Best Headphone Extension Cables For Guaranteed Sound Quality

A good headphone extension cable should give you more than just comfort. To get the best, pay attention to the build and pick one that suits your preference. Dukabel 8541765799, GE 33612, Pig Hog PHX14-10, and KabelDirekt 373 are some of the headphones extension cables that won’t disappoint

Chances are, you have a good pair of headphones already, which is why you are looking for a headphone extension cable. Your headphones are great in sound reproduction, and you need a device that delivers exact or even better audio output. 

A good headphone extension cable should carry sound without altering the quality of the source. Therefore, a superior product with a remarkable design and features such as length, compatibility, plating, the material of the build, among others, is what you need.

There are thousands of headphone extension cables in the market, and getting one with all the right details might be troublesome. However, don’t worry; we have done the legwork for you. 

Here we present the 6 best headphone extension cables worth your money. Each of them is reviewed in detail, and the buyer’s guide is provided to help you make an informed decision.  

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What Are The Best Headphone Extension Cables?

First, we will provide a summary of the best headphone extension cables in the market. Then, we have briefly discussed each product and have indicated what every extension cable is best for.

Dukabel Headphone Extension Cable: Best Overall

The crystal-nylon braiding covering on this cable is strong and can stand up to any handling, such as bending, twisting, and crushing. It possesses a blend of visual and tactile quality, which together create a distinctive and durable cable. In addition, it has triple-layered shielding, which helps in keeping out unwanted interference. It also works with most microphones without reducing sound quality. 

GE Universal Audio Extension Kit: Best Unique

This coiled and thickly insulated cable has a stretching limit of up to 18 feet. It is coiled with tension that is not slack, therefore enough to stretch without jerking you back. 

Pig Hog Headphone Extension Cable: Best For Studio Use

This cable has a super thick PVC sleeve that resists tangling, accidentally yanking out, and twisting. Audio comes through this 10-footer extension cable, the source loud and clear. There also is no interference and minimal to zero distortional.

KabelDirekt Headphone Extension Cable: Best Sound Quality

24k gold-plated connectors fit tightly fit into any 3.5mm jack. Its cable is coated; therefore, audio remains clear even with lengthier models. In order to protect your sound from interference, this cable has three oxygen-free copper wires inside and doubles shielding.

Cable Creation Headphone Extension Cable: Best Versatile

This male-to-female stereo audio extension cable comes in multiple lengths. Audio cable is angled at 90 degrees, so it is great for tight spaces and areas that are hard to reach.

Ruaeoda Headphone Extension Cable: Best Durable

This has a line diameter for the auxiliary cable, the 24AWG cable more than industry standard, more durable than other 30AWG cables. Its foil and braid are shielded and a metal wire braid on the inside, making it resistant to pull and drag but flexible. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Headphone Extension Cables

This chart gives you an overview of the best headphone extension cables.

Best  Headphone Extension Cables Best forCable TypeCable DesignWeight LengthColor
Dukabel Headphone Extension CableExtended useUse in any environmentInterference cancellation3.5 mmCrystal-nylon braided0.81 ounces4 feet/8 feet/16 feet/ 26 feetGrey
GE Universal Audio Extension KitShared audioComfortUse in any environmentSporting and exercise3.5mmCoiled4 ounces18 feetBlack
Pig Hog Headphone Extension CableStage performanceRecording studio3.55 mmTough PVC sleeve4.2 ounces10 feetGrey
KabelDirekt Headphone Extension CableCrystal clear signal qualityStereo audio3.55Ultra-flexible PVC jacket0.81 ounces3 feet/6 feet/10 feet/15 feet/20 feet/25 feetBlack
Cable Creation Headphone Extension CableSaving spaceFlexibilityStereo audioAll headset functions3.55 mmNylon braided jacket0.64 ounces1.5 feet/3 feet/6 feet/10 feetBlack/white
Ruaeoda Headphone Extension CableCompatibilityLong-distance3.5 mmBraided TPE3.52 ounces2Pack 1 foot/8 feet/12 feet/ 15 feet/ 20 feet/25 feet/30 feet/40 feet/50 feet/100 feetBlue braidWhite

Best Headphone Extension Cables Reviews in 2021

After keen research, we have provided a detailed review of every product in this list in the following section. Specific information about each product’s features, product specifications, pros, and cons will help you make an informed decision.

Dukabel Headphone Extension Cable: Best Overall

Key Features

1. 24k gold plated contacts

2. Nylon-braided cover

3. Snugly fit design

4. Oxygen-free copper wiring

5. Triple shielding jacket

6. Tinned 99.7% OFC conductor

Product Specs

Dimension 6.1 x 3.78 x 0.51 inches
Weight 1.44 ounces
Cable typeAuxiliary
Connector type3.5mm
Cable length16ft and 26 ft.
Number of colors 1

1. Corrosion-resistant contacts

2. Triple shielding for maximum noise reduction

3. Has an OFC conductor for maximum signal strength

4. Improved flexibility

5. Low electrical resistance

6. Durable


1. It does not work for iPhone/Apple when used for microphone input

2. Only work for TRRS microphone for chatting 

Oxygen-free copper wiring guarantees that a connection will be clear and have sound quality for a very long period. This is a feature that is guaranteed in the Dukabel headphone extension cable. Its connectors are made from 24k gold therefore incorruptible by corrosion.

It has a triple shielding that runs through the entire cable length to eliminate as much unwanted noise as possible. It also works with any audio component ranging from car radios, phones, computers, speakers, p3 players, and more. 

Lastly, a 3.55mm connector on the Dukabel headphone extension cable features a ‘step-down’ ring on the firm jack. This allows plugs to be firmly and fully seated even when bulky protective cases are used. In addition, the 3.5mm male-to-female stereo audio cable is universally compatible. You also get a 12-months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

GE Universal Audio Extension Kit: Best Unique

Key Features

1. Coiled 3.5mm extension cable

2. 3.5mm female to ¼” male plug

3. Headphone Y splitter

Product Specs

Dimensions1 x3.5 x 7 inches
Cable typeAuxiliary cable
Weight 11.64 ounces
Connector type3.55mm jack
Number of colors 1

1. Tangle-free coiled design

2. Compatible with audio devices with a 3.5 mm jack

3. Extends up to 18 feet in length

4. Lifetime limited warranty


1. It doesn’t work with headsets with microphones

GE Universal Audio extension kit extends the length and flexibility of your audio device without altering its premium sound quality. The thickly insulated cable extends up to 18 feet, making it easier for you to use and reach any environment type. You can connect headphones or a 3.5mm cable to stereo systems, amplifiers, or other ¼ inch enabled devices.

While using one 3.5mm port to output audio, you can rely on GE Universal Audio Extension Kit to help you share entertainment on the go. The kit features a 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm Y splitter, enabling you to achieve this.

Carrying the item is also not an issue, and it weighs 4 ounces only. Furthermore, the tangle-free coiled design makes storage stress-free. 

Lastly, this product doesn’t work with microphones but maintains sonic quantity for home entertainment and music.

Pig Hog Headphone Extension Cable: Best For Studio Use

Key Features

1. 10 feet in length

2. Extra thick cable

3. TRS to 3.5mm female to TRS 3.5mm male

Product Specs

Dimension 6 x 1 x 6 inches
Weight 4.2 ounces
Connector type3.5mm jack
Number of colors 1

1. Heavy-duty molded connectors for durability

2. No loss of sound quality

3. Tough PVC sleeves resist tangling and kinks


1. Female connector internal frays complaints

Pig Hog Extension Cable is designed to solve common interface problems. It is ideal for stage performance needs such as ear monitors and recording studios. You get to move around with ease while hearing yourself due to its 10-feet length. This cable is also made of an extra-thick tough PVC sleeve that can stand up to tangles and kinks. 

The sound reproduction of the audio source is quality; therefore, audio reproduced will not have any coloration or distortion. Heavy-duty molded connectors festered further enhance the good quality as it does not alter with your music flow. Finally, Pig Hog Extension Cable comes with a limited lifetime warranty to give you confidence when ordering the product. 

KabelDirekt Headphone Extension Cable: Best Sound Quality

Key Features

1. Gold plated connectors

2. Metal sleeve

3. Male to female stereo

4. PVC jacket

Product Specs

Dimension 12.09 x 10.2 x 7.2 inches
Cable type Auxiliary
Weight 2.12 ounces
Number of colors 1

1. Tight connections

2. Ultra-flexible PVC jacket

3. Available in different sizes

4. Durable built 


1. Complaints of audio breaking up on one channel after months of extended use

Kabeldirekt extension cables offer extensive compatibility with a maximum build and quality. It features end-to-end shielding and gold-plated connectors to deliver crystal clear signal quality that has not been altered from the audio source.

The PVC jacket prevents the cable from knotting itself up. In fact, the build quality and sound reproduction challenge some of the higher-priced models at a fraction of the cost. In addition, its elastic kink protection is flexible; it can be bent in any direction without breakage.

Finally, 36 months manufacturer warranty indicates quality assurance. 

Cable Creation Headphone Extension Cable: Best Versatile

Key Features

1. Right angle design

2. Durable PVC connection

3. 24k gold plated connector

4. The aluminum alloy shell case

5. 10000 bend lifespan

Product Specs

Dimension 1.57 x 0.2x 3.54 inches
Cable type Auxiliary
Weight 0.704 ounces
Connector type3.5mm
Number of colors 1

1. Perfect for permanently mounted solutions

2. Lightweight

3. Available in several lengths

4. Flexible and durable

5. Supports microphone function


1. One channel breaking complaint

With Cable Creation Headphone Extension Cable, you can choose a perfect option as they are available in 1.5ft, 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, and 15ft. In addition, all of them feature a 90-degree angle on the connector, which helps release strain to avoid cable breaking.

The cable is also covered with a soft tangle-free nylon braided jacket. This makes it resilient, lacks snagging, bending and is not easy to tangle or crease. Its gentle nature, however, does not make it less durable. Nonetheless, the 24k gold plated connector, solid aluminum shell case, enameled wire, and TPE materials used are all long-lasting.

Finally, this cable is great for both extending and protecting the audio jack of your devices. 

Ruaeoda Headphone Extension Cable: Best Durable

Key Features

1. TPE durable material

2. Braided tangle-free cord and ladder design

3. Gold plated connectors

6. Bare copper connectors

Product Specs

Dimension 16 x14x 10 inches
Fit type Over-ear
Weight 14.07 ounces
Frequency response8 Hz-55 kHz
Number of colors 2

1. Great sound quality

2. Waterproof

3. Lightweight

4. No driver is required


1. It does not work with microphones and other inline volume control on the headphone

A combination of corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors, gold-plated connectors, and foil and braid shielding gives Ruaeoda Headphone Extension Cable great performance and error-free audio transmission. It is perfect for adding more length to a device when existing cables are too short or nonexistent. 

Ruaeoda Headphone Extension Cable is available in different lengths, the longest one being 100 feet. So, you get to choose one of your preferences as they are compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm aux port.

Things To Look For Hen Buying The Best Headphones Extension Cables (Buyer’s Guide)

Even the cheapest headphone extension cable in the market will reproduce sound from the audio source to the listener. This is because their components are designed to carry sound, but their sound quality will likely be low, and they might not last long. Getting a good extension cable, not necessarily expensive, is therefore crucial. 

Consider following before settling on a specific headphone extension cable:


It is probably the top reason you are looking for a headphone extension cable; therefore, getting an extension cable that suits your needs is vital. Most cables have a minimum of a few feet suitable for use from your head to your pockets. For home or studio use, however, you will need one that allows you to move around with ease. 


The compatibility of an extension cable with your headphones is vital. Getting one that doesn’t use a microphone and volume controls might not suit your every desired need. Most cables use 3.5mm input and output jacks and are compatible with most devices. A plug is another key feature. One at 90 degrees helps avoid wear and tear on the input. The chances of pulling it out by mistake are very minimal compared to a straight plug.

External Materials

Material like nylon is less likely to tangle when in your pocket or purse. In addition, buying a tangle-free extension cable will save you the trouble of untangling every time you need to use it.

Internal Materials And Components

Oxygen-free copper is one of the best conductors. Gold plated connectors produce great sound quality and are designed to last. Gold is also resistant to corrosion and serves more purpose on the exterior of a, depending on your priority, choose the most ideal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Headphone Extension Cables Affect Sound Quality?

Whether headphone extension cables affect sound quality or not depends on their length. When the sound is traveling through longer cables, you might notice performance degradation. Bass waves may be a little or less, and the highs normalcy might be affected too.

2. How Long Can A 3.5 mm Audio Cable Be?

A 3.5 mm audio cable has a distance of 150′ on average. However, it is possible to exceed this distance by a custom-making cable that’s thicker than usual. 

Final Word

A good pair of headphones deserve an even greater extension cable. Having reached this far, you now have six of the best headphone extension cables there are in the market. The provided options feature everything you are looking for in an extension cable. This includes length, tangle-free, durability, and maintenance of sound quality.

Out of the six, my top pick is the Dukabel headphone extension cable. It has oxygen-free copper that guarantees clear connection and sound quality for an extended period. In addition, it is designed with 24k gold plated connectors, therefore incorruptible by corrosion. 

It also features a triple shielding that runs through the entire cable length. This ensures unwanted noise is not part of your audio. Dukabel headphone extension cable works with audio components ranging from car radios, phones, computers, speakers, p3 players, and more. 

Lastly, a 3.55mm connector on the Dukabel headphone extension cable features a ‘step-down’ ring on the firm jack. This allows plugs to be firmly and fully seated even when bulky protective cases are used. 

However, all the listed headphone extension cables have good sound quality maintenance, are durable, and offer you the comfort you desire. Any option you pick will therefore serve you effectively.