Your Guide to Pairing iHip Headsets

iHip Headphones are highly in-demand for the excellent audio experience it offers. Are you going to use these headsets for the first time? If so, you will surely wonder how to pair these headphones. Here come the key points relevant to account in this context. 

How to get started for pairing iHip Headsets?

Irrespective of the specific model, all iHip Headsets feature a control button that performs multiple tasks. In case you are unable to find this button, look for the one that turns on the Headset. If you click or keep holding this button, the Led Indicator light will start to flash. Before you start pairing the Headphone, you should be aware of these buttons. 

The majority of iHip Models start searching for the pairing device automatically after you turn it on. You have to connect two or more devices manually if you have never connected these devices previously.

  1. Click and hold on the Power button for 2 to 4 seconds. It turns on the Headset, and subsequently, gets it to the pairing mode. 
  2. Follow the flash on the Red and Blue Indicators that indicates the pairing has been successfully established.
  3. You will detect a sound that indicates the Headset is ready for pairing.

How to pair iHip Headsets through Bluetooth?

Once your iHip Headset is ready for pairing, work on the device you wish to pair. On the second device, put on the Bluetooth, and wait until you find the iHip Headphone. Once you get the Headphone as an available device, select the pairing option to pair the Headset with the device. You will hear a sound to confirm successful pairing between the Headset and the device of your choice. 

Connecting the Headphone with the same device at a later stage is very simple. You simply need to hold the power button for 2/3 seconds that will establish the pairing automatically. 

What is the ideal battery level to facilitate smooth and instant pairing?

The battery level is a crucial factor in smooth and hassle-free pairing between your Headset and a device. Usually, brand new headsets feature 40% charging. Hence, before pairing it with any device, it helps if you charge the Headset completely. It will help you to escape the hassle to match a device with your Headset, establishing a fast and hassle-free connection. 

What if there are other Bluetooth devices nearby?

If multiple Bluetooth devices lay around your Headset while you try to pair it to the device of your choice, you are likely to experience difficulties. So, put off the Bluetooth on all devices, except the one you aspire to pair with your iHip Headset. 

How to reset the iHip Headset?

You are likely to need resetting your iHip Headphone at some time or the other. Turn on the Headset, and keep pressing the paper-clip into the resent port, for not more than 2 seconds. It will help you to reset the Headphone, without changing the Bluetooth settings. The Headset will reset once it boots back automatically. 

What are the steps in connecting iPhone and iHip Headset? 

iHip Headset gets connected to the iPhone, through the following steps: 

  1. Get to the Bluetooth Settings Menu, after you turn on the Bluetooth. 
  2. Take the Headset in the pairing mode. 
  3. Initiate the pairing by selecting the desired Headset on your iPhone
  4. Allow time till the Headset gets paired with the device. 
  5. Ensure that the Headset and the ipHone are ultimately charged, and don’t allow any other Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby while pairing. In such an instance, you may not get the target phone on the available device list for pairing. 

Why don’t some devices connect with iHip Headset?

Though iHip Models are very flexible to pair with all the modern devices, in some instances, you find issues in the pairing process. It usually happens, if the Smart Power Management mechanism tends to disable the Bluetooth, once the power level drops down beyond a certain point. In such instances, it becomes impossible to pair the device with the Headset. If you experience such issues, cancel the pairing, and charge it completely, trying to match it subsequently. Doing this, you can connect the device and the Headset easily. 

iHip Headsets offer excellent audio experience, as it comes with noise cancellation features. As such, there will be no communication drops for unsolicited noise in the background. These headsets promise you the best quality sound output, producing seamless entertainment and enjoyment. After you try this headset once, you will hardly feel like trying other headphones.

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