What Are Headphones Used For: Are They Harmful? Be Informed

Headphones are used for music, sports, parties, health, fashion, travel, work, and gaming purposes. But, each headphone is designed differently for a specific use, and it might not serve other purposes. So, you need to check the device’s essential features to find one that suits your needs. For instance, a fitness headphone has a biometric monitor that is not a feature for a gaming device. 

With all the fun and emotional release from listening to music, you would want to tune in whenever and wherever. But you must have been annoyed with someone who listens to music loudly without caring about those around them. You do not want to be like them. That is the essence of headphones. It allows you to enjoy your favorite music without distracting anyone. Plus, you get to do its hands-free. 

Actually, the headphones pioneers came up with the device to allow people to use telephones hands-free. Yet, the invention has come a long way. These days the headphones are used for various purposes, which we are going to explore here.

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What Are Headphones?

What Are Headphones

A headphone is a device that lets you listen to the audio source privately.  The audio source can be a music player, computer, phone, or any electronic device. It also frees your hands when listening to music, making phone calls as well as concentrate. In addition, some have a noise-canceling feature that blocks external sound, allowing you to listen to audio without distraction. Such headphones are specifically good for travel, reading, and gaming. 

Uses Of Headphones

Left, right, and center, you will not miss spotting someone with headphones. Even that friend who doesn’t love music, it is not surprising to find them with a pair. You might wonder why? The headphone is a beneficial gear that fits everyone, and any member of society can use it.

Here are some of its uses:

For Sports

Sports headphones are designed for people who love listening to music while engaging in sporting activities such as running and football. They are lightweight, water-resistant, and extremely comfortable. In addition, most are wireless to minimize any wire interference when doing physical exercises. 

Some have additional features like biometric monitoring to help monitor your heart rate as you exercise. It is best to test different pairs of headphones until you get a comfortable one. This is because the sizes vary so is the comfort level based on your preferred sport and your gadget. Ensure the gear will not fall off as you get busy with exercise. 

For Gaming 

PC and console games are increasingly becoming popular, and headphone is one of the essential gear one needs. You would need a pair of headphones that has high volume support and deep bass without distraction. That way, you get to experience the virtual reality of gaming on another level.

Consider the noise-canceling headphones for gaming to avoid any external sound from distracting your experience. As well, ensure the gear is comfortable as you are likely to have it for an extended period. 

Finally, ensure it is compatible with your gaming tool. However, you can opt for high-end headphones with multiple drivers. It works well with a smartphone, console, and PC and thus best for multiplayer gamers.

For Music

Many people know that headphones are meant for listening to music. But, do you know there are specific headphones intended for music? There are particular gears built for audiophiles that emit unparalleled sound quality. It is mostly over-ear headphones that feature oversized drivers and isolated ear cups to enhance bass response and block external noise.

The noise-canceling feature is essential as it lets you focus on your music. No distraction as the tiny microphones captures and isolates surrounding sound. Thus, the only sound you listen to is that from your connected devices.

For Health

Everyone appreciates the benefits of living healthy through exercise. But, based on your body mass index, there is a limit you cannot stretch beyond. You need to monitor your heart rate to avoid straining your system. The question is, do you need a doctor beside you? Absolutely, no! Invest in a quality headphone with biometric features that will monitor as you focus on physical fitness. Plus, you can connect the headphones with Android workout apps.  

For Travel

Being on long travels can be a bit boring. Therefore, it is best to find something you can enjoy while onboard. You can choose to listen to your favorite song or watch a movie with headphones on. After all, you do not want to be a nuisance to other travelers by tuning in without headphones. The travel headphones are normally lightweight and portable to avoid taking much of your packing space. Plus, it makes them more comfortable.

Look for foldable and wireless ones to save on space and avoid the stress of wire tangles. The mics on the earpiece and auto-volume control give you the power to tune it to your taste!

For DJ Parties

If you are a party bird, you need a pair of DJ headphones that lets you go out and listen to music the way you want it. They are heavy-duty with over-ear cans that have padded earbuds for an amazing experience. Further, you can use DJ headphones with live sound systems due to their high-level volume. The gear emphasizes bass so well with both high and low music frequency. As a result, you get stunning audio clarity

For Fashion

Do not be surprised to find someone with headphones on and not listening to music. Yes, headphones make a strong fashion statement for youngsters. Of course, most enjoy the music with stunning color and patterned earphones, but importantly for fashion. It sends a unique personalized style that many youngsters swear by it. So, you can as well buy fashionable headphones to catalyze your personality. Hence, pick one with stunning design or, even better, a shiny pair!

At Work

Some companies permit employees to use headphones at will. So, if it is the case, why not? Headphones at work help some to focus on their work as it motivates them. It also prevents any distraction from others, as you focus on a difficult task with your favorite music in the background. Music also helps set your moods and help you create your desired work zone.

If you opt to use headphones at work, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Limit Your Volume: You do not want to distract your workmates with your music. Tune low as this will is also good for your ears.

2. Check That Your Employer Is Ok With It: Some employers might not tell, but they wait for a chance to strike. You know what I mean! So, be the one to seek clarification to avoid any misunderstanding. 

3. Be Safe: Workplace hazards are real, and if you have noise-canceling headphones, you might not be fully aware of your surroundings. So ensure your environment is safe and that your gear will not impact your safety. 

How Does A Headphone Work?

A headphone uses the same principle as the speakers as it vibrates the magnets to convert electrical energy into sounds. When the air around is throbbed, it creates a sound that you consume.

Simply put, the source device stores audio in digital format. So, when you connect the headphones and play the music, the O’s and I’s (digital signals) are sent to the converter. The digital signals are then converted to electrical signals and sent to the headphone.

The headphone then receives the electrical signals through a wired or wireless connection and processes them in the driver unit. Your headphones can have an electrostatic driver, planer magnetic driver, or dynamic driver. Most have the latter, though all utilize the same principle.

The drivers constitute diaphragm, electromagnetic coils, and permanent magnets.  The incoming electronic current hits the electromagnet in the driver, which results in a change of polarity. As a result, vibrations are created as current attracts and repels itself from the permanent magnet. 

Electromagnets are held in the diaphragm, and so the driver vibrates so does the diaphragm. Since the diaphragm is a thin membrane, it creates a sound as it vibrates around the surrounding air. So that is the sound you listen to!

Are Headphones Harmful?

Headphones keep you tuned to your music, podcast, audiobooks, and YouTube anywhere anytime. Yes, it brings lots of endless entertainment that make you forget its negatives. However, despite all the positives, the headphones can be harmful to your health, especially if you share, fall asleep with them or listen to loud sounds. 

Loud volume strains your ears, and if you do not take precautions, it can cause long-term health issues. It would help if you kept the volume below 60% and, at most, put them on for 60 minutes a day. 

Sharing puts you at risk of introducing swimming ears, fungus, or bacteria to your eyes. Avoid at all costs! 

Finally, sleeping with headphones could damage ear tissues, and you risk strangulation if you use wired types. If you love music while sleeping, use Bluetooth speakers and keep the volume low.  

Final Word

I hope you have learned more about headphones. So, do not stick with the earbuds; up your game and buy headphones that match your style and needs. Of importance are comfort, sound quality, and brand. They come in various designs, shapes, and colors for a personalized touch. The beauty of it is that the device is compatible with smartphones; you do not need to worry about the music source. Also, know the negatives so you can use your headphones safely.