Some Of The Implications That We Face With The Headphones

Nowadays, almost everyone who has the privilege of the internet has a pair of headphones. Headphones have become a part of our day to day life. Without using the headphones, we are not able to live our lives in the way we want. Convenience is a big reason behind this. Also, we are getting more and more involved with our smartphones. We are consuming a great amount of media straight from the internet.

In the world of the internet, the media can be anything. Music, Video or Podcast, etc. all these things need headphones if we want to maintain our privacy. This type of trend may have some bad effects on us. But, we have learned to live like this. As a result, headphones or headsets have become a necessary component of our lives. Here, in this piece of writing, we are going to see some of the real-world implications that we face because of this habit of ourselves.

What Does The Blinking Red N Blue Lights Mean?

In the case of Bluetooth devices, we often face pairing problems. Like this, when we are using wireless headphones, we may encounter several situations. The blinking of the blue and red light means that your headphone is waiting for the Bluetooth connection. But, the good thing about these problems is that they do not last very long. To solve this issue, you will need to follow a few basic steps. After those steps, you will have your headphone working properly.

Considering all the wireless headphones have the same set of features, the steps for solving this issue are as follows:

  1. At first, if your headphone is blinking the lights, then it means that it is waiting for some connection. Here, in the first step, you should first press the power button so that the headphone gets turned off. After turning off the headphone, you can make a fresh start.
  2. Then, you have to press the power button again to turn on the headphone. Now, in most cases, you will see that the light is blinking with red and blue colors. In this state, your headphone is now in the pairing mode.
  3. Now, you need to bring your media playback device. On that device, you have to go to the Bluetooth settings. After this step, you need to make sure that your headphone is not on the list. As you will have to pair the headphone again, you should not have your device on your paired list of devices.
  4. If your device is on the list, you need to delete the device so that we can freshly pair the headphone. Now, you need to search for the available Bluetooth devices around you. From that, you have to select your wireless headphone, which is still blinking in blue and red.
  5. Next up, you have to make sure that your headphone is now in the paired state. In this step, you may need some passkey for the Bluetooth pairing. The default passkey, in most cases, is 0000. If this passkey fails, then you should check the headphone manual for the passkey or consult the customer care for the same.
  6. After giving the passkey, you will have your headphone paired again with your playback device. By this step, the blinking will stop. If this does not fix the issue, then you can still try everything from the first. But, one thing that you may need in charge. You need to make sure that your headphone has a full charge before trying all these steps.


How Do I Disable The Flashing LED Indicator Light On My Headphone?

In most of the cases, the headphone manufacturer uses the LEDs to let the user know the state of their headphones. But, in some cases, if the user himself wants to turn off the LED notification light on the headphone, then he can surely do that. This type of feature is not available in all kinds of headphones. There are a few brands that let the users change the LED status. The steps by which you can stop the LED indicator in your headphone are as follows:

  1. The first thing that you have to do here is to charge the headphone. The charge of the headphone should be above 80 percent at the time, starting the whole process. Then, it would help if you made the headphone go into the pairing state.
  2. For starting the pairing mode of the headphone, you need first to press the power button of the headphone. You need to long-press your power button if you want to start the pairing mode. If this is your first time using the headphone, then the headphone will automatically go into the pairing mode after turning on.
  3. As the pairing mode of the headphone starts, the blue and red-colored lights should also start blinking. This blinking means that the headphone is waiting for a Bluetooth device so that it gets paired. Then, it would help if you pressed the volume down button of the headphone.
  4. After pressing the volume down, you should turn off the headphone right away. For powering off the headphone, you can use the power button of the device itself.
  5. Then, it would help if you start the headphone in a regular manner. After again turning on the headset, you have to pair with your device.
  6. After the pairing of the device, the light will no longer be blinking.

With all these steps, you can now stop the LED light from blinking. To turn the lights on, you will need to repeat all these steps. But in the third step, you have to press the volume up button. After pressing the volume up button, you need to follow the steps as mentioned above. These steps will make sure that your notification LED is working again.

How To Pair My  Headphones With My Mobile?

Headphones sometimes show pairing problems. You may face situations like this with many people. In most cases, when wireless headphones get old, this type of situation starts to arise. But, there is an easy fix to this problem also. For that, you need to follow a few steps. In the following, you will find the whole process of fixing your headphone so that you can pair them again.

  1. At first, you need to start the headphone. Make sure that your headphone has afull charge. Otherwise, this process will not work in the same manner.
  2. After turning on the headphone, you need to press the volume down and volume up keys together. In this step, you need to be extra careful. At the time of it, you have to make sure that you are pressing the right keys for this step.
  3. Next, you need to turn the headphone off. For this, you can use the power button of the headphone also.
  4. Then, you can start the headphone. After turning on the headphone, you will find that your headphone is now in the pairing state. The blue and red light indicator will also start blinking for this reason.
  5. Now, you have to take your smartphone. For the Android platforms, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings. From there, you have to select the headphone from the Bluetooth devices. From that list, you need to delete your device. In the case of the iPhone, you need to do the same. First, you need to go to the Settings of your smart device. In the Settings of your iPhone, you will find the Bluetooth settings. There also, you need to remove your headphone from the list of available devices.
  6. After doing the last step, you now need to repair the headphone. As your headphone is in pairing mode already, you do not have to worry. In your smartphone, you have to find the headphone from the Bluetooth settings. After scanning, your headphone will appear on the list, and you will have to select the headphone for pairing.

At the end of six steps, you will have your headphone paired with your mobile. This process works well with most of the headphone brands. If your headphone is still not getting paired, then it will be better for you to consult the customer service. If you do not want to do this, then you can always go to the service centers for this type of problem. In extreme cases, the reason for this problem is the hardware of the headphone itself.

How To Interpret The Lights Of The Headphones?

When a normal human being buys a wireless headphone, then he or she may face many difficulties in operating the headphone. This happens due to the lack of knowledge about the functionality of headphones. The colors of the headphone lights mean different things. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Rapid Flashing Red And Blue – Pairing Mode.
  2. Solid light – Charging Mode.
  3. Flashing Red – Low on a charge.
  4. No Light – Charging finished.

Thus, the LED lights of the headphones have an important part in the normal functioning of the headphones.