Differences Between Smart TV VS Apple TV (Easy Guide)

Millions of Americans have upgraded their television to a new smart TV. These updates have allowed viewers to watch anything they want, anywhere they want. However, many people are not aware that there is a major difference between a smart TV and an Apple TV. The most notable difference is the price of the products. Smart TVs have been available for over a decade and can be purchased from stores such as Best Buy or Walmart for under $300.

A lot of people have been wondering what the differences are between a smart TV and an Apple TV. The smart TV is a TV that contains a computer inside, whereas an Apple TV is just a box that can be hooked up to the existing tv that allows you to stream content from the internet. Another difference is that the smart TV has lots of apps installed because it’s already been programmed, whereas an apple TV needs you to download apps from the app store.

The days of just watching TV are long gone. Now, we can watch it anywhere and on any device. Smart TVs and Apple TVs offer that same viewing experience to users at home and on the go. However, they differ in features and price points.

What Is A Smart TV?

What Is A Smart TV

What is a smart TV? In short, it is a television that has internet access. It allows users to watch videos from YouTube and channels from the likes of Netflix and Hulu. The TV also has access to live news networks like CNN, which allow you to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world without having a cable subscription. All of these features can be accessed through a modern television’s built-in browser or apps from an app store such as Android. 

TVs have been getting smarter and smarter and are now more than just a simple device to watch your favorite shows. Smart TVs offer you the ability to watch and interact with your favorite programs and channels through their internet connection. These televisions also offer you the ability to play games, access social media sites, and even do some light browsing. 

TV has been around for decades, but with the introduction of smart TV, many have made the switch to a new way of watching their favorite show. What exactly is a smart TV? A smart TV can be anything from a regular TV with a built-in wifi connection to a television running a specialized operating system on an Internet-connected device. It offers so much more than just the ability to watch content via apps and streaming services.

What Is Apple TV?

What Is Apple TV

Apple TV is a device that connects to your TV and allows you to download apps from the App Store, stream videos from other non-Apple devices, and watch streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Apple TV also incorporates Siri into its interface so that you can talk to it and tell it what you want it to do.

There’s a lot more to Apple TV than just streaming Netflix and Hulu. Apple TV is a set-top box that connects your television and your Internet connection, making it the perfect platform to play all of your favorite movies, music, and games. You can also use it to watch live sports and news or chat with friends on FaceTime.

Apple TV is a device that allows users to access digital content from various sources. It can be used in conjunction with an Apple TV and apps such as Netflix and Hulu. The service functions to provide high-definition content, which can be streamed via an app on the user’s smartphone or tablet. This device can connect with compatible televisions to stream video and audio content using a wireless connection.

10 Differences Between Smart TV VS Apple TV

1. You can use your smart TV to watch TV or movies, check out the latest news or series, play games, and surf the web

2. While Apple TV can be used as a streaming media player

3. Both have a built-in media player

4. Both connect to the internet for streaming content

5. Both support apps for an enhanced viewing experience

6. Both support movie, TV, and music streaming services

7. Both support wireless and ethernet connections

8. Both support HDMI and USB connections

Interesting Statistics Or Facts Of Smart TV

1. The number of people who purchase smart TV’s is rising

2. Viewers are more likely to choose a program based on recommendations from friends and family

3. More people are watching on the internet than ever before

4. The majority of people who watch TV are doing so on a Smart TV

5. The new Netflix shows are available on Smart TV’s

6. The smart TV market is growing and is likely to hit $41 billion by 2021

7. The average age of the first time buyer is 37

8. Smart TVs are becoming the preferred choice for many

Interesting Statistics Or Facts Of Apple TV

1. Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed and developed by Apple Inc

2. It connects to the TV and enables users to play content from the internet

3. In a January 2014 survey conducted by ComScore, it was reported that Apple TV has led the market in terms of ownership in the U.S.

4. In 2013, Apple TV had an estimated market share of 75% in the over-the-top (OTT) device category

5. In the first quarter of 2014, Apple TV sold 5.4 million units

6. It is also estimated that over 1.3 billion movies and TV episodes were purchased from the iTunes store

7. In a study conducted by Nielsen report in July 2013, it was reported that Apple


In conclusion, there are many differences between a smart TV and Apple TV. This article has discussed some of the most important ones. When it comes down to it, both devices have their advantages and disadvantages. You should make your choice based on your specific needs and wants without looking towards others for help.

The tech world is constantly changing, so there are bound to be more technological advances shortly. Who knows what the next big tech device will be.