Here come your guide to balance this issue. 

The headset jack is not firmly connected to the Source DeviceEnsure that the Headset is firmly plugged with the source device jack: sometimes, one side of the Headset sounds lower than the other one as the jack on the specific side loosens up. So, if you have explored that the Headphone is not evenly balanced, check for this point. Plug both sides of the ear cups firmly with the jack connecting the Headset to the source device. It will solve the issue instantly. In case the source device features multiple connecting studs, the Headset should not be connected to a Microphone or Audio-in Jack.  
The Volume level of the Source DeviceRaise the volume level of the source device to balance the Headset. In case there are separate knobs for controlling the volume, you need to adjust the knob to the side that is sounding low.    
Mono and Stereo DevicesYou may play the audio from a different source device, and use the same Headphone If you find the problem to resolve, the issue was with the previous source device. Check if you are using a Mono Device. If so, you will get the audio output to the left-hand side only. Devices that come with jack marked as earphones are the mono devices. On the other hand, a method is a Stereo if its jack gets labeled as Headphone.  
Trying Different Source Devices and HeadphonesTest the Headset on another device, and subsequently, try a different set of Headset on the same source device. If you still get the problem with a different player, you need to replace the headphones immediately. On the other hand, if you don’t overcome the issue, even after changing the source device, the question is with the Headset. So, you will need to change the Headphone to come out of the problem.  
Connecting the Headphone with an extension CordAre you using an extension cord for connecting the Headset, you may disconnect it, and compare it directly. The problem will likely get resolved.

Why one side of a Headphone Stops Working? 

There can be different reasons for which you might experience trouble with one side of the Headphone. In such instances, you will get the audio output from one side of the Headphone. The most common factor in triggering such an issue is that the wire near the audio jack was bending back and forth multiple times. It creates a short in the wiring, preventing audio output from both sides. If you are not getting audio output from both sides, check for this instance. You can overcome the issue by stretching the wires. Alternatively, you can replace the cables on the damaged side. 

What to do if you find one side of the Bluetooth Headphone is not working?

  • Connect the Headphone to a source device through the Bluetooth. 
  • Start playing a soundtrack. 
  • Initiate the Headphone. Ensure that you play only one side of the Headset. 
  • Now, you need to pick up the jack line. 
  • Gently touch one terminal of the cable- you will have a sweet surprise as you will find the other side starts playing all of a sudden. 

How to balance the Audio output in Windows 10?

  1. Explore the Volume Icon on the System Tray, and right-click on the icon. 
  2. After you click on the Sound Menu, you will find a new window popping up. 
  3. Hit the Playback Tab 
  4. Wait until the Speaker Window pops up. 
  5. Go to the Levels tab, and hit the Balance Tab to balance the sound output. The problem will likely disappear after making these changes. 

How to shift the Audio output from one side to another?

If you are using Android 4.4 Kitkat or a more advanced device, look for the settings menu on the device tab, subsequently tap the Accessibility menu. Go to the Hearing Header Tab, and tap on the Sound Balance menu to balance between the left and the right side for the audio output.