All About The Headphones That Your Favorite Online Live Streamers Use

Nowadays, the internet is the hub for gaming and live steamers. The online gaming industry has earned quite a lot of popularity from the community of users. In platforms like youtube gaming, twitch tv, these streamers have millions of followers. The number is only increasing day by day. Because of those streamers, many ordinary people have also started to stream their gameplays on the internet. Overall, in the last ten years, we have seen a massive boost in the popularity of these people.

As all these things are garnering millions of views, regular people have started to show interest in the lives of these streamers also. What are their actual names? What type of gaming accessories that they use? These are some of the common questions that they have for their favorite streamers. In this article, we are going to answer some of the most popular queries on behalf of these streamers.

What Type Of Headphones Does Ninja Use?

Battle royal is a popular genre of gaming that Ninja plays. In that format, he plays Fortnight. This game has one of the most numbers of active users. Ninja dominates this game. The popularity of Ninja has also earned him customized packs for him in the official game. Ninja’s passion for gaming makes him stand out from the rest of the gamers.

This passion has also made him very selective when it comes to headphones. The headphone that he uses for gaming is one of the best. The name of the headset is Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. This headphone is professional-grade headphones. In one of his live streams, Ninja, himself has spoken about these headphones. These headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear. Hence, like Ninja, if you are also planning to do the same stuff, then you will not have an issue. The sound quality is also useful in all the levels of the music.

The best thing about this headphone is its secure strong noise cancellation. After wearing this headset, you do not have to worry about the noise that you may during the gameplay from the outside. The in-game atmosphere enhances after wearing the headphones. The mic of this headphone is one of the best in the class. Ninja, while playing, also shares some funny incidents. The clarity of his voice from the mic seems excellent from the very first glance. These headphones are also available to buy from various e-commerce websites. The price of these headphones fluctuates a lot. Therefore, it would be better if you wait for the sale to buy these gaming accessories.

What Type Of Headphones Does PewDiePie Use?

Felix, commonly known as the Pewdiepie, is the most subscribed YouTuber concerning the personal channels. Like Ninja, he also plays and lives streams his gameplays. But, in his gameplays, the humor and the interaction with his viewers play a significant role. He has been doing this for a very long time. Most frequently, he plays games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnight and Minecraft, etc.

The accessories that he uses are also fashionable. The computer and computer peripheral making company Razer has custom made his headphone. The name of the headphone is Razer Kraker Pro Version 2. The headset is very similar to the actual one, but the design of the headset is entirely different than the original. Pewdiepie also never leaves a moment to appreciate the quality of the earphones. The headband of the headphone is very sturdy, and at the same time, it is lightweight. The material used in the headband is aluminum. The headphones belong to the premium range and have significant sound drivers of 50 mm. The red design with the vinyl makes the special edition of Razer Kraker Pro Version 2 very attractive for the gamers.

The over-the-head headphones also sport a mic, which gets used at the time of gameplay or making youtube videos. You can wear the headphones for lengthy periods and then fold up the retractable microphone that Felix uses that would instantly silence the microphone. The sound signature of these headphones is also suitable for a lot of purposes. If you are not planning for gaming and you want to listen to music, then you can also use this. You can also buy these limited edition headsets from the online market. They are always some kind of exclusive sales that allows the fans of Felix to buy this special edition Razer headphone.

What Type Of Headphones Does Nickmercs Use?

Nickmercs is a popular name in the online gaming fraternity. Also, he has done a lot of works with most of the popular gamers in the industry. He has done a collab with Ninja. From that collaboration, there are quite a number of associated acts of the two. Nickmercs also has a couple of world records to his name. The device he mostly uses for gaming is the Play Station 4 and PC. Fortnight is his favorite game, according to one of his streams.

The headset he uses for his games is ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless. Unlike the two above, this headset has a wireless variant. With this very headset, he set the world record for duo kills on both PC and PS4 computers. This headset has all the qualities required for gaming purposes and to create these kinds of extra-ordinary killing streaks on the Fortnight. This Astro headphone series has been praised for its audio quality, but the A50 may still be its most potent and best-sounding business model. With its large 40 mm stereo audio drivers providing robust low-end responses and bright peaks without damaging mid-range sound levels, the A50 offers outstanding clarity and scale. The controls available on these headphones are also easy to use and makes the gameplay experience very much hassle-free.

What Type Of Headphones Does Dakotaz Use?

Dakotaz is one of the best choices for a rare mix of silliness and excellent gameplays in the online community. This guy from the world of solo live streamers loves to play games with his mates, including HighDistortion. If we compare Dakotaz with other online streamers, then he is different. He also spends a lot of time and gives a lot of effort to describe the games it to newbies. He is always looking to expand the gaming community as much as he can.  

He is equipping himself with the Astro A40 when it comes to headphones. Dakotaz ‘s view on those headsets is very favorable. The excellent design of these headphones lets him hear about his surroundings. His headset function makes Dakotaz outstandingly strong at the Battle Royale Games. Also, a crystal-clear, highly valued microphone is connected to this Astro microphone at the same moment. The headphone helps him to communicate with his fans and friends alike in online live streams.

What Type Of Headphones Does Lolitofdez Use?

Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver S is a very popular headset used by Lolitofdez. He has a unique follower base for his style of gaming. He mostly plays the Fortnite and PUBG. These two games are top-rated for his fans also. He also creates matches for his followers on the game. 

The Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver provides stunning sound quality. If we consider gaming to be the user ‘s primary use, then that user should go for this headset. The best part of that headphone is that it looks sturdy and fresh. .The company’s new version of these headphones retains everything exceptional about their predecessors. The brand has introduced an immersive plug-and-play surround audio option. There is also a range of predefined audio options. The latest HyperX headset is considerably more versatile than the other headphone used by Lolitofdez.

The headset has a very cool design. It is equipped with large, overly large ear cups so that it can give a certain amount of comfort. The band of the headphone has hard-steel in it. The audio drivers of these headsets come with a 50 mm driver. It produces extreme sound quality at the time of playing games. The live streamer is proud to declare himself as being 100 percent cheater.

What Type Of Headphones Does Tfue Use?

Turner Tenney, a.k.a. Tfue is one of the game’s best Fortnite players. He has played in many eSports tournaments and has a competitive team as well. There are plenty of top-level players in the squad. The Sennheiser HD 800 S headset is currently in use by Tfue. The headset is light and comfortable. It offers great audio quality for playing even at the professional level. When he wears the headphones for a long amount of time, then it also never bothers him.

He has won some of the prestigious competitions, too. He has collaborated with several partners, including Cloak and the KittyPlays. He video-streams every day on Twitch. He also maintains a channel on the online platform called YouTube with more than 7 million subscribers.

In the end, we can see that there are no fixed choices for the headphones. Most of the popular streamers are using the headphones of their choice.