How To Connect Wired And Wireless Headphones To PS3?

PS3 is one Console that serves the purposes of gaming as well as home entertainment. It supports a plethora of audio devices as well. The best part is that it gets paired with Wired and unwired headphones. Here is a guide about connecting your PS3 with headsets. 

Connecting PS3 with the Headphone Via Bluetooth

It is a more natural way to connect your headphones with PS3. It allows you to benefit from the wireless capabilities of the Console. In case you are using wireless headphones, you can connect it to the Console through the Bluetooth. 

  1. Go to the General Settings Tab in the Home Menu, subsequently navigating the Accessory settings option. 
  2. Select the “Manage Bluetooth Devices” menu. Ensure that the Headphone is live, and it is in the pairing mode. 
  3. If no devices are connected via Bluetooth, click on the “Yes” tab. Alternatively, select the “Register New Device” option, if you join a new device for the first time. 
  4. Double click on the “X” button that will initiate the search for Bluetooth devices 
  5. Proceed through the following steps as instructed to register a new appliance. It will allow you to connect the Headphone with the PS3 Console. 

How to connect PS3 with wired Headphones? 

Are you using wired headphones, and you wish to connect it with PS3 Console? If so, you require going through more intricate steps. It is for a reason, you will not find the jacks to connect wired headphones, and contrary to Xbox 360, you will not find ports for plugging-in the headset jack. 

If your Headphone features a USB Connector, or it comes with the Audio-to-USB Adapter, users can plug-in the Headphone into either USB Ports. In case you don’t have an adapter, you may utilize a composite Cable that comes with the PS3 Console. Insert the HDMI cable into the source Device, while you insert the Composite cable into the Console. Now, you need to 

connect the white and red cables into the adapter, subsequently connecting the Headphone into the back terminal of your adapter. 

How to configure Audio Settings? 

No matter how you connect your Headphone with the Console, you need to configure the Audio Settings beforehand. Are you using a wireless source device, or have you established a connecting using USB? If so, you should navigate to the settings tab and select the accessory settings menu, eventually choosing the Audio Device Settings menu. 

You can either select the Input Device Option and double-click the “X” Tab for selecting your Headphone from the available Device drop-down menu. It will change the Output Device option for matching the chosen output device. 

If you are connected through a composite Cable, you need adjusting the Console Audio Output Settings, changing the Audio Input adapter from HDMI to AV Multiple Out option. Subsequently, confirm the changes you made. It will start routing the audio to the Headphone. 

Is it possible to get Game sound in the Headphones? 

If you are using a Bluetooth Headphone for PS3 Console, you can get the online Chat audio, and not the Game sound. However, you can still get the game audio with some adjustments. It is for the reason that Headphones come with Optical Audio Output feature. Users can utilize this feature to get the game sound on their headphones. It requires them to use a device that comes with USB Dongle, and it should be compatible with the PS3 Console to allow game sound output through the Headphone. 

How to troubleshoot Bluetooth problems on PS3?         

  • Go to the Console’s Main Menu 
  • Now, get to the Settings Tab, and there, you need to select the Accessory Settings Option. 
  • Select the “Manage Bluetooth Gadget” Option. Wait until you get the message that no gadgets are registered. 
  • Now, activate the Bluetooth on the Device that you wish to connect with the Headphone. 
  • After the Device is active, select the “Start Scanning” option. 
  • Select the target device that you wish to connect from the available device list. 
  • You are likely to ask to enter a passcode. You can use 0000 or 1234 as a default passcode. Then, select OK
  • On successful registration, you will get a confirmation message. 
  • Your Device is now paired with your Headphone, and is ready to use. 

What all checks to make, if you find a Bluetooth Device is not working with the PS3?

Proximity CheckThe target Bluetooth Device must be within the desired range from the Headphone that you wish to attach. Usually, the source device and Headphone should be within 10 meters from each other.   
Battery PowerThe battery must be adequately charged. If the battery drops down, it will tend to put off the Bluetooth to prevent further power consumption. It is going to interrupt the Bluetooth Connectivity.     

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