The Best External Speakers For Vizio TV: Take Your Audio Listening Experience To The Next Level!

Vizio TVs are widely known for offering great picture quality, impressive performance at affordable prices. But, like multiple flat-screen TV on the market, they aren’t remarkable in terms of quality sound output. There’s a need to invest in an external speaker like VIZIO Sound Bar SB2920-C6, Yamaha YAS-209, Sonos- Playbar Soundbar wireless speakers, plus others reviewed here.

These external speakers for TV can take your audio listening to the next level. You’ll enjoy it more while watching movies, shows, or dramas, or listening to music. So, it doesn’t matter how much your TV cost, how large or thin your screen is, if the sound is pretty awful, you need the best external speaker. The good thing is that several options are available in the market at extremely affordable prices. Meaning you can get any speaker model within your desired price tag and features.

However, since multiple speakers have flooded the market, it might be challenging also to get the perfect one for your Vizio TV. There are many factors to consider but worry less; we have done all the work for you. We’re here to bring you the top six rated external speakers for Vizio TV and an elaborated buying review for your consideration.

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What Are The Best External Speakers For Vizio TV?

Here is the summary of the best external speakers based on their strengths. Peruse through for ideas of the top products we are going to review later. 

VIZIO Sound Bar SB2920-C6: Overall Pick

This affordable Bluetooth-enabled speaker works perfectly well with your Vizio TV for excellent sound. They’ve two powerful full-range speakers, which offer amazing and crystal clear sound.

Bose Solo 5: Second Runner Up

The single Soundbar by Bose has advanced technologies that deliver clear audio. They have a universal remote control, and dialogue mode makes every word stand out. 

Yamaha YAS-209: Best for Value

The model is an excellent package for that price, offering you great overall sound, Alexa support for handy control, and a wireless subwoofer for rich bass.

Samsung HW-J35: Affordable

It’s the best external speaker from Samsung and comes with a wired subwoofer and built-in woofers at an affordable price.

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar: Small Size

If you’re short on space, then look for small-sized speakers since you can’t accommodate the length of common bar speakers; this model will be the best option. 

Sonos- Playbar Soundbar wireless speakers: High-End Model

This high-End model delivers quality sound with clear and crisp dialogue and impressive rich bass. It a high-end model tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to enable excellent voice quality.

Comparison Table For The Top Six Best External Speakers For Vizio TV

Best External Speakers for Vizio TVWeight In PoundsSpeaker TypeConnectivityTechnology
Bose Solo 53.7SoundbarWireless, Bluetooth
Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater12.5SoundbarWireless
VIZIO Soundbar- SB2920-C64.5SoundbarBluetooth
Yamaha Audio YAS-209 BL20OpticalHDMIBluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI
Samsung HW-J3553.5SubwooferBluetooth, USB
Sonos Playbar11.88SoundbarWi-Fi Network

Top 6 Best External Speakers For Vizio TV

We understand it might be impossible for you to hit the market to test different speakers for compatibility with your Vizio TV. However, we’ve done all the hard work for you by comparing several external speakers’ models and reviewing Vizio TV user’s feedback. At last, we winded up with this list of the six best external speakers for Vizio TVs. Continue reading for a wise pick. 

VIZIO Sound Bar SB2920-C6: Overall Pick

Key Features

1. DTS Studio Sound, BTS TruVolume, and DTS TruSurround

2. Ergonomic remote

3. Table-stand or wall-mount options

4. Bluetooth streaming

 Product Specs

Dimension 29 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight 4.5 pounds
Item model numberSB2920-C6
Speaker typeSoundbar

1. Connectivity via Bluetooth technology

2. Easy setup

3. It comes with cables for manual setup

4. Clear and detailed sound


1. Not yet that advanced compared with other models in the market

VIZIO SB 2920 C-6 29-inch soundbar is among the best affordable external speakers you can pair with your Vizio TV for excellent sound. The model comes with two powerful full-range speakers, which offer amazing and crystal clear sound. You enjoy an easy connection to your TV or any other Bluetooth-enabled device as a speaker is Bluetooth-enabled. 

Setting it up is pretty easy, and you can use it with your Vizio TV smartphone or laptop. They come with an ergonomic remote for convenient access to Audio, input, and volume control. Other great features are DTS Studio sound and DTS TruSurround that deliver credible surround sound. You choose wall mounting this model or place it on a table stand; it is a personal preference!

Bose Solo 5: Second Runner Up

Key Features

1. Universal remote control

2. Bluetooth connectivity

3. Dialogue mode

4. Optical digital audio cable

 Product Specs

Dimension 3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inches
Weight 3.7 pounds
Item model number732522-1110
ManufacturerBose Corporation
Speaker typeSoundbar

1. Small and compact design

2. Universal remote control available

3. Great clarity to dialogue


1. It lacks powerful bass and is a bit costly

2. Lacks wall-mount kit

The Solo 5 is quite simple, small, and stylish speaker. It’s an all-black design with the Bose logo and a subtle status indicator on the front side. The enclosure is made of plastic. There’re no buttons on the soundbar, but the status indicator lights up in different colors to show the current model you’re using. Packaged with a universal remote, you can conveniently control it or even use it to control your TV, Blu-Ray player, and DVD player.

They have three inputs on the rear panel-coaxial, 3.5 mm stereo, and optical input. The USB port is also available, although you can only use it for firmware updates. Besides all the physical connections, the model features Bluetooth connectivity. You, thus, connect to your Vizio TV wirelessly. The top quality is the dialog clarity; midrange, bass, and treble are clear. You don’t need to remove or add a cable, pair up or disconnect the device, and you’ll be all set to go.

Yamaha YAS-209: Best for Value

Key Features

1. DTS Virtual

2. Alexa built invoice

3. Wireless subwoofer

Product Specs

Dimension 2.44 x 4.29 x 36.6-inches
Weight 20 pounds
Item model numberYamaha Audio
Connector typeOptical, HDMI

1. Easy setup

2. Alexa inside

3. Excellent music

4. Clear voice technology

5. Compatible with free app


1. Slightly expensive

2. A bit heavy

Yamaha Company is popularly known for brilliantly designed speakers, and they did the same with Yas-209 soundbar for the high-quality sound you deserve. This model gives you cinema-quality sound in the comfort of your living room thanks to DTX Virtual 3D surrounds for lifelike sound effects. While the clear voice technology maximizes the human voice making sure you don’t miss any important dialogue.

The model is an excellent package for the price, offering you great overall sound, Alexa support for handy control, and a wireless subwoofer for rich bass. Yamaha Yas-209, 36-inch design, is among the sleeker models we have tested that will look great with your Vizio TV. Unfortunately, it comes with one HDMI port on the back, but even so, the model has a lot to like

Samsung HW-J35: Affordable

Key Features

1. Bluetooth connectivity

2. Wall mountable

3. Wired Subwoofer

4. Samsung Audio Remote app for mobile

 Product Specs

Dimension 37.7 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches
Weight 3.5 pounds
Item model numberHW-J355/ZA
Speaker typeSubwoofers

1. Remote control and Samsung Audio Remote APP

2. Easy Bluetooth connectivity

3. Impressive sound output

4. Inputs for USB, AUX, and optical cables


1. The subwoofer is wired

This is the best external speaker from Samsung, which comes with a wired subwoofer and built-in woofers. It delivers rich bass and a powerful Soundbar for high sound quality movies and shows when connected to your TV. You get an unmatched home theater experience due to combined balanced audio from the Soundbar and subwoofer deep lows.

The model boasts 120 watts of total power, with 60 watts sent to the soundbar and 60 to the subwoofer for powerful and crystal clear sound. Samsung HW-J355 is Bluetooth enabled and can connect with other Bluetooth-compatible devices. They can also work with non-Bluetooth devices as it features inputs for USB, Aux and optical cables. For awesome experience and ease of control, the model comes with a Samsung Audio Remote App. You will use the app to control the system from your smartphone or tablet.

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar: Small Size

Key Features

1. Massive surround sound

2. Polk’s exclusive voice adjust technology

3. Wirelessly stream music

4. Quick and Easy setup

Product Specs

Dimension 4.3 x 13.4x 3.2 inches
Weight 12.5 pounds
Item model numberMagniFi
ManufacturerPolk Audio
Speaker typeSoundbar

1. Immersive surround sound

2. It can work perfectly with any TV

3. Night-mode option

4. Wireless streaming with Google Home and Bluetooth

5. Powerful bass and clear vocals


1. No onscreen display

You might be short on space and looking for a small model since your house can’t accommodate the length of common bar speakers. If so, consider this best wireless TV speaker, i.e., Polk Mini Soundbar Packs. This model delivers immersive surround sound to your living room. Apart from that, they provide balanced sound and can customize the voice levels. As a result, you won’t miss any word while watching your favorite TV show or a movie. The speaker comes with a powerful subwoofer for deep bass if that is your preference.

With this special Mini Sound Bar, you’ll enjoy wireless streaming via Google Home and Bluetooth. The setup is easier since all the cables are included in the package and can work with any cable box or TV. It’s one of the best speakers that work well with Vizio TV. A handy remote is also available for quick control in your comfort.

Sonos- Playbar Soundbar Wireless Speakers: High-End Model

Key Features

1. Sonos app

2. Mountable Soundbar

3. Oscar –award-winning sound engineers

4. Trueplay Tuning

 Product Specs

Dimension 35.5 x 5.6 x 3.4 inches
Weight 11.8 pounds
Item modelPBAR1US1BLK
Speaker typeSoundbar

1. Wi-Fi- enabled

2. Impressive bass

3. Alexa and Sonos app compatible

4. It turns itself automatically for best sound


1. Pricey

Sonos PBAR1US1BLK is one of the best wireless TV speakers you can pair with your Vizio TV. The Sonos Playbar Soundbar delivers quality sound with clear and crisp dialogue plus impressive rich bass. Oscar-winning sound engineers specially tuned these speakers to enable excellent voice quality to allow you to follow the storyline of any movie or show.

The Sonos Playbar automatically tunes and adjusts the sound depending on the location and how you put it, thanks to Trueplay tuning. You can also connect to other Sonos speakers using Wi-Fi to bring your entire home together in one sound experience. With the Sonos app, you’ve got the power to control the functionality of your device, sync up to other brand’s speakers and adjust the EQ in the palm of your hands.  

If you have an Alexa device, you can sync it with your device and control it with voice commands.  It’s pretty easy to set up, plus you can mount it directly onto the wall.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best External Speaker For Vizio TV

There are different top-quality external speakers you can get for your Vizio TV. But, not all models will work perfectly with your home entertainment system. To get the suitable one, you need to consider the following factors:

Sound Quality

If you’re getting external speakers for TV, it means you want to improve your TV sound. You need to hear every word when watching a movie, TV show or listening to music. Therefore, sound quality should be your priority when looking for the best external speaker for your Vizio TV. Consider the models with powerful drivers, tweeters, and more than 2-channels for high-quality sound with rich bass. As for surround sound, go for a model with more channels, such as the 5.1 or 7.1 system.


The connectivity option is the first thing you should look at before buying your speaker. The speaker should connect with your TV either through cables or wireless. You can consider Bluetooth-enabled speakers with inputs such as HDMI, optical, RCA, etc., or wired connection with non-Bluetooth devices. If wireless, opt for speakers that connect with other Bluetooth- enabled devices like smartphones, laptops, and more.

Size And Design

Choosing the perfect size of your speaker may not be confusing since you are aware of the available space. If you don’t have precious space for a 7.14 speaker in your living room, consider a smaller option that suits the purpose. But, don’t go for small speakers that you can’t hear sound when you are in the kitchen. Look for a powerful Soundbar or speaker system that fits well in your home and décor with perfect sound.

Wired Or Wireless

Wireless speakers are considered the best. They are convenient and easy to connect with your TV or other devices using Bluetooth or other technology. Whereas wired speakers, you will have cables all over your home, either on the floor, wall, or ceiling. So, you can consider a wireless speaker system with input for manual connectivity. 


There are both cheap and expensive external speaker models for TV available in the market. Depending on your budget, you will find speakers within that price range. However, keep in mind that not all expensive models and brands are always the best as most people think. You get the cheaper model that offers quality sounds. Buy the perfect speaker that gives you value and go through customer reviews to determine if it’s worth it or, better yet, pick one among our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Vizio TV have Bluetooth?

Yes, Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth options so that you can pair them with your other Bluetooth devices. But, keep in mind that Vizio TVs support only Bluetooth LE devices with low energy from Bluetooth. Meaning you can pair Bluetooth-enabled devices only such as smartphones, tablets, iPad with your Vizio Smart cast mobile app. You can also use these mobile devices as remotes for operating your Vizio smart TV.

Whenever you want to pair your Bluetooth Soundbar, home theater, Bluetooth speaker, or other Bluetooth-enabled audio systems, you should use the audio out ports on Vizio TV for pairing these devices.

How Do I Hook Up External Speakers To My Vizio TV?

You can either use RCA cables, 3.5 mm analog cables, HDMI cable, or optical cable. Please note that external speakers for TV vary; you may need to use the manual or hire a technician to help connect to your television. 

How Can I Get The Best Sound From My Vizio TV?

You can connect your TV to the best Soundbar system or external speakers to get the best sound. With the ideal soundbar or speaker system, you will enjoy crystal clear and detailed sound due to powerful built-in amplifiers and tweeters. By doing so, you’ll not miss any word when watching a TV show, movie, or listening to music.

Final Word

You can always improve your Vizio TV awful sound by purchasing the best external speakers ideal for TV. The above-reviewed speakers are the top six in the market and will surely give you the best sound output for TV shows, movies, and music. Get yourself one of the above models and realize what you have been missing all along!