You Guide to Connect 2 or more Headphones to your PC

Is it possible to enjoy two headphones on a PC at a go? Well, certainly it is possible. Using two headphones on a PC, you reap some significant advantages. For example, you can share your favorite show, music, and films with your beloved people. Likewise, you keep watching your favorite events at night without disturbing other members of your family. Thus, connecting double headphones to one PC is a wise move. Here comes your guide to accomplish this plan. 

1. How to connect two headphones to a PC at a go with Realtek HD Audio Manager?

Step 1 

  • Open the Realtek HD Audio Manager.
  • Tap on the Device Advanced Setting Menu. This menu lies in the right corner at the top of the window. 
  • Select the “Make Front & Rear Output Playback 2 different Audio stream” menu. 
  • Hit the “OK” button. 

Step 2 

  • Now plug-in the Headphone into your PC as you usually do. 
  • On the Realtek HD Audio Manager Console, you will find the connected Headphone. At first, hit the “Headphone” menu and then click on the OK button. 

Step 3

  1. Connect the other Headphone to the PC. Usually, it would help if you connected it to the “IN” port. However, it is likely to vary from system to another, due to different motherboard configuration. 
  2. On the Realtek Console, tick on the “Front Speaker Out” menu. 
  3. Hit on the OK button. 

The reason to select a speaker is that you have already selected your Headphone, which is already in use. As such, trying to activate the other Headphone on the same PC, it is likely to override the first Headphone. Consequently, only the second Headphone will come live. Even if you select the Front Speaker Out option, it still works as Headphones are also speakers. The difference is only in terms of its design and wears it around your head.

2. How to connect two headphones on a Windows 10 PC Using System Resources?

Besides the trick discussed above, you can connect two headphones to a Windows PC, using your system resources. However, keep in mind that this plan may not work, depending on some system configuration. Besides, you are likely to face issues with synchronization of the outputs from 2 headphones. 

  1. Open sounds, right-clicking on the Sound Icon. You will find this Icon along the notification zone. 
  2. Select the Playback tab. You need to set the first Headphone as the default one. 
  3. Now, get to the recording tab
  4. Enable the Show Disabled Devices. You can do this by clicking on the empty zone 
  5. Right-click on the Stereo Mix option. In case you are unable to spot it, you need to install the latest version for Codecs and Realtek Sound Drivers. 
  6. Open Properties menu by double-clicking on the Stereo Mix tab. 
  7. From the Properties tab, select the Listen option. 
  8. Find the “Listen to this Device” menu. Now, you pick the other Headphone from the list. 
  9. Open the Advanced Tab 
  10. You need to uncheck “Allow Application to take exclusive control on this device.”
  11. Click to confirm the changes made. 

3. How will you connect 2 Headphones to your Desktop using the VoiceMetre Banana?

You will come across a plethora of applications, suitable for amateur and professional users alike. Some of these applications offer optimal flexibility and user-friendliness. It enables you to connect multiple headphones to your Desktop at a time. The steps run as follows: 

  1. Download the Audio Voice Meter Banana
  2. Extrude the Zip content into a new folder. 
  3. Start Running the application
  4. Set up the first Headphone connected to the Desktop as Headphone 1
  5. Connect the second Headphone to the audio input as Headphone 2 
  6. Click on the “Select The Output” and choose Headphone 1 and Headphone 2 simultaneously/

4. How to connect double headphones to your PC with the USB Splitter?

You will find USB Spitter that works for USB devices and Audio Jacks. It comes for inexpensive rates and is truly flexible. If you are a casual user, opt for the basic ones. This way, you can accommodate two and more headphones on a desktop at a go. It allows you to share the shows with all of your family members, making the entertainment sessions all the more enjoyable. It is a candid way to bring the family closer and secure their interpersonal relationship. 

Thus, connecting two or more headphones to a PC at go is not a hard task. You can do this within a few minutes and putting the least effort and within the minimum time. Try these simple tricks, and you will have a fascinating experience. 

5. How to Connect Smartphone Headphone with a desktop without audio and speaker Driver?

Download the Sound Wire Application to connect your Smartphone Headset to your PC without the Audio and speaker driver.

6. Is it possible to use earphones as microphones and Speaker in a desktop?

  • Go to Settings and select “Devices” option
  • Select Sound Settings
  • Go to the Sound Control Panel and make the necessary changes

7. How to use double audio outputs on Windows 10?

Windows 10 come with a default Stereo Mix option. You need to Adjust this feature to enable two audio outputs on a single Windows 10 PC.

Use Multiple Headphones Simultaneously on a PC