Top 7 Music Magazines Of The World

Do you want to enhance your knowledge of music and musical instruments? Reading music magazines will elevate the level of information and make you equipped with the latest news. Such magazines cover all the fresh trends and are capable of imparting you with fantastic knowledge.

Many of us wish to know about the latest trends in the music industry. There are a variety of magazines available, but we don’t know which will suit us the best. Besides, the busy schedule keeps us too occupied, and we don’t have enough time to follow the ongoing trends. In such a scenario, magazines play a vital role. It consists of all the essential information that will make you up to date. Also, there are several benefits of reading. It is a very healthy habit and can prove to be very fruitful in the long run. But, with so many available options in the market, which one should we choose? If you want on-point answers to such questions, you are on the correct page. First, we will talk about the best music magazines in the world. After that, we shall help you to finalize a product with our buying guide. So, get ready to know the most prominent magazines that deal with music and music-related stuff.

Music Magazines

Best Music Magazines To Go For

1. The Score Magazine

This magazine has a very high credibility in this field and is highly popular. The total number of its publications crosses almost five thousand. It now has a pre-established standard of its own. 

The cost of subscription per month is $5.33. It has vast and unlimited access to a wide variety of music.

You will have the unimaginable digital access to it. You can also cancel the subscription whenever you feel like doing it. In addition to it, it has the characteristics of multi sharing. Besides, you can share it with your near and dear ones.

It helps an individual make their artistic music in the contemporary world. It boasts of good music, which can deliver its voice to millions of people. You can also go for the yearly subscription that costs around $53.48 and shares the standard features, as mentioned.


1. Highly authentic

2. Education by a famous artist 


1. High Annual charge

2. Guitar World

It’s been in the field of publication for around 31 years. It has also served as the leading broadcasting for North America’s guitarists.

Each month it comes with some different and unique ways to enhance one’s skill. It informs about the best possible products for improving sound quality. It gives feedback for several guitar amplifiers that helps understand the depth of modern and old songs.

It covers mostly the rock genre of the guitar version for both present and traditional times.

The user may have the subscription as per the monthly or yearly basis. This magazine allows you to either opt for the feature of multi-sharing or not. It plays a primary role in reducing the price of the subscription menu.


1. Digital access

2. Use of practical tools 

3. Cover popular songs


1. Only rock version 

3. Selections From Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time: Guitar Classics Volume 2: Classic Rock To Modern Rock (Easy Guitar TAB) (Rolling Stones Classic Guitar) Paperback – August 1, 2008

It has the complete package of three hundred and forty-four pages. This product provides full information on a particular instrument.

It comprises five hundred best songs of all the time, be it the present or the traditional music.

It has an excellent explanation for every mentioned song. Besides, it helps the user play and learn in many different ways.

A real rock guitarist’s desire will be fully satisfied by having this product of dimensions 9x 1 x 11.8 inches. The heavyweight of 2.3 pounds ensures you will get all sorts of information related to music. This book comes at an affordable price of twenty-two dollars and fifty-six cents.


1. A complete guide

2. Proficient explanation

3. No subscription required


1. Only one volume

2. For guitar only

4. Toddfan Magazine

Todd Rundgren is the cover page artist for this outstanding magazine. It features multiple and distinct versions of an electric guitar. This publication has an extraordinary impact on the asserting nature of music education.

It regularly comes in summer. It first came in the summers of 2015. This item is particularly for some people who are a real Todd-fan. It consists of really unique and entirely innovative articles. This magazine establishes a beautiful relation with the unearthly solace in music.

The reader gets a monthly or an annual subscription based on his or her choice. The cost is $5.33 and $53.40, respectively.


1. Can unsubscribe anytime

2. Taught by just one artist


1. Only for electric guitar.

5. Smooth Jazz Magazine

This magazine has the cover artist as Bob James. It also has the interviews of Greg Adam and Kings Waters in the remembrance of Little Richard. 

It has a combination of articles from Food, Entertainment, Music, and Travel. It comes with the combined effect of smoothness from different niches with its amalgamated impression. It helps you understand jazz music with several vocals. It also provides motivation to the readers to have pictures of famous artists while enjoying their live concerts.

It comprises monthly as well as yearly package. You can enjoy the attribute of digital sharing with a maximum of four people. So, your location is inconsiderable; you can always enjoy the colorful bliss of this jazz music.


1. Complete jazz tutorials

2. Has multiple niches

3. Experience of many artists


1. Only annual package

6. Offbeat Magazine

It is the New Orleans top-ranking magazine that covers the regional music and entertainment.

It includes information about various music fests and events. Besides, this magazine has interviews of many famous artists. This feature acts as a source of inspiration to millions of people.

City’s most famous upcoming music festival’s information is available in this item. It comes with a subscription of twelve months. It can be accessed digitally and can be canceled anytime, as per the wish of the reader.


1. The life story of many masters

2. Consistent updates of fests


1. City subjective

7. Computer Misic

Now everybody cannot afford a musical instrument of their own. But, people can consider buying a laptop or desktop for academic purposes. Keeping this in mind, this fantastic magazine is published to create hope in such challenging situations.

It helps them in developing their own music. The enthusiasts just need to have an exploring mindset of producing something.

The aim is to learn and play music from one’s PC or Mac. Every month, readers get a line to line instruction about various software applications. Due to this PC interactable course, one is able to learn any genre of music. You don’t have to spend a mammoth amount on several musical instruments. It is comparatively less time-consuming as compared to practical learning on sophisticated musical tools.


1. Create your virtual studio 

2. Easy to learn

3. Cheap and efficient

4. Has monthly subscription


1. Less knowledge of real instruments

2. Need paid software

3. No sample DVD provided

Buyer’s Guide To Help You Make The Best Decision

Just now, we went through the best choices available for us. Having such diverse options tends to confuse us immensely. The wide variety of possibilities fascinates us. Each product offers some unique features that are different from the other one. In such cases, it is necessary to know your specific needs. If you are aware of your demand and expectations, then it becomes easier to make a choice. 

In this guide, we will look at the crucial factors. There are some key points that you must consider before giving the final nod to a product. There are multiple aspects that will help you to make your shopping easier and hassle-free. You should pay heed to these below-listed points to choose the best music magazine for yourself. Go through them to understand how you should finalize the product to satisfy your needs in the long run.

1. The Magazine Should Publish Accurate Information.

The magazine that you finalize for yourself should present valid information. It should not publish anything without going through the details. Many magazines do this only to fill up information or to bring their next cover out in the market. Before buying the subscription, go through some of the free editions or previous work. Do some research and find out if the information provided is valid and not only some gossip material. If you are one hundred percent content with their work, you can shortlist the product.

2. Know The Editor

Due to several available options, there is a considerable amount of competition among the editors too. Hence, before you zero on a particular magazine, have a look at the work of the editor. Try to understand their way of presenting the content and then decide if you are happy with that methodology. Don’t take any decision in a hurry. Make up your mind only after you go through at least two to three works of the editor. It will make you acquainted with the style of their work, and you can make a better decision.

3. The Way Of Presenting The Content

Different magazines have a different way to write their content. Some present it in the form of a story while some maintain a formal method. So, before paying for the subscription, understand their style. Go through three to four magazines that follow a different pattern. After reading each of them, choose the one that suits you the best. 

4. The Time Span Of Their ‘Next Cover’.

Several magazines follow different time span. Some follow weekly, while some follow monthly subscription. The kind of choice that you make depends on your comfort and schedule. If you have time to go through the magazines weekly, then you should go for it. This kind of subscription is capable of giving the latest information. The news, products, trends, and price of all music-related items will reach you on a weekly basis.

Contrary to this fact, the monthly subscription plan is suitable for you if you have less time. If you are not free every weekend, but you are interested in the musical arena, this plan is perfect. It is easier to take out some time once a month and give it to your hobbies and interests. However, with this plan, you will have to wait for a month to know about the latest news in the musical field.

5. Cost Of The Subscription

Due to multiple options available, there are exciting deals and offers in the market. You can get your favorite magazine at a reasonable rate. Know about the best sales after doing the right amount of research about multiple items. Compare them wisely on the basis of your needs and choose the most affordable product.

6. Does The Magazine Provide You With A Trial Period?

Various magazines provide a trial period so that their customers can have a better idea about their working style. Make use of this feature wisely. If you are content with the functionality, information, and style of writing, then you can take this wish-list forward. If you don’t have this offer, then, as mentioned above, go through some of their previous work before subscribing.

7. Read The Customer Review.

Customer’s review is a very genuine way to make a decision about buying any product. The person who is already using an amenity or item has more experience with that stuff. Undoubtedly, he or she is in a better position to talk about the product from a customer’s point of view. However, this aspect will be fruitful if you and the person reviewing the magazine have the same taste. So, don’t make a decision in a hurry by seeing just a couple of reviews. In addition to considering the online ratings and reviews, get feedback from someone you know. A person who shares a similar taste as you will give you more relevant information.

8. Try Using The Question And Answer Section To Test The Knowledge

It might sound weird at first, but it is a brilliant method to know about the magazine. Most of these kinds of stuff have a question-answer section. Here they clear the doubts of their customer. Use this section elegantly to come up to a conclusion. First of all, you should shortlist some publications that interest you. Send them some of your queries and wait for their reply. Prefer sending the same question to all of them. After you get a response from all of them, compare their answers. 

Now, you can choose the one that you think is the most deserving among the rest. The answer that you believe is most specific, true, and to the point might get the reward of your subscription.

9. The Magazine Should Have A Different Sector For A Different Topic

Music magazines will be enchanting only if they give enough space for all the information. It should not be like all kinds of information are stuffed in a couple of pages. There should be a different space for a different theme. For example, the musical instrument corner should have all the information about the instrument. It should cover everything ranging from the price and new models. Similarly, the news and knowledge about pop music or classical music should have a different dedicated corner. This presentation style will make it simple for you to go through your favorite piece of information effortlessly.

10. Attractive

It is a primary factor but is quite an essential deciding factor whether you will continue with your subscription or not. If the magazine is not attractive, you might feel bored in maintaining it. So, if you are a fan of good graphic content and engaging style, consider this point seriously. If you prefer novels and other books with pictures, you should think about this factor.

11. Latest Information

Before finalizing a subscription plan, give some time to the research process. Be well aware of the latest information. Then check if such minute details that you consider essential are published. You can make such efforts to finally reach a conclusion that will serve you with the best subscription deal.

12. Choose An Unbiased Magazine.

Most prominent magazines are unbiased. This factor makes it one hundred percent authentic. On the contrary, if the publication has a particular inclination towards a specific topic, you might not get unbiased information. This factor will not only ruin your experience, but also you might get the wrong information.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the buyer’s guide, most of your doubts would have an answer. To give a more unobstructed view and address your queries, we have this FAQ section for our readers. Reading it you will get answers to most of your questions. You will also have a better knowledge of music magazines. So, go through it and make yourself more transparent about this topic.

Q 1.How Many Music Magazines Should I Ideally Own?

It depends on your purpose and time. If you have time to read more than one magazine, then you can opt for it. However, if the case is opposite, try to choose one product that covers most of the topics of your interest.

Q 2. Are Music Magazines Worth It?

Yes, you should surely try it out. If you want updates about the latest trends in the musical world, this is a suitable way to do it. Such magazines contain fantastic information about all the ongoing scenarios. You will get knowledge about the current price, upcoming concert, latest hits, and the forth-coming music albums.

Q 3. What Are The Three Types Of Magazines, And Under Which Category Do The Music Magazines Fall?

The three categories of magazines are popular, trade, and scholarly. Music magazines fall under the popular category. All other niches like fashion, travel, and food also fall into the ‘popular’ type.

Q 4. Which Is The Most Famous Music Magazine By Circulation Point Of View?

If you consider circulation, then according to the data, Rolling stone is the most famous magazine.

Q 5. How Can I Place An Order Of A Magazine Copy?

Well, you can either opt for a subscription model or can buy a single copy on the website. With the subscription model, you will get weekly or daily covers on your doorsteps. There are many subscriptions available at a reasonable price. 


Whether you are busy with your lifestyle or not, reading is always a good habit. If you can spare some time for this fantastic habit, your life and personality will change sooner or later. Reading has many benefits. You come across new words and can enrich your vocabulary. Besides, you get some interesting information. It can make you a significant part of a discussion among a group of people. Your way of thinking broadens as you come across new methods and ideas about life. Hence, it is always beneficial to impart this habit in your day to day routine. 

In this article, we have talked about some best music magazines available across the globe. Hence, if you have the right amount of interest in music, then this article is just for you! It covers the finest publications that will help you to incarnate the reading habit quite effortlessly.

To make you choose the make product, we have a buying guide corner. You will get to know some essential points that you should consider before saying yes to any subscription plan. It covers all the factors that play a primary role in deciding the best-suited magazine for an individual. To further make you more comfortable with such kinds of magazines, we have a FAQ corner. 

After giving your precious time to this article, you are ready to go through your wish-list and finalize the best deal. Hurry up and start your reading journey now!