Your Guide to Pair Sony Bluetooth Headsets with a Mac Device

When it comes to the best quality headphones, Sony Headphones deserve a special mention for the excellent experience it offers. A Sony Bluetooth Headset promises you the best audio experience and allows the maximum flexibility. Are you wondering how to pair a Sony Bluetooth Headset with Mac Devices? Here comes your guide in that regard. 

What are the points to check before connecting Sony Bluetooth Headphones with a Mac Device?

Before proceeding for the pairing between Sony Bluetooth Headset and Mac, please check the following points: 

  • The Device must feature Bluetooth compatibility, and it should aid Music Playback connection. 
  • The Mac device and the Headset should be within 3 feet distance 
  • The Headset has been charged to the full extent. 
  • You are likely to need turning on the Bluetooth adapter. If you are not sure that if your Device supports Bluetooth adapter, please refer to the operation manual. 
  • The Device Speaker must be in the ON Mode 

What are the steps to pair a Sony Bluetooth Headset with Mac Devices for the first time?

 Put your Headset in the pairing mode: if you are connecting the Headset to a Mac Device for the first time, the Headphone will not have any pairing information. Hence, you need to initialize the process manually. You will find the Headset to get into the pairing mode automatically. 

How to pair your Headset with the target device for the second and the subsequent times?

If you are pairing a Mac device with your Headset for the second and subsequent times, you need to hold on the Power button for a few seconds. It happens as the Headset already has the pairing information for the same Device. 

No matter you are pairing for the first or the subsequent times, you will find the indicator flashing two times in a row, indicating a successful pairing. 

How to register the Headphone with the Device?

After your Headset and Mac device has been paired, you need to wake up the Device from the Sleep Mode. Subsequently, you should register the Headphone with the Device. You need to go through the following steps to complete this task: 

  1. Select the System Preference menu for the Bluetooth. You will get this option on the toolbar in the lower right of the screen. 
  2. Select the appropriate Device on the screen and click Connect. 
  3. If you are asked to put a passkey, provide 0000. 
  4. Once the Device and the Headset are connected, you will get voice guidance, confirming successful pairing. In case you fail to get the connection, you need to repeat all the steps. 

How to pair Sony Headphones with Windows 10 Laptop?

Put on the Bluetooth from your Laptop settings. 

If you are pairing a device with the Headset for the first time, select the beginning from the available options. 

The Bluetooth will then start looking for the Device, and once the target device becomes available, you need to select it. 

Once you pair the Headset with the Device successfully, you can enjoy automatic pairing at the subsequent times. 

What if the target device is not getting available for the pairing?

It is a widespread problem, and the best thing is that the solution is pretty straightforward. At first, power on your Headphone and now, keep pressing the Power button for around 7/10 seconds. Doing this, the Headset gets into the pairing mode, and you will find the target device on the available device list. If the problem persists, even after doing this trick, you need to seek professional assistance to overcome the issue. 

Why must you charge your Headset entirely before you try to pair with any device? 

You must have experienced hardships in connecting your Headset to a device if it is not ultimately charged. Why do such instances happen? The reason is, once the power level drops down, the Device automatically puts off the Bluetooth to save the remaining power. As such, it becomes impossible to turn on the Bluetooth and establish a pairing between a headset and a target device. Therefore, you must charge the Headset entirely before you try to pair with a machine. If you are trying to connect a new headset with a device, you might need to charge the Headphone for 6 to 8 hours, before attempting to combine it with a machine. 

Thus, it comes out the pairing a Sony Headset with a Mac device is not a big task. Comply with the points stated above, and you can enjoy the instant pairing.