How Long Do Bluetooth Headphones Last (The Answer And How To Take Care Of It)

The durability and average playtime of Bluetooth headphones vary from one device to the other. Most, when fully charged, take about 18-20 hours of playtime. And, it will take about 2-4 years before you need to replace the battery. However, the performance of the Bluetooth device matches that of the wired ones as long as you take good care of it.

You are probably weighing options on whether to invest in Bluetooth headphones. But, the thought of having to recharge it might be giving you a headache. Worry, not! The headset can give you a whole day of service without the need for recharging.

This can differ from one person to the other. But, the durability of the Bluetooth headphones is based on various factors discussed below.

Factors That Determine How Long Bluetooth Headphones Last

Factors That Determine How Long Bluetooth Headphones Last


If you are a professional musician, you are likely to have your headphones on for the better part of each day. As a result, your device may wear out fast compared to the one used once in a while. Generally, the devices used by experts tend to have a lower lifespan compared to those used for leisure. Nonetheless, Bluetooth headphones will last for at least 24 months, the period covered by most warranties.

Bluetooth Chip Quality

Chip quality is the main determinant of the cost of Bluetooth headphones. Premium ones will be pricier. However, with the cheaper models, you are likely to start experiencing sound quality issues sooner. Advanced models give you good services longer, making them more affordable options in the long run.

But, most original Bluetooth headphones stay perfectly in shape for up to +300 recharge cycles. But, after, the playtime might fall by 20%, and as time passes by, the efficiency will continue to decrease. And, sure, you would also be likely to desire new pair as fashion and technology evolve. 

Sound Level

The main purpose of the headphone is to personalize audio to avoid bothering those around you. So, you would want to keep the volume at mid-point or a little below to protect both ears and your device. You might also be using the noise-canceling option to reduce surrounding noise.


At high levels of volume, the sound component of your Bluetooth device struggles which can damage it. You might also need to recharge the device as the high sound drains the battery more quickly. Again, this will affect the lifespan of Bluetooth headphones.

Battery Quality

The main concern with Bluetooth headphones is the need for frequent recharge and battery life. If your device has a good quality battery that charges faster, it will remain in good shape longer. You will also enjoy the services without worrying about frequent battery drain that can be a headache when traveling.

Cheaper options tend to have substandard batteries that drain faster. If it gets worse, it might force you to get a new device or replace the battery, which adds to the initial cost. So, when buying, always go for Bluetooth headphones with bigger and quality batteries for a longer backup. Li-ion and NiMh are the best options.

Frequency Of Use

Using your Bluetooth headphones until it drains the battery fully affects its durability. The continuous use of the device until the battery is flat can lead to heating problems that affect other inner components. Slowly by slowly, the efficiency of your device decreases, and eventually, it can stop working. So, it is best to charge as soon as the battery drops to an alarming level, plus learn to give your headphones a break within some intervals to keep them in good shape longer.

If you also leave your device unused for an extended period, the battery could corrode or leak out. As a result, your device might stop working. So, do not leave your Bluetooth headphones lying for weeks unused as you will not be happy with the consequences. 

Handling And Care

The way you take care of your Bluetooth headphones dictate how long it is going to serve you. Some devices can last for 3 years or 1 month, depending on handling and care. So the question many ask is; how do you take care of Bluetooth headphones?

Here is the answer!

Keep Them Clean

As you use your headphones, it is bound to experience normal wear and tear plus accumulate earwax. In addition, the dirt can affect the efficiency and durability of the device; hence, the need to keep them clean. 

You would need a soft cloth and some bit of soap. First, wet the cloth and squeeze it so that it can be damp without dripping water. Now take the wet cloth and wipe off all the dirt from the external parts. In case of any removable parts, detach and wipe them separately before putting them back. 

For earbuds, please take off the silicone heads and clean them thoroughly using an unused toothbrush. Unclog any dirt from the earbud while ensuring you get into the crevices. After cleaning, keep it time to dry before using the headphones again. 

Unplug/ Disconnect After Use

Never leave your wireless headphones with the wired option attached to your device when not in use. Leaving them can lead to unforeseen damages such as breakage of inside copper cord. It can get tangled or pulled suddenly from the headphone jack resulting in breakage. Thus, unplugging protect the cord near the jack that is very sensitive together with the audio connector.

For safe unplugging, hold and pull the connector slowly. Please do not pull the cable as this puts extra stress on the connector, which damages it.  For wireless headphones, disconnect when not in use. 

Avoid Sleeping While Wearing Your Headphones

As you start sleeping, you might be careful with the headphones. But as you get lost in a deep sleep, you might accidentally roll over your device and eventually snapping or bending it. So, before going to bed, roll your headphones nicely and keep them safe. 

Store Properly

If your device came with a storage case, use it to keep your headphones when not using them. Otherwise, find a safe place to store them. Heat and water can easily affect electronic devices, and so the place should be cool and dry.

Never Bend The Headphones

When carrying your headphones in hand, do not bend. Bending can eventually break your earphones, damaging them completely. 

Don’t Share Your Device With Others

Sharing is caring! But, not when you are putting your device and your health at risk. Do not expect another person to care for your Bluetooth headphones as you would. Things that are shared tend to wear out very fast so do headphones. Besides, sharing puts you at risk of contracting ear diseases caused by bacteria and other germs. 

How To Improve The Battery Life Of Bluetooth Headphones?

Most Bluetooth headphones use Li-ion or NiMh batteries, and taking care of them improves their life. First, do not drain the batteries after every charge as it can fully damage them. But, do so after 30 cycles to get rid of any charge memories common with some types of batteries.

Secondly, avoid charging your device where the battery can get heat up. Look for safe and cool places as heat can damage your battery and decrease its life. Also, avoid using fast chargers if not recommended by the manufacturer. Stick to regular charges as the fast ones can heat up and damage the battery of your Bluetooth headphones. 

You should always charge the Bluetooth headphones before using them. Charge at least 6-8 hours at least three consecutive times, and after that, it can take you only 2-3 hours for it to fully charge. 

Thirdly, always turn off your headphones when not in use. This ensures your device is not overused unnecessarily, which can affect the battery life. Note that some models automatically go to sleep mode while others need to do it manually.

Lastly, never leave your devices unused for several weeks. The battery can easily rust or leak out, thus getting damaged. 

Over-Charging Bluetooth Headphones (Risks)

Always unplug the charger when your headphone’s battery is full. Nowadays, the chargers have a self-stopping function that stops the charging process once the battery is full. However, sometimes when the battery is left connected to the power for a long time, the grid voltage can rise, causing it to overcharge. This negatively affects the battery life, hence the durability of your Bluetooth headphones. 


Wireless devices are slowly taking over the wired types. This is the same case with the headphones though some people still swear by the wired earphones. The mains concern being; how long do Bluetooth headphones last? Without fear of doubt, with a premium model well taken care of, it can last you for 2-4 years. During this time, the device is under warranty, so, in case of out-of-box issues that are not user-related, you can get free repairs.

Nonetheless, always invest in Bluetooth headphones with a good battery. Note that how long your device would last is directly related to the battery life. Opt for a headset with Li-ion or NiMh batteries, as they have been proven to work well without charge memory. Otherwise, always take care of your device, and it will serve you longer.