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Sentey has been popular for manufacturing budget headphones. The company continues to produce excellent-sounding products that set the bar high for in-ear headphones category. These products are designed for getting lost in the realm of sound. Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds heralded the company’s lightweight wired earbuds. Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds are stable, durable and sealed to cancel out distractions. Of all the earbuds I have used, this pair seemed much different when it comes to quality, durability and of course sound. It is one of the best audiophile headphones under 200 dollar. Let’s find out why?

Heading out for the gym or outdoors?

Then, this set of headphones is not something you can leave stuffed in your bag. Customizable, very rich, pure and clear sound; Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds can surely outperform its peers.

Who are Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds for?

  • Want to feel amped up when working out at the gym? Plug into Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds to push the boundary.
  • Workout gets nasty? This pair is designed to perform well in sweaty conditions.

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Available in black, Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds, Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds come furnished with an aluminium anodized finish. Metal built, if used properly, the headphones can stand the test of time. I absolutely love the hyper-flat TPE cable it comes with, the cable is tangle-free, so it won’t wrap you around when you’re shaving pounds on the treadmill. The brushed metal feels great to touch and adds a level of visual appeal.

It offers strength as well as high performance that will look great for multiple years. It comes with a single 3.5mm jack. The advantage of having a 3.5mm jack is that you won’t have to hassle with cables tangling around your neck. The key here is that the pair is a secure but comfortable fit.


Sonically, Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds are pretty awesome. I tested out NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” and found a great balance between bass and treble and vocals. The sound felt truly expressive and detailed. The innovative infrastructure of this pair can really go loud without distorting.

Thanks to its closed protein ear cushion, and silicon tips, it gets to cancel out noise successfully; pretty cool gear for getting lost in Californian desert. Infused with two 9mm high fidelity drivers deliver the finest stem of detailed sound.

Comfort & Functionality

Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and well-weighted. If you are a gym goer who seeks better audio quality, and prioritizes comfort and lightness, then this pain should be found right at the top of the heap. I have used several headphones during gym visits, so I am pretty known with a good fit. And, this set is great fit for me!

Plus, the pair is integrated with a specialized button located right next to your hands. Just a touch of the button can play or pause your track or answer or hang up a call.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Much comfortable
  • Great for classical music
  • Snuggles to your ear canals
  • Well-crafted premium design


  • Not suitable for runners

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Q: What is the length of the cord?

A: The cord is about 4-foot long.

Q: Does it come with a microphone?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: What kind of devices do the headphones support?

A: Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds integrated with AUX Line support a variety of devices, such as: smartphones, tablets, PC, etc.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for high-quality in-ear headphones at a reasonable price, then Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds must be reserved a spot at the top. The pair can invite you to the extent of sounds that can hardly be found with headphones at this price range.

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