What Is A Bluedroid TV?

Bluetooth has been around for a while and it’s an established protocol that’s been used by different devices such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, and tablets. However, the Bluetooth protocol is not always reliable and it can be a pain to work with. This is why Bluedroid was created by Bluez Stack which is an open-source software stack that lets you use Bluetooth without any hassle.

Bluedroid TV is the type of TV where the Bluedroid Bluetooth system is being used instead of the traditional Bluez stack of Bluetooth which was originally created for Desktop. So, Bluedroid is specially built of android driven TVs and Mobiles.

To provide a better user experience, Google switched to Bluedroid as its default Bluetooth host stack in Android 4.2. What is Bluez? Well, it’s the Linux distribution’s default stack!

The re-engineering of the Bluetooth stack by Google may have had to do with their porting efforts. As they sought to adapt their project for the Android platform, they encountered various dependencies that the Bluez stack wasn’t set up for and were ultimately able to overcome those obstacles through creative thinking and effort.

Bluetooth is a standard interoperable wireless protocol and also a part of the android operating system. So there are at least five systems to power Bluetooth before Android 4.2, they are the Bluetooth APP, Bluez, hciattach, and dbus. The process is that there may be bugs between them so Bluetooth stack in android is its weakest point.

Bluedroid is a specific tech product from Broadcom, which can be used in embedded pieces of equipment. Bluez stack is also a similar product but is meant for general utility and software use. Most of the others tend to be more compatible with devices like mobile phones.

As the result of a recent process review, there are only two remaining processes to run. The Bluetooth AP process and the Bluetooth system framework process. All that is needed is to make sure the Bluetooth stack is running and then type “start Bluetooth” in Bluedroid’s settings menu.

Reasons Why Smart TVs Should Use Bluedroid Instead Of Bluez?

Why Smart TVs Should Use Bluedroid Instead Of Bluez

1. The first reason is that it is more secure. The Bluez stack has been known to be vulnerable in the past and had to be patched multiple times by its developers. Bluedroid, on the other hand, has been tested and used by many companies for their smart TVs and it has never been hacked or attacked in any way.

2. The second reason is that it is faster than the Bluez stack. The Bluez stack requires a lot of resources which makes everything slow down when you have too many apps running at once on your TV. Bluedroid, on the other hand, doesn’t need any additional hardware or software.

3. Bluedroid is a reliable and stable Bluetooth stack that is compatible with the latest Android devices.

4. Bluedroid is easy to install and configure because it uses the same Bluetooth stack as Android.

5. It has better stability than Bluez Stack, which has been reported as unstable by many users.

6. It has more features than Bluez Stack, such as the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously, make phone calls without having to take out your phone, and send text messages without having to take out your phone too.

7. Finally, it can be used in conjunction with other Bluetooth-enabled apps such as car stereo systems and game controllers for an enhanced user experience.

8. The code is open source so more people can contribute to the project

9. It has low power consumption and no one has full control of your device

10. It’s compatible with most of the devices (like all types of smart TVs on the market).