Discord RTC Connecting (Causes And The Solution!)

Discord RTC connecting means your platform is trying to connect to a voice call. But, if your device fails to get past that or it shows RTC connecting error, the Discord cannot establish a good connection. It could be due to network-related issues, or your device doesn’t align with Discord code or sees the platform as a threat.  

As such, you need to fix the problem.  Fortunately, you can do so easily once you read through our article. 

Here we go!

10 Simple Ways Of Fixing Discord RTC Connecting Issues

Simple Ways Of Fixing Discord RTC Connecting Issues

Fix RTC connecting error on Discord by trying the following effective ways:

Restart Your Computer, Router, And The Modem

Before jumping into aggressive solutions, restart your devices, i.e., switching them off and on. In most cases, restarting your system solves any error such as dynamic IP that causes your Discord not to connect. Follow these simple steps to restart your devices:

1. Power off your computer by clicking the start button, power icon and then shut down

2. If your computer battery is removable, remove it and unplug the device from the power source

3. Unplug power cords of your router and modem

4. After 3 minutes, plug in the power cords of your router and modem and turn them on. 

5. Put back the computer battery and power it on.

6. Open your browser

7. Check that your internet is connecting well

8. Try to connect on your Discord platform and check if it can establish a connection. If the issue is resolved, the device will not sleep on RTC connecting error. 

If the RTC connecting error was due to dynamic IP, avoid the problem from happening in the future by:

1. Requesting a static IP address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

2. Using a dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) service that updates your new IP address in real-time. 

Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

Unstable internet can cause the Discord platform not to go past ‘RTC connecting.’ Discord functions well on a strong internet connection. Contact your ISP to resolve any connectivity issues. 

However, if you are using a public network, the Discord might have been blocked by the admin. In such a case, request them to unblock and look for an alternative connection if they cannot. Once the internet is 100% reliable, try connecting on your Discord platform, and if there is still RTC connecting error, continue with the fixes below.

 Check Your VPN

 Check Your VPN

Though VPN makes your internet experience better, it can change your IP address, which causes Discord connection issues. However, Discords work well with VPN that has UDP (User Diagram Protocol). So, if you get RTC connecting error, double-check that VPN is not the cause.

If your VPN uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) rather than UDP, uninstall it and restart your devices before using Discord again.  

To check which VPN you are using, type ‘*VPN NAME* TCP or UDP*’ on your browser to know the one applicable to you. If yours is TCP, consider changing the service or always disable it when using Discord. 

Temporarily Disable Your Computer’s Firewall Or Antivirus Program

Firewall or antivirus software may interfere with Discord causing RTC connecting error. Temporarily disable the software, restart your computer and try using your Discord again. If it works, the firewall was the cause. 

Since using a computer with a disabled firewall is risky, re-enable it and add the discord channel to the safe list. This way, the firewall won’t interfere with the Discord. 

If you are unable to add Discord to a safe list after checking the firewall setting, you can get support from your software service provider. If the challenge persists after re-enabling your firewall, try an alternative antivirus. 

Use A Different Server Voice Region On Discord

It could be your server voice region that is causing the Discord RTC connection issues. If you are the admin, change the server’s region to one closer to your area. It can fix the problem. 

Follow This Process:

1. Launch the Discord channel and click on your server’s name on the upper left-hand side. You will see a drop-down menu; click on servers settings. 

2. Click on the change button under server region, and many options will pop out,

3. Select your nearest server region from the options

4. Save the changes. Now, try to connect your Discord channel and check if the issue has been resolved. 

Disable QoS (Quality Of Service) On Discord

Discord has a Quality of Service that can cause connection issues if your internet is not fast. Disabling the feature can help resolve the problem. Do the following:

1. Go to user settings next to your discord name

2. Click on the voice and video option below the app settings. 

3. A new page will come up. Scroll down until you get ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority.’ Untick to change the settings to off.

4. Restart your discord channel and check if the issue has been fixed. 

Change To Legacy Audio Subsystem In Discord

Some Discord users have reported solving RTC connection errors by changing their channel’s audio subsystem to legacy. Go to settings> Voice and audio> Audio subsystem> set to legacy. Then, re-launch your discord channel, start a voice call and see if it connects well.

Update Your Device’s Network Driver

Corrupt or outdated computer drivers can prevent your system from performing optimally. Discord connection issue might thus come up. Try to resolve this by updating your device’s network drivers by using automatic updaters or doing it manually.

Follow these steps to update the network driver:

1. Invoke run dialog by pressing Window + R keyboard combinations

2. Copy and paste or type “Devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes), click ok to open the Device Manager Window.

3. Scroll until you locate your network device. Then, double click to expand the option.

4. Right-click on it and click on ‘Update Driver Software.’

5. Now, click on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’ Check to ensure it is the approved software from your manufacturer.

Clear Your Device Browsing Data And Disable All Extensions 

Some conflicting browser plugins can cause Discord connecting issues. Clear the data cache and disable all browser extensions to resolve the problem. Once you are done, rerun the discord channel and check if there are any issues when you connect to a voice call. If you are still stuck on RTC reconnecting, switch to another browser such as explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Launch the Discord and see if it works well. 

To Clear Browsing Data: Open google chrome> hamburger icon> settings> privacy and security> clear browsing data> time range> all time> tick all boxes> clear data 

To Disable Google Chrome Extensions: open google chrome> hamburger icon> more tools> extensions> click toggle on each to disable 

Run The RTC Connecting Test

If all the above 9 fixes don’t resolve the issue, run RTC connecting test and check the detected errors. See if you can resolve the errors yourself and if not, call a professional for help.

Here Is How To Run RTC Connecting Test:

1. Go to the WebRTC website

2. Initiate the test by clicking the green start button at the top of the page

3. Wait until the process is complete. It takes at most three minutes

4. The result will appear on the screen showing the detected errors. Resolve if you can, or call a professional for help.

What Is Causing The Discord RTC Connecting Error?

Understanding the causes of Discord RTC connecting issues gives you the upper hand in resolving them. Instead of trial and error using all fixes, you can easily identify the cause and troubleshoot in one go. Common causes of Discord RTC connecting issues are:

Internet Connection

Unreliable internet is one of the common causes of RTC connecting errors. And, Discord and other PC voice applications might not work well if your service frequently goes offline or laggy. Resolve by establishing a reliable internet connection.

VPN Issues

If you use VPN, the following may be causing your Discord connection issues:

1. Dynamic IP: VPN may keep changing your IP address which in turn causes Discord RTC connecting issues.

2. No UDP: Discord only works with VPN with UDP.

Discord Server Issues

On some occasions, RTC connecting errors might originate from your region or city server. Changing your region can resolve the problem.

Firewall Or Antivirus

Firewall or antivirus can mistakenly flag off the Discord app. In such a case, it would not be easy to establish a connection on the app. Consider adding Discord to safelist if, after temporarily disabling the software, you can connect.  

Summary Of Causes Of RTC Connecting Issues And How To Fix

Cause of RTC connecting issues How to fix
Unstable internet connectionEstablish a reliable internet connection 
VPN issuesDisable VPN or use one with UDP
Discord server issuesUse a different server voice region on Discord
Firewall or antivirusTemporarily disable the softwareAdd Discord to the safe list 


Discord RTC reconnecting is one of the common issues experienced by discord users. So, you are not alone. If you are stuck trying to start a chart unsuccessfully, follow the above ways to fix the problem. You do not have to try all the 10 fixes if the first one works; well and good. If not, try the 2nd, then the 3rd, to the 10th. Mostly you will be able to resolve the issue and re-launch the discord channel successfully. 

Hopefully, you found the solution here. Please drop us a comment, question, or another fix that helped you and is not mentioned here.