Best Vintage Headphones In 2021: Unique Old School Look Devices!

We’ve all heard that old is gold, and vintage headphones have proven to be a good example.   Get yourself one of the six reviewed vintage headphones like Sony MDR7506, AKG Pro Audio K240, and Koss Pro-4AA. They are always trendy, and it doesn’t matter what the current trend is. Maybe that’s the reason why vintage headphones are still in demand.

Some of the distinctive materials visible on vintage headphones include leather and metallic parts. Several manufacturers incorporate wood design into the body to further enhance the headphones old school persona. However, with the advanced technology and market demand, some features are being changed and improved. Besides the attempt to change their physical appearance, the insides of these models are very modern. In other terms, current headphones are a combination of sophisticated audio quality and vintage body. These headphones are suitable for casual listeners, audiophiles, and both men and women.

Truly, vintage headphones will forever remain in our hearts. While other pairs of headphones age, look old or have a worn-out appearance. Retro vintage headphones are timeless and maintain their classic silhouette. It seems like the retro 80s music, the 90s fashion, and different iconic eras never go out of style.

Well, if you are here, it means you also want to experience these feelings. Our article will be looking at the top six best vintage headphones in the market currently. Keep on reading and get yourself a perfect pair. 

What Are The Best Vintage Headphones?

Editor’s Choice – AKG Pro Audio K240

The overall, stylish and retro-looking with golden accents, amazing sound quality, and comfort make it an incredible model. These semi-open over-ear headphones deliver a wide dynamic range and higher sensitivity.

Perfect For Professional Use – Sony MDR7506

For professionals who need to get the best sound out of their equipment as they deal with audio production daily, Sony MDR-7506 will be the perfect option. The model has become the industry standard. You’ll easily find them in the recording studio, production, and newsrooms.

Advanced Wireless Model – Marshall Major 111 Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

If you are looking for wireless vintage headphones with incredible technology, then your search is over. Apart from its fast-rate sounds, the model combines Bluetooth aptX technology to give you 30-hour fantastic moments. 

Durable  Koss Pro-4AA

These headphones are built with maximum durability. Typically, it offers you a durable steel and generously padded rubber headband. Also, it comes with adjustable slide bars that give a snug fit.

High Premium Model- Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 600

These headphones feature open mesh grilles, which deliver an extremely transparent sound. It has an advanced diaphragm design that eliminates standing sound. Moreover, it has a computer-optimized magnet system that helps to minimize intermodulation and harmonic distortion. Its cost is worth the value.

Affordable – Jlab Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones

Jlab rewind is one of the great pairs of pocket-friendly vintage headphones you could ever ask for. The lightweight model is comfy and can be worn for a longer period. They also offer long battery life and decent sound.

Comparison Table For The Best Vintage Headphones

Product NameBest forWeightOuncesConnectivityFrequency response
AKG Pro Audio K240Overall 8.5wired15Hz to 5kHz
Sony MDR7506Professional use8wired10Hz to 20kHz
Marshall Major 111 Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear HeadphonesAdvanced wireless model6.3wireless20Hz to 20kHz
Koss Pro-4AADurable1.5 poundswired10-25,00 Hz, 
Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 600High Premium9.1wired12-39,000 Hz
Jlab Rewind Wireless Retro HeadphonesAffordable4.2wireless20Hz to 20 kHz

Best Vintage Headphones 2021 Reviews

With the several vintage headphones in the market, it can be hard to make a final decision. But, don’t worry; we made it all easier for you. Below we discuss the details of each of the six great vintage headphones that is worth your money. Go through and pick one that suits your needs and style. 

AKG Pro Audio K240 – Editors Choice

Key Features

1. Semi-open over-ear design

2. XXL Transducers with Varimotion Diaphragm

3. 30mm dynamic drivers

4. It has a robust, wired connection

Product Specs

Dimension 4.3 x 7.48 x 7.87 inches
Weight 8.5ounces  
Item model numberK240STUDIO
Material TypeStainless Steel
Fit typeOver-Ear

1. Comfortable headband with suspension

2. Interchangeable parts

3. Rugged construction

4. It’s suitable for professional use


1. Lacks a microphone

The AKG K240 studio headphones are the improved version of the classic AKG K240 monitor. But, it’s sound and builds is still a drawback to that classic pair introduced first in the mid-70s. The retro-looking with golden accent model is very comfortable and has an amazing sound quality.

This semi-open unit delivers a wide dynamic range and higher sensitivity. It comes with Circumaural and the latest XXX transducers that are tuned acoustically. Also, enjoy a well-balanced, smooth, solid bass, accurate mids, and highs. You can wear them for longer hours because they are lightweight.

Additionally, these headphones are equipped with an adjustable, non-twisting headband as well as replaceable Earpads. AKG K240 builds rugged, making them very sturdy and long-lasting to handle rough usage on the road. Frequency response is from 15Hz to 5kHz, and the sensitivity of 104Db. These headphones models have an impedance of 55 ohms.

Sony MDR7506- Perfect For Professional Use

Key Features

1. 40mm drivers for powerful and detailed sound

2. Foldable

3. 9.8-foot cord

4. It’s a closed-back design

5. Impressive mids and highs

Product Specs

Dimension 1 x 1 x1 inches
Weight 8 ounces  
Item model numberMDR7506
Fit typeOver-Ear

1. Great battery life

2. Good sound for mixing.

3. Foldable

4. Comfortable


1. Its long cord can be annoying and difficult to replace.

2. Plastic structure

Once you put them on, you’ll never want to take them off. The model offers crystal clear and precious sounds. This all-black model comes with a closed-ear design. They are making it easier on your ears and super comfortable on your head. Furthermore, its headband is padded with super comfy materials. These headphones are made with leather and plastic construction.

For decades, Sony MDR7506 has become the industry standard. You’ll always find this pair of headphones in Recording studios, production, and newsrooms. This lightweight headphone is extremely high-quality. These foldable headphones have rugged construction.

Additionally, these incredible models boast 40mm, Neodynamic drivers with a frequency response ranging from 10Hz to 20kHz and an impedance level of 63 ohms. Plus, 106dB, sensitivity. Several audiophiles are mostly impressed by the model-emphasized mids and highs.

Marshall Major 111 Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones- Advanced Wireless Model

Key Features

1. 40mm dynamic drivers

2. Bluetooth aptX

3. Control knob

Product Specs

Dimension 6.3 x 6.3 x3.4 inches
Weight 6.3 ounces  
Item model number4092186
Fit typeOn-Ear

1. It offers thirty hours plus of wireless music playtime.

2. Comes with a multidirectional control knob

3. Custom-tuned drivers

4. Great vintage style


1. The model lacks noise isolation features.

The model is designed with Marshall’s signature script and brass details on a black vinyl body.  It is made of heavy-duty cast metal hinges and rugged. At the same time, the headband is padded with a very soft cushion that will not pinch your head. This headphone is designed as an over-ear style, which offers a comfortable fit for anyone who wears it.

Apart from its impressive built, this headphone features a multidirectional knob where you can play, pause, shuffle and adjust the audio volume. These closed-back models also feature 40mm dynamic drivers that have been custom-tuned. The monitor produces a balanced sound, i.e., between clarity and bass.

Bluetooth aptX and Hi-Fi prowess give users over 30 hours of excellent audio. To recharge the battery takes you three hours only. Frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz, and the sensitivity of 92dB, while the impedance level is 28 ohms. You will get a detachable 3.5mm cord, a USB charging cable, plus a canvas carrying bag if you purchase this model.

Koss Pro-4AA -Durable

Key Features

1. Built for maximum durability

2. 8-foot coiled cord with 6.3 mm (¼ inches) plug.

3. Superior noise isolation

Product Specs

Dimension 9.45 x 9.45 x4.09 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds 
Item model numberPRO/4AA
Manufacturer / BrandKoss
Fit typeOver-Ear

1. Excellent noise isolation

2. Comfortable

3. Suitable for studio use

4. It comes with microphone mount hardware

5. Offers maximum bass


1. No built-in EQ

2. The built quality is not that great

Koss Pro-4AA is among the first dynamic headphones to deliver true high fidelity performance and full frequency with superior noise-isolating capabilities. This model is perfect for both professional and audiophiles who like clean and clear sound.

Additionally, it comes with a standard-setting design that incorporates performance-enhancing technology. The model offers a durable and generously padded rubber headband. Plus, adjustable slide bars ensure a snug fit. Included is an 8-foot coiled cord with a 6.3 mm (¼ inches) plug. The wired-type headphones feature a unique design with olive color. Contrary to other models, its built are not that rugged.

It has a frequency response of 10-25,00 Hz, 95dB, sensitivity, and an impedance level of 250 ohms.

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 600- High Premium Model

Key Features

1. Neodymium ferrous magnet drivers

2. Detachable OFC copper cable.

3. Circumaural

4. Frequency response of 12-39,000 Hz

Product Specs

Dimension 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Weight 9.1 ounces  
Item model number4465
BrandSennheiser Pro
Fit typeOver-Ear

1. Clean and clear sound

2. Sophisticated design

3. It comes with detachable cables

4. It is optimized for minimum distortion


1. Lack a microphone

Sennheiser HD600 open back headphone is an audiophile-grade dynamic hi-fi professional stereo model. The model advanced diaphragm design eliminates standing waves. Which results in a clean and clear sound.

These headphones feature high-quality open mesh grilles that deliver extremely transparent sound. Moreover, they have a computer-optimized magnet system that helps in minimizing intermodulation and harmonic distortion. Additionally, this pretty lightweight model comes with an aluminum voice coil that gives an excellent transient response.

Interestingly, its Neodymium ferrous magnet system ensures optimum sensitivity plus great dynamic response. Along with that, the unit comes with a detachable, Kevlar-reinforced, OFC copper cable. Sennheiser HD 600 is optimized for minimum distortion, and it also features Open-Air speakers for natural listening experience. Its frequency response ranges from 12-39,000 Hz.

Jlab Rewind Wireless Retro Headphones- Affordable 

Key Features

1. EQ3 sounds

2. Long-life battery

3. 36mm drivers

Product Specs

Dimension 5.91 x 1.06 x3.54 inches
Weight 4.2 ounces  
Item model number812887016773
Fit typeOver-The-Ear

1. Great audio quality

2. Comfortable

3. Pocket friendly

4. Lightweight

5. Low charging time


1. Lack volume control

2. Not suitable for glasses wearers

These types of headphones are available in four pretty colors, and they have a fantastic run time of 12 hours. Enjoy great music while doing your chores, even at 30 feet away. Besides, these retro headphones are well-padded with soft and comfy materials.

They are pocket-friendly and super lightweight, making them an absolute bang for the buck. Furthermore, Jlab headphones boast a unique EQ3 sound setting, making them outstanding models in the market. 

It’s has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20 kHz and a driver sensitivity of 99dB, while the impedance level is 32 ohms.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Vintage Headphones

Vintage headphones never get old, but still, you should make sure to get the most out of your money. Moreover, all vintage headphones aren’t equally the same. There are those considered bad, good, great, and the best ones. Then once we have rated in our articles are among the best vintage model in the market. Some of the things  you should consider while buying the best retro vintage headphones;


It’s no secret; all of us love having fancy headphones models. S0, the first thing that will separate vintage headphones from the rest is the design. These models look old school, and most of them made from plastic, leather, wood, and metal. They lack sharp angles like how most modern models do. Generally, these headphones have a unique look that makes them feel like they were created decades ago, although they’re anything but that inside.


Sometimes it’s hard to determine the headphone’s comfort, especially if you are shopping online unless now you walk straight into a shop. However, nowadays, you can read online reviews like this of the vintage headphones you are eyeing.

You can either go for on-ear or over-ear vintage headphones. On-ear models sit directly on your ear while covering a part of it. Similarly, over-ear models cover your ears completely like ear muffs. The two have varying degrees of comfort depending on personal levels. Although, on average over-ear models seems comfortable than their counterparts.

Sound Quality

Although the design is a priority, so is the audio performance. It’s a non-negotiable feature that you should be concern about. Some people like a clear, crisp, full sound, while others are content with a more natural tone. Whichever the case, your vintage headphones should be able to generate a high-resolution sound, closely similar to modern models. Even though most vintage headphones sound good as they took the audio quality seriously back then, we don’t want surprises.


Unfortunately, not all vintage models are made similarly. To ensure that your model gives you long service, look for a headphone made of high-quality materials.  Look for that vintage element like leather, wood; metal is lasting material. Although it might be difficult to get the same quality as the older models in this era, it’s not impossible.


You can either get wireless, wired, or both vintage headphones. Some people prefer wired over wireless, although it’s a personal preference. But, if you can bring a vintage headphone, the better since you can enjoy the convenience of having both.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do You Mean By Vintage Headphones?

The vintage headphone is those designed in the 70s, 80, or 90s era. Generally, they are made of materials like leather, wood, or metal. In other words, any headphones with old school vibe are typically referred to as vintage headphones.

2. Why Should I Get Vintage Headphones?

Well, vintage models not only look incredible but sound awesome too. Moreover, they boast unique extra features. You are making them suitable for any kind of activity and perfect for everyday use. You can’t go wrong with them.

3. Can I Get Durable And Affordable Vintage Headphones?

Definitely, yes! We have several vintage models out there. But, just like other headphones, you have to consider certain features before making the final decision. Continue searching, until you get your preferable model that is durable and cheaper. The model reviewed in this article are durable and pocket friendly; go through the list and pick a suitable one.

4. What Are The Best Brands For The Best Vintage Headphones?

Since these kinds of headphones are different from your regular ones, not all your favorite brands manufacture them. But all the same, some of the top manufacturers in the industry, like Sony, Marshall, Koss, etc., produce them.


So, those are some of the best vintage headphones currently available in the market. But, if you are still confused about making the final decision, we recommend AKG Pro Audio K240 or Marshall Major 111 Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Both of these headphones offer excellent quality and a great vintage look. Along with that, both models offer great comfort. Plus, there are quite many other features that you get to achieve on both models. One of the headphones is wireless, and the other one is wired. So, you can pick either of the two according to your needs. With this pair of vintage, it will tell people of your refined taste in choosing a headphone.