Top 6 Best IEM Under 300 Dollar With Excellent Sound Quality

You cannot afford to compromise the quality of IEM even when shopping on a budget. With 300 dollars, you can get the best products such as Shure SE215-CL, Sennheiser LE60 Headphone, MEE Audio M6 PRO Musician In-Ear Monitors, and three others reviewed here. Check them out to get value for your money. 

Initially, IEM was designed for live performers, musicians, and audiophiles. But, over the last decades, IEM has gained more popularity for professional use and as a generic audio device for the average person. We have also seen and put up with gigging musicians being in a situation where they can’t hear themselves on stage properly. 

Well, with IEM, they no longer have to be at the mercy of audio engineers. Thanks to these personal monitoring systems, you’ll be able to take back control of your mix, protect your ears and click live while providing the best possible sound quality.

The only issue is its high price tag. So, if you are on a budget, you need to shop wisely to avoid compromising quality. This is not easy. But, we have taken the most challenging part on your behalf. 

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Here, we look at the top six IEM devices under $ 300 currently on the market. An elaborated buying guide is also included to guide you on some of the crucial features present on the most excellent IEM devices.

Which Is The Best IEM Under 300 Dollars?

Shure SE215-CL– Top Choice

This lightweight model by Shure is exceptional due to its wireless and wired connectivity.  The low-profile shape with the optimized model is affordable and comfortable for more extended period wear. With its single dynamic micro driver, the earphone delivers high-quality sound.

MEE Audio M6 PRO Musician In-Ear Monitors: Best Upgraded Model

This 2nd-generation M6 pro-universal-fit noise-isolating in-ear monitor features upgraded build quality and sound. It’s the first-ever MEE audio optional personalization with custom faceplates.  Also, it comes with a mic, additional cable, 6.35mm adapter and complies with foam ear tips

1MORE Quad Driver: Best Versatile

The model is compatible with all devices. 1MORE features an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear for more extended hours while improving noise isolation. Additionally, these IEMs feature in-line control, making work easier, like skipping the song, changing volume, and adjusting call clarity.

SIMGOT EN700 PRO High Fidelity In-Ear Monitors: Best Durable

The earphones feature aluminum construction with no plastic anywhere on the ears. In comparison, the detachable 2pin 400d DuPont Kevlar cable copper is braided with a 6n single crystal copper plus silver-plated wire for excellent audio signal and fidelity sound. So, it can withstand the most demanding environments.

Westone UM Pro 10: Best Classy Entry-Level Headphones

These Entry-level headphones by Westone are classy, durable, and the pretty small model always looks clean without feeling cheap. In addition, the model ensures good quality, durability, and perfect tone balance.

Sennheiser LE60 Headphone: Best Lightweight

This high-tech audio technology and user-friendly model is very lightweight, weighing just 0.16 ounces. Moreover, its compact case without compromise on robustness makes it portable. 

Comparison Chart Of The Best IEM Under $ 300

Product NameWeight ( ounces)Connectivity Manufacturer/ Brand
Shure SE215-CL0.48BluetoothShure
MEE Audio M6 PRO Musician In-Ear Monitors5.8WiredMEE audio
1MORE Quad Driver0.8Wired1MORE
SIMGOT EN700 PRO High Fidelity In-Ear Monitors10WiredSIMGOT
Westone UM Pro 100.7WiredWestone
Sennheiser LE60 Headphone0.16WiredSennheiser consumer audio

Top Six Best IEM Under $300 Reviewed In 2021 

Shure SE215-CL: Top Choice

Key Features

1. 360 –degree rotation 

2. Wireless earphones with a connectivity range of 30 feet

3. Up to 37dB of ambient noise cancellation

4. Soft-zip storage case

5. One Hi-Def Driver

6. Durable reinforced cables

Product Specs

Dimension 7.8 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches
Weight 0.48 ounces  
Item model numberSE215-CL
Fit typeIn-Ear

1. Lightweight and comfortable

2. Replaceable cable

3. The multiple colors model comes in three sizes

4. Good sound quality

5. Multiple accessories included


1. The bass is a bit bloomy 

Shure SE215 sound isolating earphones offer high-quality sound and low-end definition. It has excellent sound isolating properties that block noise up to 37dB from entering the mix. This IEM device features an optimized nozzle angle that allows a better fitting and overall comfort at a low profile. In addition, the lightweight model cables have been reinforced to handle both casual listening and strain professional use.

Shure SE215 may look slightly obtuse. But, they are suitable for stage and street as it seals the excess noise from outside. Therefore, you can wear them for a more extended period comfortably. You can also choose from different colors, such as clear, blue, white, and black, to suit your style. The 

Additional accessories in the package like spare in sizes S, M, L, and carry the case further adds to its functionality. 

The 360-degree rotation gives you more freedom of movement and a comfortable experience. You can connect both wireless and wired options presenting the much-needed flexibility. 

Impedance level of 17ohms, the frequency response of 22Hz to17.5kHz, and 107dB max sound pressured level (SPL) give you unmatched sound quality. 

MEE Audio M6 PRO Musician In-Ear Monitors: Best Upgraded Model

Key Features

1. The detachable and replaceable cable

2. Sweat-resistant design

3. Comply memory ear tips, with six sets of silicone ear tips and ¼ adapter

4. 1-year warranty

5. Mic/remote and protective carry case included

Product Specs

Dimension 4 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight 5.8 ounces  
Item model numberEP-M6PROG2-BK
Fit typeIn-Ear

1. Pocket-friendly

2. Clear sound quality

3. Provided with both headset and stereo cable

4. No need for DAC

5. Comfortable


1. Material quality s average

This 2nd-generation M6 pro-universal-fit noise-isolating in-ear monitor features upgraded build quality and sound. In fact, it’s the first-ever MEE audio optional personalization with custom faceplates.  Apart from the IEM, you get a mic, additional cable, 6.35mm adapter, and foam ear tips for stress-free use. 

The overall look is decent, while its sound-isolating design gives an excellent fit and superb sound quality. Its cable is removable, detachable, and replaceable. Additionally, the earbuds are natural treble, and you can wear them in an intense workout. No worry about sweat damage as the product is sweat-resistant, enabling you to wear it for more extended periods.

M6 PRO is way better than its previous model. The test shows that sibilant tunes feel fatigued when the sound level is high. However, at the low and medium, the element is very significant. Its bass is also deep, making it an exceptional model.

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Monitor: Best Versatile

Key Features  

1. Four drivers

2. In-line control

3. Leather traveling case

4. Nine ear tip sizes and ¼ and airline adapter plus matching shirt clip

5. Ergonomic design

Product Specs

Dimension 1 x 1x 1 inches
Weight 0.8 ounces  
Item model numberE1010
Fit typeIn-Ear

1. It doesn’t need wire to ear sound transfer

2. Great packaging and accessories

3. Long-lasting

4. Durable cables

5. Clear and superior sound


1. It may not fit securely in some ear types

1More Quad Driver model comes with four dynamic drivers and three armatures making them unique while offering an excellent sound quality. Its unique design that blocks external noise allows for use in a noisy place. Besides, it is ergonomically designed for comfortable wear, even for an extended period.  

Additionally, these IEMs feature in-line control, making work easier, like skipping the song, changing volume, and adjusting call clarity. Soundstage audio coming out of speakers sounds natural. It’s well-balanced and great for bass heads or professional studio engineers. Music lovers love this model due to its high-fidelity audio exposure.

Multiple accessories like Airline adapters, a leather travel case, nine tip sizes for your mix, and a shirt clip further enhance the device’s functionality. Compatibility is also a non-issue as the 1More Quad Driver model can be paired with any device. 

SIMGOT EN700 PRO High Fidelity In-Ear Monitors: Best Durable

Key Features

1. Ergonomic design

2. Six silicone dual density ear tips in three different sizes

3. Two pro stainless steel in-ear headphones

4. 30 days free return and replacement

5. I year product friendly customer service

Product Specs

Dimension 1.88 x 5.15 x 7.91 inches
Weight 10 ounces  
Item model numberEN700 PRO
Fit typeIn-Ear

1. Looks very classy and attractive

2. Crystal clear sound quality

3. Great vocals

4. Punchy bass


1. Its body is vast and might be slightly oversized for some people

Indeed, Simgot is among the top companies providing exceedingly well and value for money products. The model comes with a 10mm dynamic driver to deliver balanced audio and stunning sound quality. A premium leather box and aluminum earbud casing make it attractive to customers.

This lightweight model also features detachable and replaceable cables. Moreover, its earbuds’ sturdy and durable design is pretty comfortable and can be worn for a longer duration. 

In addition, the model provides exceptional vocals quality plus detailed bass. The decent noise cancellation feature allows you to concentrate in noisy places. 

Thirty days’ free return and replacement are provided. Plus, one year of excellent responsive customer service is a guarantee of quality. If you are in search of a classy and affordable model SIMGOT EN700 is a perfect choice. 

Westone UM Pro 10: Best classy Entry-Level Headphones

Key Features

1. Twisted MMCX Audio cable

2. Compact, shallow and ergonomic design.

3. Perfect for all music genre

4. Quality bass

5. Single balanced-armature drivers

Product Specs

Dimension 53 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight 0.7 ounces  
Item model numberUM Pro 10
Fit typeIn-Ear

1. Very comfortable

2. Come with some accessories

3. Replaceable connection cable

4. Durable

5. Well-balanced sound 


1. They can improve Bass quality can 

This classy, durable, and pretty small model always looks clean without feeling cheap. Westone pro-UM 10 has a perfect tone balance, and a single reproduces sound like the original recording. However, it offers much better and enormous sound quality enabling you to hear every single beat.

Musician loves this IEM a lot because it’s meant for professional music reducers and artists. Especially those who like working without worrying much about getting lousy sound quality.

Similarly, the model has an ergonomic design that allows you to wear it for a longer duration. Premium quality silicone ear tips come as a surprise as they are better than other IEM within this budget. They help in providing sound isolation while eliminating noises around.

Its wire design attracts more customers with light, beautifully twisted cable, making it unique and portable.  The frequency response is about 20HZ to 16 kHz and can control sound up to 114DB. However, despite the price range, the model comes with an entire package, including five pairs of foam ear tips, ear monitors, a cleaning tool, and a monitor vault.

Sennheiser LE60 Headphone: Best Lightweight 

Key Features

1. 2-year warranty

2. Sleek ergonomic design

3. Rugged cable

4. Dynamic speaker system

Product Specs

Dimension 2.5 x 11.2 x 5.8 inches
Weight 0.16 ounces  
Item model numberIE60
Fit typeIn-Ear

1. Excellent attenuation of ambient noise-canceling of up to 20dB

2. Very durable 

3. Great sound definition plus enhanced bass

4. Comfortable

5. Fantastic performance in low volumes as well


1. Complaints regarding the occasional muddling of sound raised

Sennheiser is a well-known company that produces high-tech audio technology and user-friendly devices globally. They didn’t disappoint either with Sennheiser IE60 as the model has a good built quality and bass effectiveness. Furthermore, the model features an adjustable and comfortable earpiece with a robust design.

Powerful neodymium magnets enhance the sound in the driver, which also gives an on-point bass system. Its compact case enhances portability, with the sleek design making it more appealing. The frequency response is about 18000 Hertz, and its two-year warranty makes it the most incredible model under 300 dollars.   

Features To Consider When Buying The Best IEM Under 300 Dollars

If you are looking forward to getting yourself a perfect pair of IEMs devices under $ 300, here’s a guide to help you on the feature to consider;


Some people wrongly understood that many drivers provide an enhanced sound experience, but that isn’t the truth. For example, an IEM model with three drivers performs well and better towards proper management of highs, mids, and low than an IEM having ten dysfunctional drivers.

So, it’s essential to consider the delivery of these profiles and the sensitivity range when buying IEM. The reason is that each driver handles individual frequencies to provide more precise sound.

Detachable Cables

Most of the time, people ignore cables as one of the features to consider while purchasing the best IEM under 200, which is not wise. The availability of detachable wires means that you have the chance of changing the cables. If the original gets old or damaged, you don’t have to dispose of the IEM device. Furthermore, wireless customization proves to be exceptional aid to users.

Ear Tips

Silicone ear tips are helpful since they provide a better grip and stability to the earpiece, plus they are also resistant to sweat. It will be beneficial if you need to use you’re IEM for a long time. In contrast, ear tips made out of foam give better isolation than silicone. But, it is not very comfortable, especially when worn for more extended periods.

Customized VS. Universal Fit Earplug

Many people prefer headphones that provide customization fit. Majorly, they will enhance the headphone spacing of the drivers better in customized earplugs. Furthermore, they provide more precise sound with a universal secure fit.

Sound Quality

It relates to technology, and it doesn’t matter if you choose a noise-canceling IEM because you will find different attributes. Generally, people think that loud sounds signify better sound quality. Although, they are wrong since there’s no good thing about an IEM if it’s allowing high volumes output but muting some of them played instruments in the song.

Whenever you feel something is missing in your track while listening using your earbuds, it means the ear monitors have lousy quality.


What matters most is the value worth of that product regardless of the budget. You need to ask: is the product worth the price or not? So go for an IEM device that gives a variety of features plus good sound at an affordable price within your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which One Is Better Between Curved Shaped Or Straight Shaped IEM?

Typically, curved-shaped IEMs devices prove helpful because they wrap over your ears giving support and stability. However, some people find them uncomfortable due to their appeal and covering their ears with cables. It is not the case with a straight one. So, it depends on individual perception and likes.

2. Is IEM Dangerous For My Ears?

Not really; there aren’t significant side effects of using them. Unfortunately, the in-ear monitor generates more sebum in your ears. So, it’s advisable to take a break while listening to music with headphones.

3. Is The IEMs Device Suitable For Listening To Any Type Of Music?

Yes, the IEMs device is suitable for listening to any type of music.  For example, you’ll have a choice of noise cancellation. Meaning you can cut off the background noise, and it will make the sound more incredible.


These audio devices provide isolated, in-depth, and enhanced music experiences with extraordinary and need-basis adjustment. Some people think that the best IEM are purely for live use, but that’s not the case. IEMs can be beneficial in other scenarios like the studio or rehearsal room. Shockingly, even ordinary people these days with non-professional capacities understand the quality of music easily through different audio devices. 

Due to these reasons, several IEM devices are now flooded in the market for generic day-to-day use by ordinary people. As competition heats up, consumers will benefit as each company tries to outdo one another by generating quality products at an affordable price. Unfortunately, similarly creates confusion for consumers who want to buy the perfect model to suit their needs and worth the value. Luckily, we have reviewed the best six IEM under 200 dollars; pick your choice and check out some of the crucial features discussed in our article before buying your model.