Why Does Sound Only Come From One Side Of My Headphone?

People who use headphones would know that they can sometimes prove to be the most irritating thing possible. Headphones are a common commodity, and it can bring about some mundane problems. I have been using for many years and believe me when I say this, that among other issues that headphones might cause its users, the sound coming from one side is the most frustrating one. No matter how many headphones you might buy, this problem never seems to let go. It’s not feasible for everyone to go ahead and buy an expensive headphone when they have only recently invested a lot to buy a pair.

So let me provide you with the most common issues and questions that headphone users face and also its cause and give you the solution to your problems:

1. Is the broken jack a reason for sound to come from one side of my headphone?

Yes, it is. We generally don’t pay much attention to the way we are using our headphones. On many occasions after a long and hard day at office or college, you come back home throw your headphones on your bed or someplace and let it lie there and don’t care much about it until you come across the issue that only one of the two sides of the headphones are working.

This happens because some edge of the jack might get broken or ruptured.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

The precaution that you can take beforehand is you can clean the jack. Also, maintain the headphones regularly. And at the end of the day if it still occurs, just make use of an utility knife in order to do away with the jack as well as the plastic adjoining it.

Before connecting the 4 cables back, make sure you dirt-free the cut off portion. The cable that must be associated to the ground is the copper wire. Connect the green wire to the channel on the right side, red wire to the channel on the left side, and finally, the blue wire is for microphone that has to be linked to the sleeve.

2. Can short-circuiting of wires inside my headphone cause this problem?

Absolutely, it can. Sometimes the cause of the problem can reside inside the headphone with the wire. You have to bend the cable of the headphone after every 1.5-2 inches to assist you locate where the wire is short-circuiting. It would be best if you kept your headphones connected to an active audio source. This will help you find the location by hearing the changes in the sound that you are receiving.

Mark the place where the cable is causing the problem. Cut off the marked portion, and once you identify the cut off parts, you should strip the wires and join them to the wires on the other side. Use a soldering gun to connect the cables. To complete the process, use shrink tube or tape to cover the exposed wires. Your headphones will become as good as new.

3. Why using parts of two different kinds of headphones to make a new one can cause one end of my headphone not to work properly?

Firstly, let me tell you why you shouldn’t do this if you are not that skilled in handling electronic items. While making a new headphone using two different kinds of headphones, you can face problems while soldering the wires and your headphones may end up not working. Using parts of two different types of headphones can cause compatibility problems.

4. Can I experience the problem of sound coming only from one side of the headphone while using a wireless headphone?

Although wireless headphones don’t make you deal with wires and it makes it easier for you to handle it, but still, you can experience the same problem as faced by wired headphone users. To deal with this problem, you can try resetting both your devices or you can go to settings and make sure that it is set on mono or phone modes. In case of certain headphones look for the option ‘Preferences’, then choose ‘Balance’ which you will find inside the sound part to permit audio for both the left and right sides. If none of these happens to work, there might be some hardware problems, and you would need the technical support of the company whose headphones you purchased.

5. Why am I not being able to hear from both ends of the headphone when I connect it to my PC or mobile whereas I can listen from both ends when I connect it to some other device?  

There have been many cases where we assume that there is a problem in the headphones, but actually, there isn’t one. Your laptop or phone might have gone through the latest OS update, and since then you are facing this problem. A few suggestions to fix this problem would be to Disable Audio Enhancements or Run Audio Troubleshooter.

 6. Can the loose connection between the jack and the port cause me to hear from one side of my headphone?

Yes, this can cause you to hear from one end of your headphone. Sometimes the sound can be audible from a single side of your headphone because of loose connection. Please ensure that the jack of the headphone is plugged in firmly.

These are usually the most common questions that you might have. I hope the solutions that are provided with the respective problems can help you with the doubts you might be facing. Following the steps in the correct order can help you to solve your headphone sound issues successfully and you would not have to buy a new headphone every time. 

How to Fix Headphones that only work on one side

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