Why Do My Wireless Headphones Keep Disconnecting?

The best quality Headphones promises the most excellent audio experience and offers you the ultimate flexibility. You can connect these devices with all the modern communication devices. However, you will often find your Headphone to disconnect from the target device. Why do such instances happen? Let’s explore the reasons beyond such disconnection and how to mend these issues. 

Check if the Headphone battery is nearing exhaustion

The most common reason the Bluetooth headphone is likely to get disconnected from a target device is its low charge. It happens when the battery is near exhaustion. Once the battery power drops down, the Headphone tends to shut down the Bluetooth to prevent complete power exhaustion. Before trying to connect your Headphone with any device via Bluetooth, ensure that the invention has got charged optimally. Modern Headphones feature Led indicators that indicate when the power is near the complete exhaustion. 

Interference from another Bluetooth device

It is another common reason for which a Headset connected to a device via Bluetooth may get disconnected. It happens when you try to establish a connection through Bluetooth, and there is another Bluetooth-enabled device within the range. In case such instances occur, the Headset will connect with the first device. However, you will find a tool that can connect with multiple source gadgets at a time. Top-grade Headphones always indicate the source gadget it has connected to if there is an interference from another device. So, while connecting your Headphone to any source gadget via Bluetooth, please ensure that there is no other gadget within its range. 

Compatibility Issues

You will often find Bluetooth Headsets getting disconnected, or failing to connect to a target device due to compatibility issues. When you try connecting a headphone with a source device through the Bluetooth, and it is not compatible with each other, you will fail to get a connection. Alternatively, the headphone connection to get disrupted. Before trying to connect a headphone with a device, check if it is compatible with the source device. When the Headphone and the source devices are consistent, you will never experience the disconnection issues. 

Moving out of the connectivity Range 

The Headphone connected to a source device is likely to disconnect when either of these gadgets moves out of the connectivity range. Usually, the connectivity range of Headphones is around 10 Meters. If the distance between the Source Device and the Headphone crosses this limit, the Headphone will get disconnected. You can overcome the issue by moving a bit closer to the source device. 

You have activated too many applications at a go

Mobile Apps are necessary components of today’s life, and it serves various utilities across daily life. However, there are downsides with these applications as well. One of the primary concerns is that these applications eat away a significant part of the battery power. In such instances, the source device will force shut the Bluetooth, as the battery power gets closer to exhaustion. Once it happens, you will find issues with the connectivity. To overcome this issue, you should not open too many applications at a go. While pairing any source device with your Headphone via Bluetooth, ensure that you close down all the apps. 

Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate entries in the Phonebook is likely to trigger a problem with the connectivity between a headset and a source device. While you use a headphone to make a call, your Phone will read a “Duplicate Contact” message, and it is likely to create some problems with the connection between the Phone and the Headpiece. You should delete the duplicate entries in your phone book to find a solution to this problem. 

Why Does My Wireless Headset Randomly Disconnect? And How Do I Fix It?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here come the answers to the most common questions about connecting a headphone with a source device through Bluetooth

How to reset the Wireless Bluetooth Headsets?  Bluetooth Technology facilitates the connection between 7 gadgets at a go, without any need to reset it. But, in case you experience connectivity issues, you can try overcoming the problem by resetting the connection. Android Users can overcome the effect by cleaning the Cache.   
How to overcome Piring Issues?  Ensure that the Device and the Headphone are in the pairing mode.  Check the pairing methodology that the device follows.  Take the source device and the Headphone in the pairing mode  Always keep the device and the Headphone within the connectivity range.  Eliminate all the records of previous connections.  Ensure that the Headphone and the source devices get adequately charged  Put off all Wi-Fi Router, if any  Employ the latest version of Firmware