Best EDM Headphones Perfect For Any Aficionado! (Detail Review And Buyer’s Guide)

The best EDM headphones allow you to hear a single sound filter, effects, and beats of your favorite songs. It also enables DJ’s play songs in the correct progression and the producer to match or hear various sounds simpler.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a popular genre nowadays in mainstream culture and no longer an underground sound. And, the EDM is now a more sensible pointer to the point that the headphones models have been developed.

EDM headphones are usually made electronically and mainly without a pure melodic instrument, giving an excellent and high-sounding sound. When it comes to producing music, such devices are fabulous, helpful, and make your work easier. Any EDM enthusiast who loves to hear each and avert single sound filter, effects, and beat from favorite songs, therefore, needs to get one of the best EDM headphones reviewed here.

Here we go!

What Are The Top Six Best Headphones To Consider In 2021?

Top Six Best Headphones To Consider

We did thorough research and compiled a list of the top six models for you, and we are confident that one of them will fit your needs. So take your time to read through and pick a suitable unit. 

But, first, have a preview of the comparison table below:

Best EDM Headphones Comparison Table

ProductWeightBattery Best 
Bose QuietComfort 35 II 8.3 ounces1 LR44 battery needed  ( included)Overall
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X 10.1 ounces1 Lithium polymer neededPortable 
Beryerdynamic DT 99010.4 ouncesWiredVersatile
Sony WH1000XM39 ouncesOne lithium polymer batteries required (includedDurable 
No products found.9.9 ouncesOne lithium polymer batteries neededValue
Sennheiser Pro Audio HD280PRO1.21 pounds1 Lithium Polymer batteries needed Very lightweight

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Best Overall 

Bose is among the top brand in the industry that consistently innovates. The brand has produced Bose QuietComfort 35 II, the best wireless headphones we have tested so far, and emerges as our top pick. These Bluetooth over-ever headphones are comfortable and lightweight. The well-built model is made with premium quality, with easy-to-use physical control, which allows you to access more commands.

Combining a modern Bluetooth connection, strong bass, and prolonged battery life makes them outstanding. Interestingly the Bose connect app gives you a chance to adjust the audio profile to the music genre of your choice. Typically, you can change the mid-tones, bases, plus highlights to get electronic dance music to your entire life. You can also check battery life and manage Bluetooth connection via the app.

As if those are not enough, the active noise cancellation featured here is the best there is worldwide. There is a chance to switch in between three ANC setting that suit your environment. However, it’s advisable to lower ANC when you’re not in a noisy environment since this reduces battery life. Furthermore, the function enables you to enjoy the small details of EDM without ambient noises.


1. The model is an Alexa-enabled device for voice access to music and other  information

2. Bose AR-enable.

3. The model offers balanced audio performance at different volumes.

4. It comes with a three-level premium noise cancellation for a more excellent listening experience.

5. Twenty hours per charge and modern Bluetooth connection.

6. Durable battery life


1. Slightly expensive

2. Loud sounds still pass, so it’s not 100% effective.

Product Specs

Product Dimension3.2 × 6.7 × 7.1inches
Item Weight8.3 ounces
Item Model Number789564-0010
Batteries1 LR44 battery needed ( included)
ManufacturerBose Corporation

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X: Best portable option 

Just as the name suggests, ATH-M50X professional studio monitor headphones receive recognition by top audio engineers and everyday users as an engineering marvel. The model comes with 40mm drivers plus copper-clad aluminum wires for excellent audio quality. The model also features an over-the-ear design with cups that swivel and fold. That means it’s travel-friendly because it’s foldable. 

Durability is also assured by a metal headband and rigid plastic ear cups. The model cups come with thick padding meaning they are gentle on the ears. They are three removable cables included for multiple listening choices. Besides, the device ear cups have a 90-degree swivel for one-ear monitoring.


1. It comes in multiple colors one can choose.

2. Apparent sounds

3. Earcups can be detached and replaced if need be.

4. Collapsible design for easy carry


1. Slightly expensive

2. Lack of active noise cancellation and it doesn’t offer from the sounds around.

Product Information

Product Dimension11.4 × 10 × 4.1inches
Item Weight10.1ounces
Item Model NumberATH-M50X
Batteries1 Lithium polymer needed 

Beryerdynamic DT 990: Best Versatile option 

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or amateur, you will love these headphones with fantastic quality. The model comes with current audio output with an open–back design suitable for editing, mastering, mixing, home use, and even studio work. It generates a broader soundstage as well.

They are made using premium material, thus making them durable and long-lasting. The model is wired with a 3m cable and 3.5mm mini-jack on end, making its design standard yet straightforward. As well, the earpads are large, and you’ll wear them over-ears to deliver high-quality sounds straight without losing them. The device is among the powerful ones as it has an impedance of 2500hms.


1. More comprehensive sound frequency response.

2. It comes together with ¼ inch screw-on adapter.

3. Earpads are made with soft materials making them comfortable to wear.

4. The large ear pads are perfect for people with large size of sizes.


1. Due to high impedance, you might need an additional amplifier for better sound quality.

2. The inbuilt wire doesn’t allow you to detach it if you want.

Product Specs

Product Dimension8.7 ×  4.7× 9.1 inches
Item Weight10.4 ounces
Item Model NumberB07KFN5EE4

Sony WH1000XM3: Best Durable EDM headphones  

With Sony WH1000XM3, you don’t worry whether the wired or wireless model is better than the other one. Since you can connect it with a wire for quality sounds and use it in a wireless mode whenever you need to travel. The model comes from the world-famous brand Sony, and it can either be black or silver colors.

The product is portable, as the ear cups are foldable, and you can detach the wire very easily; plus, they don’t need a lot of space. Also, it is made of sturdy materials, which make them reliable and lightweight. The sound generated goes straight to your ears mainly due to its closed-back ear cups. These headphones offer an impedance of 470hms, thus ensuring the superb quality of music at midrange. Furthermore, it produces basses of high quality, which is very significant in electronic dance music.

On top of all these, the model has active digital noise cancellation that gives you comfort when walking outside noisy or crowded places. The battery charge can last you up to 30 hours, and you can recharge it for 10 minutes every 5 hours. In addition, the product has susceptible control that you can tap and touch to set. Alternatively, settings can be done by the use of Alexa voice.


1. The recharging speed is quick and perfect for long trips.

2. You can mute the music by just covering your right ear cup.

3. Durable product.


1. You can’t be pair with multiple devices.

Product Specs

Product Dimension7.31 ×  2.94 ×  10.44 inches
Item Weight9 ounces
Item Model NumberB07G4MNFS1
BatteriesOne lithium polymer batteries needed (included)

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones: Best for value 

No products found.

Cowin E7 is among the top-quality models that are relatively affordable for several audiophiles out there. The model weighs 9.9 ounces and comes in numerous colors, such as blue, red, and black. The over-ear wearing style has active noise cancellation features. Its impedance is 160hms, which is enough to connect to your smartphones, although it can’t give you excellent sounds at different frequency ranges.

The model offers a 30 hours battery life even when the noise cancellation feature is turned on. So you only need four hours to recharge it. The model also comes with a 3.5mm mini-jack, which is helpful when connecting to smartphones on wired mode. When the model is connected to your device, you can use the inbuilt microphone for calls. Meaning, you don’t even need to worry someone will overhear your conversation since the ear cups are closed.

The unit has proprietary 45mm, large-aperture drivers with deep, accurate bass responses. In addition, the professional protein earpad and 90 degrees swiveling ear cups are very comfortable and durable. 


1. High-quality inbuilt microphone and NFC technology

2. The 30 hours battery life with 750mAh built-in battery will not allow your headphones to power off quickly.

3. Active noise-canceling feature.

4. The headphones sit very firmly on the ears, and it doesn’t cause tension on the ears and head.


1. Control inbuilt buttons are very intuitive, which makes it difficult to set the required volumes.

Product Specs

Product Dimension6.54 × 1.97 ×  7.13 inches
Item Weight9.9 ounces
Item Model NumberE7 Active Noise Cancelling
BatteriesOne lithium polymer batteries needed

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD280PR: Best lightweight EDM headphones 

Sennheiser HD 280 pro is among the headphones with high-quality crystal clear sounds. The model sounds to focus on the high frequencies and mid-high, and control to add unique color to them without causing any problems.

The low ends of the model are well balanced and smooth, thus adding a valuable warmness to the overall sound result. Moreover, the mid-low is punchy, and they give fantastic subtle loudness to the heavier instruments, like the kick drums and bass. 

The unit has a cord connected to the primary body of the headset that uses a 4.5mm connector. You also unscrew and turn it into a 3.5mm connector. The model doesn’t need batteries, and they have good noise cancellation levels, which helps the sound engineer absorb the sound given easily and pay attention to the details.


1. The model is detachable, rigid, and single-sided cable.

2. Very lightweight and comfortable for long time use.

3. The unit has a rotatable capsule for single-ear listening.

4. Pocket friendly.


1. The headband can be a bit snug for some people.

Product Specs

Product Dimension9.64 ×  7.36 ×  3.3
Item Weight1.21 pounds
Item Model NumberHD280PRO
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries needed 

What Are The Main Features To Consider When Looking For The Great EDM Headphones?

When you are buying the best headphones for EDM, there are certain features to look out for, such as;

Audio Quality

Sound quality is something you cannot negotiate if you need the most excellent headphones for EDM. It’s a pretty demanding music genre, which pushes headphones to their limit that a lower quality unit can’t handle.

You might not appreciate the EDM songs if you choose the flawed quality model since they may sound flat. Here are some of the audio quality your EDM units should attain;

1. Audio Drivers: Your model audio driver’s design has a lot to tell regarding the sound output it produces. Although you should put in mind that the larger the drivers, the heavier your unit will be! That’s why it’s advisable to look for devices with high audio drivers around 40mm plus.

2. Noise Cancellation:  Whenever there is noise pollution, it’s very challenging to enjoy a rich audio experience. To prevent external noises from interrupting your favorite songs, buy headphones with thick earcups. Also, check for the models with an active noise isolation feature if you are majorly exposed to such an environment.

3. Frequency Response: The standard frequency response that these devices come with is 20-20KHz because it’s the average range that our ears can withstand. Even though we usually see EDM with a capacity below 20Hz, as it gives the best punch.


The perfect headphones are the ones that feel good to wear while listening to your memorable songs. Some of the comfort-based features to look for when buying the devices includes;

1. Weight: If possible, avoid picking the bulky units, as they tend to make an unpleasant wearing experience. It would help if you went for lighter models for comfort and flexibility.

2. Headband: You need to be extra vigilant when checking the headbands. Such units allow you to use your devices for an extended period without coming across any form of discomfort. However, low-profile headbands are suitable for outdoor settings. Models with adjustable features are among the excellent units you will not regret purchasing.

3. Earcups: Pay close attention to earcups while putting an order. Soft padding gives you more comfort while making it easier for you to wear them. Generally, it provides a soft feeling on your skin without creating a clamping force. In comparison, the more oversized earcups enable extra space for your ears.

Maximum Power Handling

It usually shows us the highest limit of electricity power your model can withstand without damaging it. The specifications are known by taking the voltage that drops over the device by multiplying it with the current passing across them.

Price Range

People commonly think that headphones explicitly designed for a specific music genre may cost a lot. Well, that’s not the case all the time because you can always find good quality at an affordable price. For example, some models can play EDM music, such as professional units, without costing you more money.


Durability depends on the materials used to make the headphones. Models created with a quality product will last longer, and in the end, you will achieve value for their worth.


No matter how much we try to overlook this factor, it always finds its way back. Generally, most of these reputable companies around have been there for decades producing and improving their units. Furthermore, the after-sale support and warranties are immersed in such brands.

We also agree brand is not everything, but sometimes it matters somehow! Be cautious of those brands emphasizing celebrity endorsements because sometimes hype doesn’t live up to reality.

Frequently Asked Questions On EDM headphones 

Is it hard to get EDM headphones?

No, you can quickly get pretty several options to choose from, although when it comes to getting a unit that fits your needs, it may take you a lot of time. But don’t worry yourself; we have selected the top six most incredible EDM headphones here, go through it and get one that suits your needs.

Are EDM headphones expensive?

Not really, but of course, we have some high-end EDM modes that cost high prices. Although, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good quality unit at an affordable price. When you lay your eyes on a pocket-friendly device that suits your needs, grab the opportunity. 

Is warranty that important? 

Not really, since quality products give you services and you may not use the warranty at all. Please keep in mind that not all the headphones that come with a warranty are of good quality. Companies might put it there to give you confidence. All these manufacturers know the functionality of their product because they must probably test it before getting it into the market.

Final Word

With several EDM headphones in the market, it can be challenging to pick the perfect pair. However, our reviews are the best options because they have unique features that make them outstanding. So you can confidently choose any among the six.  

Our top choice is

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

that have noise-canceling and Alexa voice control. In addition, the model offers a balanced audio performance at any level. On top of that, the brand gives Android, iPhone, and iPad users the surety that the product firmware is up-to-date across the Bose connect app. What more can you ask for! So pick one and enjoy EDM wherever and whenever.