Headset vs Headphones | The Differences

Technology has provided us a lot of amazing devices for our daily uses. Headset and Headphones nowadays play a very important role especially for youngsters and for others as well. If you love listening to music then you can easily listen to songs using headphones without disturbing anyone. Kids or young children can use headsets to enjoy video games with full effects without disturbing other family members. However, what is the difference between Headset and Headphones? Do they have different user interface or purpose? Let’s have a brief knowledge of Headphones and Headsets.         

The Headset

A headset is basically a set of headphones equipped with a microphone. The headset microphone may be a boom microphone or an in-line microphone. Headsets are perfect for a wide range of uses. You can use a headset for voice over IP communications with services such as Skype, as well as interfacing with a phone system. Headsets are also perfect for playing online games with voice communications. With a headset, listeners are submerged within their listening experience.

The Headphones

Headphones are also known as ear speakers and earphones. They are a small pair of loudspeakers, which are mainly designed to be placed close to a user’s ears. The experience of listening to headphones is very unique in comparison to traditional speakers. Headphones also offer better noise cancellation. Over the years, there have been multiple types of headphones:

The Difference between Headset and Headphone

Headset and headphones are quite similar in form and function, but they have some key differences that are worth knowing. Below, we’ll take a quick look at what defines each of these distinct devices, and give users a bit of a guide to help them decide which they’re looking for.


The biggest difference between headsets and headphones is that the headset has an attached microphone. Headphones can also have microphones, but they are included within the framework. Therefore, headphones have less weight and are more portable. Integrated microphones do not have the same quality as headsets, but they are good enough to take calls and use voice assistants. Here are a few of the advantages of headset microphones:

  • Headset microphones provide more comfort than headphone microphones
  • Noise cancelation of headset microphones are better than headphones
  • Headset microphones have voice pickup feature

Audio Quality

Audio quality is a very important factor for both headset and headphone. Headphones have superior audio quality when compared with headsets. Even the drivers of low budget headphones are more quality full then some budget headset. Headset lacks quality drivers as they are mainly used for taking calls or communication purpose.

However, if you are using a headset for gaming purpose then the sound quality is perfect for an excellent gaming experience. Gaming headsets tend to have an audio profile that includes surround sound and boosted bass which allows the gaming world to be brought to life. The only disadvantage of such an audio profile is that music quality suffers compared to headphones.

After considering everything it is clear that headphone has the best audio quality out of the two because of the sophisticated driver technology. Moreover, the frequency range is usually wider for headphones and there is more balance across the range.

Comfort and Convenience

Headphones are more comfortable and less bulky then headsets and they are the perfect listening solution for outdoors. It will look odd walking around with an over-ear headset that has a big mic boom. Moreover, these days you will find lightweight headphones that look trendy and provide a secure fit for your outdoor use.  There are one-ear headsets available that provide a lightweight and simple fit to your ear and allow you to enjoy good comfort. They are best for driving and taking calls at the same time.

Price Comparison

There is very little price difference between headsets and headphones. An audiophile-grade pair of headphones and a standalone mic would be the best combination but that’s expensive. So you have to pick the device according to your needs. If you are looking perfect audio solution for professional YouTube channels or a gaming Twitch session then standalone mics are the best choice. If you need mic and audio quality then gaming headset will be the cheaper option for you.      

Bottom Line

Finally, it is very important to understand the differences between headsets and headphones before you make the buying choice for your needs. There are various headset and headphone models available in the market so it will be harder for you to pick the right headset or headphone. The best practice is to pay attention to the small details and it will help you make a straightforward buying decision.