How Do You Reset Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that is used to transfer data from one device to the other. It is the most widely used wireless technology, and the number of products using Bluetooth increases exponentially. 

Headphone companies have similarly taken Bluetooth and made it an integral part of their devices. Bluetooth headphones have become one of the most influential devices among electronic devices. But with Pros lies with its Con. 

Bluetooth headphones sometimes face specific problems, and it can be frustrating when there is a hang-up pairing the two. The compatibility issue is the major issue that Bluetooth headphones face while connecting. Bluetooth requires both the systems to have similar system requirements; otherwise Bluetooth won’t connect. The version of phones and PC’s and speakers is essential while connecting with Bluetooth headphones.

Pairing failure is a matter of error, and the following steps can help your device pair up with your Bluetooth headphones:

How to solve connectivity issues of your Bluetooth Headphones?

  • Ensure that both the devices have its Bluetooth turned on

The Bluetooth sign should appear at the top of your screen. If you don’t notice it, go to settings and turn on your Bluetooth.

  • Know what kind of pairing process your devices use

The method of connecting with Bluetooth varies. Sometimes it requires you to input a code, or the systems which have NFC (Near Field Communication) can touch both the devices and enable their Bluetooth connectivity. If your headphone has a Bose soundlink, then you need to hold down a button to get your headphones connected to a device.

  • Keep your Discoverable mode on 

Both your Bluetooth headphone and the device you want to connect to must have their discoverable mode turned on. If it is on and you are still not able to pair, you need to reset the device’s Bluetooth settings.

  • Knowing the pairing capacity of your Bluetooth headphones

Usually, Bluetooth headphones can remember up to 4 paired devices. If you want to connect another device, you would need to erase the memory of the headphones. To delete the

memory of your headphone, you would need to:

  • Connect your Bluetooth headphone to a power source via USB.
  • Hold both the plus and minus sign buttons for some seconds until the LED flashes repeatedly, then release the buttons.
  • Your Bluetooth headphone will now be able to delete the memory of its known devices.
  • Turn the power/switch off and after than turn on

Sometimes resetting the devices by turning off its power and putting it back on can help you to connect your Bluetooth headphones with the necessary appliances.

  • Interference caused by wifi routers and USB 3.0 ports

It is observed that wifi routers and USB 3.0 ports cause interference while connecting your headphones to some device via Bluetooth. What you need to do is get your gadgets away from the proximity of the wifi routers and USB 3.0 ports. Then all you have to do is restart both the devices to get them connected via Bluetooth.

  • Know the resetting process your device is accustomed to

Although the process of resetting may be more or less the same for all devices, every company does make minute changes to differentiate it from other products in the market. Some headphones require it to be turned off while resetting like BOSE, Skullcandy, etc. and others like LG, Portronics Bluetooth headphones require it to remain turned on.  

The problems mentioned above are pervasive while connecting your Bluetooth headphones with the required device.

If you are not able to solve your problem even after reading the issues mentioned above and solutions you can try to:

  • Please turn on your Bluetooth headphones and charge it for five murals for 10 seconds. If most of the headsets are charged in one position, the headphones will mechanically turn off, and the device will be forced to factory reset.
  • Some Bluetooth headphones provide a reset button. When the headset is on, press the RESET key with a toothpick for some time until the headset is turned off. Now restart the phone and search the Bluetooth device again with the required gadget and connect it.
  • Update the Bluetooth of the device to which you want to connect your wireless headphones.
  • Sometimes deleting the cache files of the device you want to connect your Bluetooth headphones may help pair both the devices.

Q1. Why does my Bluetooth headphone keep disconnecting from the device I connected it to?

It can be because of low battery in your Bluetooth headphone or in the connecting device. Bluetooth headphones have a propensity of disconnecting when either of the devices are low on charge. Try un-pairing them and then again connect after both the devices have enough charge.

Q2. Someone else used my Bluetooth headphones and now I am not able to connect it to my smartphone?

This may happen for multiple reasons. Firstly, the device to which the person you lent your headphones connected it to is still in its proximity. Secondly, your Bluetooth headphones can remember up to 4 pairing devices so might wanna reset your Bluetooth headphone by referring to the fourth point of this article. Also it can also happen that your Bluetooth headphones have paired automatically with a Bluetooth

Q3. How do I stop my Bluetooth headphones from disconnecting?

Try keeping both the devices near to each other. Do remove all the unnecessary Bluetooth connections that you have in either of the devices. Try un-pairing and then re-pairing with the device you want to connect it to.

Q4. Why do my Bluetooth headphones keep turning off?

 The battery of your headphones or its charger might get defected. It might face performance problems as it does not have enough charge. You may contact customer service if it’s still within the warranty period. The charger can also be a problem. If it is defected it won’t charge up your headphones completely and this will cause your Bluetooth headphones to keep turning off.

Q5. Why are my Bluetooth headphones and my smartphone not pairing?

If both your devices don’t speak the same Bluetooth language they won’t connect. What i mean by language is they are not compatible. You need to know the version of Bluetooth that both your devices are compatible with and then connect it with a device that is compatible for the Bluetooth headphone.

 Q6. Is the resetting process of every Bluetooth headphone different?

Yes the resetting process of every Bluetooth headphone is different. That is because different brands want to make their product unique from others. Also it is because of the nature and version of Bluetooth your headphone contains. So before resetting your headphones get an idea about these things from the manual provided to you by the manufacturer.

I hope that this provides you with the necessary information regarding what kind of problems you might face while pairing your devices, the essential things you need to do to solve those problems, and the various ways you can reset your Bluetooth headphones. 

Reset Bluetooth Headphones