How Will You Pair Taotronics Headphones With Various Gadgets?

When it comes to the best Headphone brands, you need to give a special mention to Taotronics. These items are known for their excellent quality and the most beautiful audio experience that it offers. Are you a first-time Taotronics Headphone User? If so, you must be wondering how to charge the equipment. You get the relevant points in the following paragraphs. 

Your Guide to pairing Taotronics Headphone with your Headset

  1. Ensure that the Headphone is in the pairing mode

The first step is that you need to take the Headphone in the pairing mode. You need to press and keep holding the power button of the Headphone for about 7 seconds, or until you are getting the pairing notification.    

  1. Activate the Smartphone Bluetooth

Once you get the pairing confirmation message, you need to activate the Bluetooth on your Smartphone. Ensure that the Smartphone is in the Discovery Mode.  

  1. Click the “Pair New Device” option in the Bluetooth Settings

Once the phone is in the Discovery mode, hold on till the time you find your Headphone in the available device list. If you are connecting your Headset with the device for the first time, click on the “Pair New Device” Menu. 

  1. Select your Headset from the list of available devices 

Once you find your Taotronics Headphone on the available equipment list, you should select it. You will get it either by its name or as TT BH060. 

After you complete all the steps discussed above, your Smartphone gets successfully connected with your Taotronics Headphone. You are all set to enjoy an excellent audio experience. 

How to connect Taotronics Headphone with a Laptop?

One of the best features of the Taotronics Headphone is that it is highly flexible. You can connect it with the majority of the devices, including a Laptop. It is how you should proceed to connect your Taotronic Headset with a Laptop:

First and foremost, ensure that the Headphone is in the pairing mode. Hold the power button on the equipment until you get a message confirming that it is in the pairing mode. After you get the word, you need to activate the Bluetooth on the target Laptop. You can accomplish this task from the Bluetooth settings menu. Now, hit the “Add Bluetooth” or “Other Device” in the Bluetooth Settings. Hold on for some time until you find your Headphone on the available device list. Now, select your Headset from the list of available equipment. After choosing the Headphone, you will get a message a successful pairing between your Headphone and the target Laptop. 

You can connect a Taotronic Headphone with other devices, say your Television, following the same steps. The crucial step is to get the Headphone to the pairing mode first of all. You can complete the remaining steps for pairing within the minimum time and putting the least effort. Once you connect your Tantonic Headphone successfully with your target equipment, you are ready to experience the most excellent audio. 

What functions the Multi-Function button performs?

Taotronics Headphones come with a distinct Button that performs different tasks. It has been incorporated to facilitate various actions, just by hitting the button once or twice. 

  • Power and Power Off: to Power On/Power Off your Taotronic Headphone, you need to press and hold back the Multitask button for a few seconds. 
  • Play/Pause: to perform either of these functions, press the Multitask Tab once. 
  • Adjusting Volume: to enhance or reduce the Volume, you should (+) or the (-) buttons accordingly. 
  • Previous/Next Title: get to the former or the next Title by pressing and holding the (+) or the (-) buttons for about 2/3 seconds. 
  • PickUp/End Call: Hit the Multi-Function button once 
  • Reject an Incoming call/ Redial Last Call/Mute Microphone: double-press the Multifunction switch 

What does the Red and Blue Lead on the Control Unit imply in various instances? 

The Red and Blue Led signals different consequences in different instances. Here is an overview in that regard:

Led StatusDevice Status
Solid BlueIt implies that you have charged the Headphone to the optimum extent. Once loaded, ultimately, the life span is around 5 hours.
Solid Redthe battery is undergoing charging. It usually takes around a couple of hours to charge Taotronics Headphones fully
Flashing RedFlashing BlueThe battery is nearing exhaustion, and you need to charge the Headphone upfront. The Headphone has been connected successfully to target equipment. 
Red and Blue Flash:The device is in the pairing mode through Bluetooth.