Skullcandy VS. Beats (Difference Between Skullcandy Crusher Wireless VS. Beat Solo 3)

Both Skullcandy and Beats have the finest products in the market. But, more often, people try to differentiate between the two companies using their products. Skullcrushers are excellent headphones; however, the beats studios are better all-around since they provide better craftsmanship, sound quality, and company support for their product.

Let’s look side by side at the difference between Skullcandy crusher wireless and beat solo 3. They are the finest headphone from each company, which will bring out the difference between these two companies’ products.

Difference Between Skullcandy Crusher Wireless & Beat Solo 3

Both Skullcandy crusher wireless and beat solo 3 headphones are excellent. But each one stands out for a specific purpose. To know precisely how the two differ, let’s compare their design, sound quality, features, built quality, among other things.


Skullcandy brands manufacture headphones for casual listeners at an affordable price. These headphones have an excellent stylish design and come in four different colors, i.e., black, deep red, olive, and white. The overall model look is not luxurious but decent. They are made of plastic that feels cheap, although the premium memory foam pads, nice leather, and metal band on the headband make its build quality decent. Nonetheless, they don’t look quite exceptional like other wireless over-ear designs.  It overall, look promising, especially for their price range.

Conversely, Beat Solo 3 has a less aggressive appearance with a glossy finish. They are available in various colors, including polished black, glossy white, matte black, silver, rose gold, gold, red, and violet. All beats models feature a bold, bright red “B” logo on them with the color-matched to the shade you pick. The model looks very similar to beats solo 2 wireless. So, if you like solo 2, you’ll probably fall in love with the latest version due to its sleek design plus small, round and well-padded earcups.


Skullcandy crusher is an over-ear headphone that features 33-OH impedance, 20Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response, and adjustable sensory bass. They also have a microphone for calls, the latest technology, while its battery life is 40 hours.

On the other hand, beat solo 3 is wireless on-ear headphones that feature the latest technology, a mic, customized comfort, and it’s driven by the Apple W1 chip. The battery life is 40 hours, and fast fuel technology for 3 hours of play with a 5-minute charge.


The Skullcandy crusher wireless weighs 0.7lbs and is a bit tight on the head, which might make you uncomfortable after prolonged use. They’ve well-padded earcups that might seem heavier than other models. However, the model is pretty lightweight and won’t cause any soreness after hours of use. And though they fit perfectly around most ears, its ear cups are not spacious. You might get a clamping sensation after prolonged use, depending on head shape and size.

The beat solo 3 weighs 0.47 lbs. and they fit right on the head. They are comfortable, thanks to their heavily padded ear cups. It may not be ideal for long listening sessions as you might feel exhausted from their clamping force.


Skullcandy crusher wireless has a more efficient and easy control scheme. They allow you to play, skip, call, volume control, and a bass slider on the left ear cup. You’ll eventually get used to the button, which might be difficult to distinguish at first with the touch alone.

Just like beats solo 2, the control models of solo 3 are easy to use and efficient.  Their buttons are well spaced out on the small earcups, and they are very responsive. They offer essential control functions like track-skipping, volume control, plus call/ music. Their buttons might be slightly small, but it’s not something you should be concerned with.


The Skullcandy crusher wireless is not that breathable pair of headphones. Since they are tight on the head, it creates a good seal around your ears that prevents much airflow. Together with their closed-back, the over-ear design will make you sweat more than usual, primarily if you use them during a workout. After some hours of listening, your ears may get quite warm.

On the other hand, Beat solo 3 wireless headphones are breathable models. Generally, they have an on-ear design that doesn’t cover your ears entirely. Therefore, the heat trapped within the notch and ear canal will leave the ear relatively calm. You might indeed sweat a little more than average during workouts, but they are not that bad, like closed-back over-the-ear designs.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones fold compactly to a quite portable design. Though they won’t be as easy to carry as in-ear or on-ear models, they are not as bulky as some over-ear headphones. However, you can carry them easily in your backpack or bag since they fold, unlike other Skullcandy models. 

The beat solo3 wireless headphones are very portable models. They fold up quite well to take less space, ideally making them fit perfectly into more oversized jacket pockets. 

Build quality

The Skullcandy crusher headphone’s design feels more modern with a sturdy metal headband and dense overall ear cups. It will survive a couple of accident drops without being damaged. That is great considering its cost. Unfortunately, their plastic yoke is not that durable as the rest of the design. Their cables are slightly exposed between the headband and ear cup. Meaning it might get damaged by wear and tear or, better yet, got hooked by your hair or other things, which is not ideal. Overall their build quality is good. 

As for the beats solo 3 headphones, they are a well-built, compact model that won’t break even after several accidental drops. These models are made using high-end materials. In comparison, the headband is reinforced with a metal frame that generally makes them sturdy under physical stress. However, the plastic coating feels rigid; especially if you bend them too far, they might crack. The layer is prone to scuffs and scratches too. 


Skullcandy crusher wireless has a tight fit on the head that makes them stable and suitable for running. Plus, they are wireless, so you don’t need to worry about them getting yanked off your head since the audio cable is hooked by something.  The model is still somehow cumbersome over-ear design meaning it’s not perfect for intense workouts. The headband might slide off your head occasionally when tilted. Nonetheless, the headphones are a better option for the gym.

Likewise, the beat solo3 wireless is perfectly stable. They’re tight enough, although not meant for moving around much while on your head. It would not be suitable either for high-intensity exercise. These models are wireless, and they won’t get pulled off ears since the audio cable is hooked on something.

Other Differentiating Factors Between Skullcandy VS. Beats

Sound Quality:  The beat’s audio quality is far superior to that of Skullcandy. Dr. Dre being a rapper, knows perfectly what the listeners want to hear from their headphones. That’s why they manufacture their models using the best materials at their disposal to make masterpieces. These materials instill features such as soundproof, bass boost, and technology. All these make beats sound quality better than Skullcandy.

Reliability: The Skullcrushers are meant for casual listeners meaning there are significantly mass-produced. In comparison, the beats take their time and craft carefully the best part to ensure performance for years to come. After being in use for some time, Skullcrushers is likely to break while beats endure a lot. 

Company Support: As per our research, beats offers more customer supports for their products. In comparison, Skullcrushers are fine headphones, though the brand doesn’t help their customers as much as they should. Dr. Dre Company, over the years, has apparent and well-earned confidence in its products.

Connectivity: Well, Beats are popular and a step ahead of Skullcandy crusher with W1 chip. Beats feature a W1 chip that has class-one Bluetooth connectivity. In other words, W1 chips give you an extended Bluetooth range and increase the signal strength, thus reducing the lad issues. However, the W1 chip works only well with apple devices.

Cost: Skullcrushers are known to be pocket-friendly, while the beats are slightly pricy. The price, however, comes as a result of well-built devices that serve longer. 

Pros And Cons For Skullcandy Crusher Wireless And Beats Solo 3

Skullcandy Crusher WirelessBeats Solo 3
Good wireless reliabilitySound slightly unrefinedExcellent wire stabilityFirm headband pressure
AffordablePoor noise cancellationGood Bluetooth-phone interactionPricey
The bass slider enables you to increase and decrease the bassMade of plastic which feels cheapQuality sound plus excellent battery life
Great battery lifeFlexible and soft ears and a great headband make them suitable for extended wear.

Final Thoughts

If you have gone through our article, you do probably know which one is better. But, let’s make things easier for you. Overall, beats are a better option for reliability, build, comfort, sound quality, company support. In contrast, Skullcrushers are good headphones at an affordable price. Speaking of similarities, the two brands offer long battery life, excellent build, and bass emphasis.  So if you are looking for affordable quality, Skullcandy is a good option, but if your concern is quality, go for beats models.