How to Soundproof a Window | The Professional Way

The window is one of the weakest points in a home when it comes to sound insulation. In busy cities, the sounds of traffic, construction, and people is relentless regardless of the hour. So if you live in a place that is quite noisy then it can seriously impact your quality of life. Heavy noise can affect your sleeping time, concentration, and shatter your peace.

Soundproofing the windows of your home is a great way to solve this entire problem. Soundproofing your windows will ensure that you have a perfect sleep at night, can concentrate on work, and more importantly have a peaceful life.       

How to Soundproof a Window

There are many ways sound can enter through windows like cracks, small openings, vents, etc. Therefore, it is your first priority to identify the weak spots of windows. Now, look through the list below to find the best ways to solve your problem.  

Apply Acoustic Sealants or Caulk

Generally sounds enter the home through the cracks and crevices around your windows. You will find these cracks around the corners where the window and the wall join together. After identifying the cracks remove any old caulk or peeling off the paint to expose the cracks better. Then clean off the dust or dirt from the cracks. Now apply sealants or caulk to seal the cracks. The best practice is to use acoustical caulk as conventional caulk will harden and crack again in a short period of time.       

Apply Window Insulating Spray Foam

You can use window insulating spray foam to seal the big gaps or holes between your windows. These spray foam are very effective as it expands, filling holes and then hardens to stop leaking sound or even letting cold air into your home. There are three types of spray foams. They are:

  • High-density spray foam
  • Medium density spray foam
  • Low-density spray foam

Each of these spray foam has its own advantages and disadvantages. The application of this spray foam is very easy. Moreover, you can peel off any extra foam that goes past the gaps using a knife.

Use Soundproofing Curtains

You can keep all the external noise away by simply installing the soundproofing curtains. Soundproofing curtains are cheap and very easy to install. Moreover, they will be a great addition to your home decor. So it’s a double win for you. Besides these large, thick curtains will keep the unwanted light out of your home.    

Install Window Plug

Installing a window plug is a great way of soundproofing your windows. A window plug is designed to block, reflect, and absorb any external noise. Moreover, a window plug blocks out natural light from the outside world. This method is very convenient as the window plug is easier to install and remove. If you are in need of natural light you can take off window plug very easily to allow natural light on your room.        

Add an Acrylic Layer to the Windows

You can soundproof a window with an extra layer of acrylic. This method is very cheap and easy to apply. Acrylic layer works similarly as using a window plug but unlike window plugs, the acrylic layer will not block out natural light. To install the acrylic layer you should have a metal frame on your existing window or you have to install a metal frame. Now you have to use the magnets to attach the acrylic to the windows.

External Storm Windows

You can install external storm windows to make your windows soundproof. Moreover, these external storm windows can provide additional security, increase energy efficiency, and better exterior appearance to your house. While using external storm windows make sure you use thick glasses and tight seals to avoid air entry and stronger construction. The best practice is to call professionals to install these windows for better result.    

Use Professional Acoustic Panel

Many people use an acoustic panel to soundproof their window. Acoustic panels are way thicker and bulkier and work perfectly as a sound barrier. Acoustic panels are made of quilted fiberglass, which acts as a sound barrier. So this is a great solution to the noise problem. The only disadvantage of this acoustic panel is the price. Compering all the other methods, this is clearly a more expensive choice.         

Block the Window Entirely

This is the last option if any other methods don’t work for you. But before blocking the window make sure whether you can block the window entirely without any effects to your room such as no natural light etc. Because it is not like using window plugs that can be removed and placed when in need. Blocking a window will change the design of your home and your family members may not like it.    

Bottom Line

Finally, soundproofing windows around your home makes it a peaceful and quiet place. A good soundproofed home gives all the family members a better place to retreat and relax when needed.