How to Soundproof a Room | The Professional Ways

In busy cities, the sounds of traffic, construction, and people is relentless regardless of the hour. So if you live in a place that is quite noisy then it can seriously impact your quality of life. Heavy noise can affect your sleeping time, concentration, and shatter your peace.

Soundproofing the rooms of your home is a great way to solve this entire problem. Soundproofing your rooms will ensure that you have a perfect sleep at night, can concentrate on work, and more importantly have a peaceful life.

How to Soundproof a Room

There are many ways sound can enter your rooms like windows, doors, cracks in the wall, etc. Therefore, it is your first priority to identify the weak spots of your room. Now, look through the list below to find the best ways to solve your problem.

Weatherproof Your Front Door

The door is one of the weakest points in a room when it comes to sound insulation. Sound travels on air, and any gap where you can see light through will also let sound through. Sealing door leaks is not an easy task. If there is a large gap under your apartment door then you can add a door sweep to eliminate the gap. This will solve the sound problem as well as keep the dust, bugs, and drafts from your home. If the doors of other rooms have gap then you can use the foam weather-stripping to seal the gaps.      

Hang Door Curtains

You can keep all the external noise away by simply installing the soundproofing door curtains. Soundproofing curtains are cheap and very easy to install. Moreover, they will be a great addition to your home decor. So it’s a double win for you. When the door is closed, door curtains absorb any noise that leaks through the door.

Soundproof a Bedroom Door      

It is also important to soundproof a bedroom door as gaps under interior doors let a lot of sounds through. You can fill the gaps with a draft stopper as it is the most convenient versions attach to the door so you don’t have to set them into place all the time.

Reduce Reflected Noise

If the noise entered into your room reflects off then the overall noise level in a room will increase. Generally, noise reflects off from hard surfaces like walls, floors, ceilings, etc. The easy way to reduce sound reflection is to cover bare walls and ceilings with soft things so that sounds like voices, barking, or even the fuss created by a running vacuum cleaner won’t reflect. You can use a shag rug on the ceiling and rubber textile mats on the walls to reduce the sound reflection.

Get a Thick Rug Pad

This is the best way to soundproof a room as thick rug pad or carpet mutes irritating sounds in a high-traffic area. So if you have a hard floor then it is the best solution to throw down a thick rug for noise isolation. Experts say if you put a density rug pad underneath the carpet then it will boost your carpets noise squashing potential.      

Muffle Sounds with a Bookcase

Some people find it very difficult to soundproof a room because of the thin wall. If your room has thin wall then you can add a wall-to-wall faux built-in to muffle noise from the apartment next door. The idea of this method is to add mass to the wall as massive materials and objects resist vibration and thereby reduce sound transmission. Make sure the edges of the faux built-in fit perfectly to the walls, floor, and ceiling so there are no air gaps to pass sound.     

Consider Acoustic Panels

Many people use an acoustic panel to soundproof their windows and doors. Acoustic panels are way thicker and bulkier and work perfectly as a sound barrier. Acoustic panels are made of quilted fiberglass, which acts as a sound barrier. So this is a great solution to the noise problem. The only disadvantage of this acoustic panel is the price. Compering all the other methods, this is clearly a more expensive choice.        

Install Soundproof Curtains

You can keep all the external noise away by simply installing the soundproofing curtains to the window. Soundproofing curtains are cheap and very easy to install. Moreover, they will be a great addition to your home decor. So it’s a double win for you. Besides these large, thick curtains will keep the unwanted light out of your home.

Add Window Inserts   

Window inserts are a great way to block outside noise but not the view from your home. They are clear panes of glass or acrylic that you install over your existing windows. Window inserts create an airtight seal that reduces outside noise by 50% or more. You can pop up window inserts when needed, making it convenient to open the window for fresh air.

Bottom Line

Finally, soundproofing rooms of your house makes it a peaceful and quiet place. A good soundproofed home gives all the family members a better place to retreat and relax when needed.

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