Samsung TV Has No Sound – Basic & Advanced Troubleshooting

Some Samsung TVs have mute functions, so if you see a video with no audio, first check your device settings. The speakers could be off. Use the screen menu to turn the speakers on. However, your TV might have bad connections, simple glitches, or a hardware failure in serious cases if the issue does not resolve. Don’t worry; basic troubleshooting can solve most problems.

The trouble with Samsung TV audio is not an isolated case. It is a common concern among the users though mostly it is a user problem. Therefore, you can get your TV audio back through simple fixes that we will explore in this article.

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Basic Troubleshooting For Samsung TV With No Sound

Basic Troubleshooting For Samsung TV With No Sound

Troubleshooting 1: Check The Mute Function 

The first and straightforward step to take when there is no sound on your TV is to check the mute status. You might have inadvertently muted by the remote. Take the remote and press the mute button and check if the issue is resolved.

Troubleshooting 2: Check The Input Setting

Press the ‘source’ button on the remote to check the input setting on your TV. Go through the available options to pinpoint the set component. If the input component is not set up, there will be no sound from your Samsung TV. Set it up, connect and check if the audio is coming through the TV’s speaker.

Troubleshooting 3: Check For Connected Headphones

Have you connected your headphones to the TV? If yes, the audio is routed through the device, and you might not get the sound from the TV if you have not worn your headset. Now, unplug the headphones from the TV audio out jack; this should solve the issue.

However, if you never use headphones on TV, it is recommended to check the port. The TV port might have accumulated lint and debris that interfere with audio routing. Clear all the dirt, and then play your TV gain.

Troubleshooting 4: Check All Connections Of TV To Other Hardware

If, after troubleshooting 1, 2, and 3, there is still no sound on your TV, check all the physical connections to hardware such as satellite receivers, gaming consoles, and cable TV boxes. Ensure all the connectors are securely connected to the correct ports. You can unplug and plug to be sure.

Troubleshooting 5: Check Speaker Selected Settings

If the TV is not muted, the speakers could be off through the on-screen function that is a feature on some models. Access the screen menu and turn them on. 

Also, check the sound setting if the TV is connected to external speakers.  Make sure the audio goes to them by securing the connections.

Advanced Troubleshooting Samsung TV With No Sound

If the basic troubleshooting could not improve the sound issue with your Samsung TV, you need to try the advanced options below.

Option 1: Samsung TV Power Cycle

There are transient or temporary problems that are hard to diagnose. But, it can be solved through a power cycle. First, switch off your TV and remove the power cord from the wall. Wait for about one minute for the lingering charge in the memory or capacitator to fade.  Then, plug in the TV to a power source and switch it on. Mostly, the issue will be resolved.

Option 2: Check The Current Region/Language Setting

Check the information set up to ensure your Samsung TV has the right region/language set. Go to the menu on your remote and select the setup section. Scroll and select language/ location setting and select your exact location, e.g., the USA for United States residents.

Option 3: Run In-Built Audio Diagnostic Test

The last troubleshooting you can do is to run the in-built audio diagnostic test in the support menu. The test location varies based on the make and model of your TV set. First, go to the menu on the TV remote and choose ‘support.’ Then, go to ‘Self Diagnosis’ and ‘sound test.’ The melody will play out of the TV’s internal speakers. If there is sound, then the audio issue you are experiencing is not originating from TV components. 

However, if you do not hear the sound, the problem is with the TV components; either the speakers are damaged or there is fault with sound circuity. In such a case, call an expert technician or take your TV to Samsung customer service around you. Consider also calling Samsung customer service desk, as they have in-home service for both in-warranty and out-warranty products.

Other Simple Fixes For Samsung TV Audio Issues

Several other issues can affect Samsung TV audio but can escape both basic and advanced troubleshooting. Try the following fixes:

1. Connect the TV set to an external soundbar or a speaker. This can help by-bass the temporary issue your device might be experiencing. As well, the soundbar or the speaker enhances your sound quality.

2. Unplug all devices from the HDMI port of the TV and get rid of any debris. After all the ports are clean, plug the devices back and play the TV.

3. Toggle between various HDMI input audio options as one of them might bring back the sound.

4. Poor internet signal or slow speed can interfere with your TV sound. Use speed test to check on internet speed and work on it if sluggish. It might help resolve the issue. 

5. If your TV Bluetooth frequency is enabled, it might cause problems with the audio route resulting in no sound. Consider deactivating Bluetooth capabilities. If stuck, call Samsung customer service for assistance. 

How Do I Fix The Low Volume On My Samsung TV? 

A software update or speaker setting adjustment can help fix issues of low volume on a Samsung TV. Do the following:

How To Adjust Speaker Settings

Step 1: Press the menu on your remote 

Step 2: Select ‘sound’

Step 3: Select’ speaker settings’, in some cases’ additional settings’ first

Set 4: Look for ‘auto volume’ and put it to normal 

Step 5: Play the TV and check if the issue is resolved

 If not, update the TV software

How To Update Samsung TV Software

Step 1: Press’ menu’ on your remote

Step 2: Select ‘support’

Step 3: Select ‘software update,’ the option may take 1-2 minutes to display 

Step 4: Select’ update now’ or ‘online’

N/B: The TV will turn off when it starts to update and automatically turn off once done. When the TV finishes updating, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. 

Samsung TV Keeps Muting

If your Samsung TV keeps muting without any action from you, first reset your remote control. Please do this by taking out remote batteries and returning them. Now, press the pause and down arrow simultaneously until you see ‘remote learned’ on your TV screen. It will take around 10 seconds, and the problem should be resolved.

But, if the issue persists, do the following:

1. Set the TV on standby

2. Press info

3. Select the menu

4. Select mute 

5. And finally select power

The above process turns on your TV with the ‘service menu’ on the screen. Select ‘reset’ and the TV will switch off then on. When it turns on, it will switch into plug and play mode. This way, you can reset the analogue and digital tuner as well. 

Volume Won’t Mute OOn Samsung TV (Solution)

When you don’t have sound on your TV, you can easily get frustrated, especially if you are watching your favourite program or important news. But, a TV that won’t mute is equally frustrating.  

Do The Following To Fix The Issue:

Check the remote batteries and replace them if they aren’t working properly. If after replacing the batteries, the TV still won’t mute, remove the batteries, hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds, return the battery and test the device. If the issue is with the remote, it will be resolved. 

Adjusting Samsung TV Volume Without A Remote

Sometimes you realize that the TV has no sound and the remote is nowhere to be seen. Of course, the first thing is to increase the volume before you proceed to serious troubleshooting. Luckily, you can adjust the volume up and down without a remote. All Samsung TV models have a jog control that lets you change the HDMI, change the channel, power it on, and adjust the volume. 

First, locate the jog control that is usually at the bottom right side on the rear. Be keen as they are small, but you will locate them with labels of their different functions. Once you find the jog control, press the decrease or increase button, and the TV volume will be adjusted accordingly. 

Final Words

If you try to fix your Samsung TV with no sound unsuccessfully, it is time to take it for repair or buy a new set. Surprisingly, new models get cheaper with the tough competition in the market. In fact, repairing your old model might even cost more than acquiring a brand new Samsung TV. The cost of repair parts tends to be higher, and it doesn’t change over some time. If your TV is very old and out of warranty, consider investing in a new one to enjoy movies stress-free.