Why Do Headphones Suffer From Static Noises And How To Overcome These Issues?

A high-quality Headphone promises you the most excellent audio experience. It is for this reason that you invest in expensive headsets. No matter what great features your headphone includes, or what extravagant is the cost, you are likely to experience static sounds. Here come the reasons beyond such instances, and the possible fixes to these solutions. 

Why do headsets have static noises?

There can be various reasons for such instances to happen with your headphone. Even the costliest instrument can suffer from these issues. The most common factor is that you end up buying a piece made with low-grade source materials. Likewise, the worst EQ setting is another factor for such static noises. In case the treble or the bass settings of the headset are excessively high, you are likely to get the static sound. It happens, as such settings triggers cracking and popping noises, eventually damaging the speakers in the long run. 

So, if you are getting static noises in your headphones, check for the factors stated above. If such factors trigger the sound, you can fix the issues by changing the settings. Alternatively, you need to invest in good quality headphones that involve high-quality materials. Such items not only produce excellent audio but will hardly produce static noises. Most importantly, such things endure for the longest time. So, you can escape the high expenses in replacing the headsets frequently. 

Why Bluetooth Headsets suffer from static interferences?

Static noises affect Bluetooth headsets, as wired headphones suffer from this issue. Such issues are more frequently observed in the urban areas, wherein the population density is towards the higher sides. It happens as all Bluetooth headsets are competing for a specific span of the spectrum. The FCC works to enhance the available range for the device to fix this issue. 

How to eliminate Static Noises from Headphones?

Fortunately, overcoming the static noise issue is not a big deal. You can eliminate this issue, trying some simple tricks. Here comes your guide in that regard: 

  1. Static noise with the headset often arises due to problems with the wires, in case you are using a wired headphone. So, when you experience such issues, please check if the cables are connected correctly. 
  2. Especially if you are using a wired Headset with a Personal Computer, wherein there are multiple jacks, probably the issue is with the port. As such, you can consider changing the ports. In several instances, the problem is overcome by changing the ports for the jacks. 
  3. In some instances, static noises with the headphone are for using an older device. If your headset has been significantly old, you can consider replacing it with an upgraded model to overcome it. Using a high-end headphone with an old version source device is likely to trigger static noises. In such instances, the problem gets fixed, upgrading the equipment. 
  4. Debris and dust on the ear cups of the headphone is another common factor that triggers the static noise issue. As such, you need to clean the device from time to time. Often, static noises are overcome with regular cleaning. 
  5. Issues with the headphone jack connection is another factor that stands beyond the static noise issues. You can overcome the trouble, only by adjusting the jack connection. You will find the problem to subside with this simple adjustment. 
  6. Sometimes, the static noise gets triggered due to issues with the sound card, if you have a Personal Computer as the source device. In such instances, when you experience static noise, check if the sound card is in the right order. Change the sound card immediately if you explore troubles with it. 

How to solve Headphone Static Noise issues in Windows 10?

Category of IssuePossible Fix to the issue
HardwareThe Headphones: connect the headset with another PC and check if the problem persists. In case you find the issue to continue, even after changing the source device, the question is with the headset. It would help if you changed the headphone immediately to overcome the static noise. Sound Controlling Buttons: static noise is likely to appear if you have muted the sound controlling the button. Unmute the button immediately to come out of the trouble.     
Audio SettingsAdjusting Playback Settings is another way to solve the issue. Keep the bass and treble settings at equilibrium to prevent static noises.   
Windows ToolWindows Troubleshooter: this is a default tool with Windows 10 Operating Systems, and can effectively overcome the static noise issues.