Top 6 Best Vintage Bookshelf Speakers In 2021: Perfect Models For Retro Decor

You probably want a vintage speaker because they’ve high-quality sound, classy design, durability, aesthetics and go well with different interior designs. Well, consider the best vintage bookshelf speakers like Edifier R1280T, Klipsch R-41M, Kicker KB6, plus the other three reviewed here that will make your home more enjoyable.

Yes, there are some fantastic aurally-pure and hi-tech speakers available with studio monitors plus reference speakers. But, not everyone is looking for the purest sound with minimal alteration to the original recording. Instead, some people want that warm hi-fi sound coming from rich wooden cabinets and warm lounge acoustics. Especially, those who simply need simple listening pleasure, a good pair of vintage bookshelf speakers will be a perfect choice.

The suitable vintage bookshelf model will make your home look and sound amazing. However, sometimes, it might be an uphill task to find the ideal model due to several products available in the market. Worry not! We are here to guide you to get the suitable model that will suit your needs. We’ll review the top six vintage bookshelf speakers currently on the market. While our buying guide will elaborate more on the features, you need to look out for. 

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Which Are The Best Vintage Bookshelf Speakers?

Edifier R1280T– Best Overall 

Edifier R1280T tops our list due to its perfect combination of dominant modern audio technologies and old retro look. This classic vintage bookshelf speaker offers convenient connectivity and high-quality studio sound. They are affordable and deliver excellent mid and detailed low-ends with tweeters giving clear trebles.

Kicker KB6– Best Wall mount Model with Stand

Kicker KB6 is the best wall mount model with a stand for indoor /outdoor or pool/ship. Called legendary by the manufacturer, the speaker fits perfectly with many interior designs.

Edifier RI700BT– Best Bluetooth Model

Edifier R1700BT is a Bluetooth-connected speaker that offers a hassle-free wireless audio experience to music lovers. It pairs well with a TV, computer, any Apple or Android device. Moreover, they’ve two aux inputs where you can connect two devices simultaneously and remote control.

Klipsch R-41M– Best Portable

This sleek design with low magnetic grilles plus textured wood grain vinyl and scratch resistance body are very portable and excellent. It weighs 7 pounds only, and it’s the overall lightweight model on our list.

Klipsch R-14M– Best Value Powered And Ersatile Model

If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile and attractive unit that’s worth the value, then Klipsch R-14m is a perfect choice. The model gives clear highs, detailed mid-level tones, powerful and precise sound. This versatile model is suitable for anyone looking for decent sound quality at an affordable price.

Pyle Retro Wireless Radio Speaker– Best Budget Option

Among the top six products rated here, this is the only model that costs less than $100 with an elegant vintage design. The model combines its classic look with modern technology to offer decent bass, clear highs, and distortion-free mid-level tones.

Comparison Table Of The Best Vintage Bookshelf Speakers 

Device NameWeightPoundsBrandConnectivity technologySpeaker TypeMounting type
Edifier R1280T10.8EdifierRCA, AuxiliaryBookshelfBookshelf
Kicker KB614.3KICKERN/AOutdoorWall mount, ceiling mount
Edifier RI700BT14.52EdifierRCA, Bluetooth, AuxiliaryWireless, BookshelfBookshelf
Klipsch R-41M7KlipschN/ABookshelfBookshelf
Klipsch R-14M7.13KlipschN/AOutdoorBookshelf
Pyle Retro Wireless Radio Speaker7.04PyleBluetooth, USB, wirelessN/ABookshelf

Top Six Vintage Bookshelf Speakers, 2021 Review

After checking thousands of products currently in the market, here is the complete detailed list of the top six vintage bookshelf speakers. We put different features into consideration to come up with the products that have received positive feedback. Go through and pick one accordingly.

Edifier R1280T: Best Overall 

Key Features

1. Remote control

2. Classic wood finish

3. 2-years warranty

4. 2 Aux input

5. 4-inch bass driver and subwoofers

6. 3mm silk dome tweeter

7. 3.5 mm headphone output

Product Specs

Dimension 6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches
Weight 10.8 pounds
Item model numberR1280T
Mounting typeBookshelf

1. Affordable and versatile

2. Rich bass notes

3. Reliable performance

4. Natural sound reproduction

5. Dual RCA output


1. Lack of wireless feature

Edifier is a perfect combination of modern audio technologies and an old retro look. They have a classic design, great music, strength, and suitable bookshelves, countertops, and cabinets. You can even hang or rig them on your walls, and they’ll look gorgeous with their vintage exterior.

The model is affordable, and its four-inch drivers produce power sounds plus a flared bass reflex port for creating rich bass and, in comparison, eliminating the unwanted distortion from the audio. Also, Edifier R1280T features a 13mm silk dome tweeter for achieving the best and natural studio sound. As for tone control, the model has a unique control system that balances treble and bass as per your desires.

RCA input is another excellent feature that allows connection in more than one device at a time. They come with remote control for volume control. Lastly, its design is made of high-quality MDF wood that makes it beautiful and durable. Even if you accidentally drop it or knock it over on occasion, you’ll not have to worry about your speaker crumbling and falling apart.

Klipsch R-41M: Portable Model

Key Features

1. 4” spun-copper IMG woofer

2. 200 watts’ power handling

3. 1″ Aluminum LTS tweeters

4. 90 x 90 square Tractrix horns

Product Specs

Dimension 7.87 x 5.75 x 11.3 inches
Weight 7 pounds
Item model numberR-41M
Mounting typeBookshelf

1. Sleek design

2. LTS tweeter generates high efficiency

3. Bass-reflex via rear-firing port

4. Perfect for home theaters

5. Flexible and removable magnetic grille

6. Great sound and value

7. Compatible crossover technology


1. No automatic connectivity

Over decades Klipsch has carved a reputation for their high–quality audio devices, and this model is no exception. It’s a set of two speakers of black and golden mix color and compact appearance, fusing classic design with room-filling sound. This model is capable of handling 200 watts of power handling. Moreover, the model fits well into many décor schemes.

The volume control adapts based on our ear’s ability to hear different frequencies, thus giving a new standard of listening experiences. The dedicated 4″ inch IMG woofer is cooper pun injection-molded graphite that handles minimal distortion remarkably well. These speakers offer impressive audio for their listeners with their progressive crossover technology and the LTS tweeter. In short, it’s an elegant audio solution for compact living space.

Edifier R1700BT- Best Bluetooth Model

Key Features

1. Bluetooth connection

2. 2 AUX input

3. 2-year warranty

4. Remote control

5. Classical wood finish

Product Specs

Dimension 8.4 x 9.1x 9.9 inches
Weight 14.52 pounds
Item model numberFBA_R1700BT
Mounting typeBookshelf

1. Great sound quality

2. Impressive Bluetooth connectivity

3. Beautiful design

4. Exceptional mid-range

5. Superb overall performance 


1. They have weak low ends

2. Heavy, bulky footprint

Every music lover out there dreams that their music system is up-to-date and connectivity is the best. Well, R1700BT didn’t disappoint as the model offers a hassle-free wireless audio experience that pairs well with TV, computer, any Apple or Android device. They have two aux inputs where you can connect two devices simultaneously and remote control.

A four-inch bass driver and 19mm dome tweeter generate a clear and well-rounded sound. The low frequencies are enhanced by a front-facing bass reflex port that routes to provide more bass power. In addition, there are adjustment options, i.e., digital volume control, plus bass and treble adjustment in-between -6b and +6db.

Edifier R1700BT is made with classic, high-quality MDF wood with an attractive walnut finish. There is one active speaker with a five-pin connector to the passive speaker, and both include RCA input.

Klipsch R-14M: Best Value powered and versatile model

Key Features

1. 1″ Aluminum linear travel

2. 4″ copper-spun high-output IMG woofer

3. Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet

4. Lightweight 

Product Specs

Dimension 7.5 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches
Weight 7.3 pounds
Item model number1061247
Mounting typeBookshelf

1. Full bass response

2. Pocket-friendly

3. Sleek and impressive look

4. Have modern technologies like LTS and IMG woofers

5. Excellent quality sound

6. Portable 


1. Small speaker’s drivers

2. Available only in black color

Klipsch offers excellent speakers, and there is no doubt about R-14M. These small, versatile speakers are built with 1-inch aluminum leaner travel with horn-loaded tweeters plus a four-inch copper high-output IMG woofer. The model features new technologies that make it easier to achieve a clean sound.

A proprietary 90×90 Tractrix Horn comes with a tweeter for crystal clear high-end response for natural and dynamic sounds. Copper-spun injection-molded graphite woofer, on the other hand, controls distortion and cone breakup, as a result creating an incredible low-frequency response. To generate clean and efficient sound unrivaled in its cost range.

The all-black polymer veneer cabinets with a rear-firing port have five-way binding posts, making flexible connections ideal with your setup.

Pyle Retro Wireless Radio speaker: Best Budget Option

Key Features

1. Dual built-in stereo speakers

2. Built-in Bluetooth for wireless music connectivity

3. Classic style radio with up to date technology

4. Aux 3.5mm input connector jack

5. Full range sound reproduction

6. RCA (L/R) output connector jacks

7. USB and SD card compatible

Product Specs

Dimension 14 x 8.75x 10.25 inches
Weight 7.04 pounds
Item model numberB013OVZ588
Mounting typeBookshelf

1. Elegant vintage replica crafted sound system

2. Connect easily to external speaker’s system

3. Connect to external devices such as smartphones, tablets, mp3 players

4. USB flash drive and memory card reader

5. USB port double function for device charging

6. Straightforward rotary knobs and button control center


1. The volumes may not get very loud.

2. Some customers have raised the issue of the model stop working after a month.

Technically, this is a single device rather than a set of speakers. But, it made it to our list due to its fantastic vintage design. Interestingly, it’s Bluetooth compatible with RCA connector jacks. So you can connect to your computer, tablet, iPhone, Android, pc, or any other device you might want to link.  

Additionally, the model has a USB and SD card slot on the back that you can plug in either and play mp3s straight through the radio. Therefore, it’s a great way to generate a playlist and pick or choose your favorite songs to play on this vintage radio. Apart from that, the device offers FM and AM radio stations. 

Generally, the speaker will allow you to enjoy a clear, high, decent bass and a distortion-free mid-level tone. The speaker also acts as a power bank for your devices.

KICKER KB6: Best Wall mount Model With Stand

Key Features

1. Bold six 5-inch KICKER system

2. 1-year warranty

3. 2× 5-inch compression-loaded horn tweeter

4. 180-degrees mounting system

5. Mounting hardware included for versatile speaker placement

Product Specs

Dimension 17 x 10 x 16 inches
Weight 14.3 pounds
Item model number46KB6BLK
Mounting typeWall mount, ceiling mount

1. Waterproof

2. Versatile indoor speaker

3. Produces crisp and clean sound

4. Rugged Santoprene surrounds

5. The legendry and upgraded model

Wall mount


1. Unbalanced sound

If you are looking for indoor/outdoor wall mount bookshelf speakers, look no further; this is it. The pair of speakers comes with a 6.5-inch woofer and 2×5-inch tweeter with a mounting system plus more features. The company offers 100% customer satisfaction and a one-year warranty. But, there is no replacement with displacement.

KICKER KB6 is an upgraded model and replacement of Kicker kb6000 with more modern features. It’s a legendary model that receives 75-150 watts RMS while at its pick. Furthermore, it comes with mounting hardware to enable you to mount it quickly on the ceiling or wall. It’s affordable as well.

Considerations For The Best Vintage Bookshelf Speakers- Buying Guide

We hope our reviews enlighten and right up your alley. Well, here are some features we put into consideration while selecting the top six devices. You can also use this information to discover a great pair of vintage bookshelf speakers of your choice. 

Vintage Design

If you’re looking for vintage bookshelf speakers, the model needs a fantastic antique design. You’ve to fall in love with the general model look first; otherwise, you’ll feel left out or cheated if they don’t live up to your old school expectation.

Spend quality time checking out different designs and style that fits your decors interiors and grabs your attention. Of course, it should have high-quality sound and worth the price all around. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an old model; there’s the latest model with a vintage design you can choose from.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Many people appreciate the fact that the speaker can connect to their favorite Bluetooth devices.  It doesn’t mean that since you have a vintage speaker, they’ve to act out-of-date as well. Nowadays, there’re different options available with the latest technology that give a desirable old-school vibe.

Yes, we have reviewed some of the models with Bluetooth connectivity, others without. Each product has unique features and excellent in its way. It’s up to you now to choose if you like the one with or without.

Stereo Quality Sound

You’ll always find vintage speakers that deliver high-quality audio. We guess this the main reason you’re buying it in the first place! You might be looking for new bookshelf speakers for your home stereo system or home theater. So, audio quality is a significant feature.

Take your time and learn about all the speakers you’re considering buying. Ensure they can deliver the high-quality audio you’re looking for in a new pair of speakers just like the one we have reviewed in this article. 


Sometimes size doesn’t matter with speakers, but you might be searching out for the smallest and cutest vintage pair for your house. So, you’ll need to check out their sizes and select one that suits your desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Go For Powered Or Passive Vintage Bookshelf Speakers?

Either can do! Usually, powered speakers can be plugged into the wall and begin working instantly since their amplifiers are built-in. However, they tend to weigh more. On the other hand, a pair of passive speakers will need you to purchase an additional amplifier to generate sound. Thus, there is a need for more setup and expenditure. Generally, speakers come in 100-foot spools offering flexibility in the placement, though the entire process is more involving. 

2. Will The Distance Of The Speaker From The Source Affect My Sound Quality?

The sound quality can be affected by the distance of the speaker from the source. However, it’s not always possible for outstanding audio quality. It would be best to keep the length of cable tethering your speakers to your receivers closer even though your sound quality won’t suffer that much unless they are 25-feet plus from your receiver. Kindly use a 14-gauge cable for any wired speakers or a 12-gauge cable for any speaker extending over 25feet from the receiver. 

3. Why Should I Get Vintage Bookshelf Speakers?

Well, there are many reasons why a vintage speaker might be a perfect choice for you. For instance, you may have the other vintage audio device already, like vintage design speakers, or it may fit well with your home décor, among other personal reasons. Furthermore, there are several benefits of using vintage bookshelf speakers than modern ones. So weigh out your options and embrace that uniqueness while enjoying the most extraordinary sounds experience that fills your soul.

Final Take

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old; it does apply to modern devices with retro/ vintage bookshelf design. Meaning, you can purchase excellent brand-new speakers with superior vintage bookshelf design for that retro feeling. Vintage is all about classic design, unique, high quality, and very natural sound.  So, all the six presented are the best vintage bookshelf speakers available, and we guarantee you good audio quality. If you get confused, we recommend Edifier R1280T, and you’ll not regret it.