How Do I Get Rid of Static Noise in My Headphones?

You invest in the best headset, aspiring to enjoy the excellent audio experience. However, the static noise emerges as the most stringent challenge in this path. Needless to state, such noise degrades the audio experience. Hence, you keep looking for a suitable fix to this issue.

How do I get rid of static noise in my headphones?

Here comes your guide that will enable you to win over this challenge. 

It would help if you substituted the wires  

You will find a plethora of cables connected to a Personal Computer. To minimize the static noise, consider replacing these jacks. Please take out the wire from the port to which is connected to your PC and insert it into another port. It will offer an effective solution to the issue with static noise. However, keep in mind that it is a temporary fix, and the problem is likely to revive, even after the adjustment. 

Check if the headset has been appropriately connected to the Audio Jacks 

If you are experiencing persistent static noise from your headphone, check if the headset has been appropriately connected. Eliminate all the wires and then take off the side panel case. Now look inside the headphone input and solder the tip softly. It would help if you twisted the tip until it took a small, ball-like look along its edge. Once you do this successfully to one end, repeat the same process on the other end as well. But, ensure that the ball-like structures never come too close to each other. 

Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance 

One of the best remedies to fix the troubles with static noise is to clean your headphone regularly. You can execute this step putting the least effort and the minimum time. It would help if you take a cotton swab and dip it in Isopropyl alcohol. Now, you need to clean the headphone inside-out, using the wet cotton swab. Before you start cleaning, put off the computer, and take out the chord from the jack.

Keep checking the wire from time to time 

Cables tend to loosen up often. Once it does so, you will inevitably hear the static noise. If you are experiencing such sound, check if the wire is in the right place. On the other hand, corrosion of the cable is another factor that triggers static noise. So, keep checking your cable from time to time. If you find wear and tear on the cable, you need to replace it immediately. If the problem is rising due to this reason, it will solve the problem, and empower you to enjoy noise-free audio. 

Consider updating the headphone

As Headphones approach the end of its lifetime, it is evident that several issues will come up. The static noise is one of the critical issues in that regard. If you observe the problem continues, even after offering some remedies, consider upgrading it immediately. Likewise, you are likely to experience the static noise if you use an older version of the headset on a modern device. Even then, you need a more advanced version of the headset to win over this challenge. 

While you look for modern headphones, it is worthy of trying to feature the noise-cancellation property. These microphones automatically nullify the static noise, offering you a seamless and coherent audio experience. 

Why do headphones start making static noise?

Headset starts emitting a static noise, once the wire loosens up, or corrosion appears on the cables. In case, you find the problem to come up, while you speak, and your callers get to hear the static noise, the problem is probably rising due to issues with your microphone. In such instances, you need to replace your receiver, to escape this trouble. 

How to prevent static noise on a Bluetooth Headset?

Turn off the speaker, and then, put off the Bluetooth. After a few minutes, reboot the device, and re-connect the Bluetooth. Now, you need to reconnect two devices. If you find the problem to persist, even after applying this fix, you probably need a new Bluetooth headphone

Thus, you can overcome the static noise issue with headphones, making some simple adjustments. On the other hand, regular care and maintenance are necessary to keep things working correctly. These simple fixes can effectively solve your issue, and hence, changing the headset is not evident at all times. Always invest in premium quality headphones and microphones that promises you the best audio experience, free of static noise. Even if the price is towards the higher side, you get t back the best value in return of the cost. 

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