Bose Headsets|Guide to charge

When it comes to Headphones, users love Bose Headsets over all other alternatives. The superlative sound quality of these headsets, its excellent noise cancellation feature and other unique properties that you will not find in other headphones. Here is your guide about charging the Bose Headphones. 

How to charge Bose Headsets?

Charging Bose Headsets is not a big deal, and you can accomplish this task, without facing hassles and hardships. You need to perform the following actions: 

  • You need to plug the small terminal of the USB Cable into one Micro-USB Connector. It would help if you connected it through the right ear cup of the Headset. 
  • The other terminal of the USB Cable should get connected into a Personal Computer or a USB Wall Charger after you have powered it on. 
  • It usually takes 3 to 4 hours for Bose Headphones Battery to gain the optimum charging. After the full load, the Headset keeps operating consistently for 15 hours. If you charge the battery for 15/20 minutes, you can coherently use it for up to 2 hours. 

Keep in mind that you can not make the Headset to play while charging it. You will find the battery indicator emitting an amber glow for the time you keep the headset charging. After it gets charged ultimately, you will see the indicator glowing green. It is a simple way to ensure that the Bose Headphone is ready to serve you for hours. 

It would help if you kept the Headset optimally charged. It is for a reason, if the Headset is not charged ultimately, it becomes tough to connect it with a source device via Bluetooth. It so happens as the Headset will tend to turn off the Bluetooth while running on low power to nullify the excess power consumption. 

Is it possible to charge iPhone Charger and Bose Headset at the same time?

You can quickly charge the Bose Headset and the iPHone Charger at the same time if you use a 5V DC power supply for charging these devices. Alternatively, you can use the Apple USB charger to materialize this plan. 

What if a user overcharges the Bose Headset?

It would be best if you never charged the Bose Headset more than overnight. These headsets come with a default shut-off feature that will automatically stop charging the Headset, once it has acquired the optimum charging. The charger will start charging the battery, only after it drops down a specific level. It is for this feature that the Bose Headset stands no chance to catch damage due to overcharging. 

Can a headset ever explode in the ear?

After the Lithium-Ion batteries cross its lifetime, it tends to swell up/. It paves the way for messy raptures to appear. If the condition turns the worst, it is likely to trigger a fire. In case you find your headphones swelling up, you should dispose-off the Headset immediately. Consider that the chances of the Headphone Battery explode, even if the bare minimum, is not entirely ruled out. As such, please keep monitoring the batteries from time to time. 

Is it the right approach to sleep with the Headsets on your ears?

It is one instance that happens to the majority of the users very often—sleeping with the active headsets on the ears. At the same time, sleeping is not at all solicited. It is likely to trigger permanent damage to the ears. Permanent Hearing Loss, excessive ear wax accumulation, and skin Necrosis are some of the frequently observed instances that are likely to appear in these situations. Therefore, you must take off the Headset from your ears before going to sleep. 

Some of the best Bose Headset Models worthy to try                              

Bose Headphone ModelKey Features
Bose QC35 Series II                                 It  above-par noise cancellation property, and the compact design ensures the optimum comfort for users. The best part about this model its that it offers natural and excellent audio output. You will find this Headset the perfect choice to be used during travelling
Bose QC20It is meant for Apple Devices, and users appreciate the excellent noise cancellation feature of this Headset. You can connect this Headset with the majority of the device available in modern times. As reviews suggest, users will never experience the typical ear-suck problem, using this Headset.   
Bose QC30This model features a collar-style design that ensures that users can carry this Headset most conveniently. You will undoubtedly appreciate the extended battery life and its excellent noise cancellation feature. However, some users did not like the hard plastic collar as it makes it difficult for the users to use the Headset for a long time.