Best Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming In 2021: Top Review And Buyer’s Guide

Closed-back headphones are useful for gamers who play in noisy places. Here we list the best closed-back headphones for gaming that will better your experience. Included are quality products such as HyperX Cloud Stinger Audio-Technica ATH-M50Xbb and SteelSeries Arctis 7 that present quality and a great gaming experience. 

Are you a gamer who wishes to create your world of gameplay? Or, want to pay attention to iconic soundtracks and sound effects of the game? It is important to get a nice pair of headphones that blocks surrounding noise and minimizes audio leakages. 

Closed-back headphones are often the best choice for any gamer. They feature noise cancelation technology that allows you to focus the sound of the game. You will hear every little detail and follow the enemy’s footsteps keenly. Still, they are very comfortable to wear and protect ears from loud sounds. If you are planning to wear headphones for long hours or in noisy places, closed-back headphones are also best.  

Sound amazing?

Wait! The hard part is in zeroing in on the best closed-back headphones that suit your needs and style. This is where we come in. Here I will give a detailed review of 6 top closed-back headphones that have been tested and approved by gamers. 

Read through and make a wise pick!

What Are The Best Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming?

Sometimes, you might be in a hurry, and reading the whole article without a sneak peek can be a bit boring. So, here I give the summary of the 6 best closed-back headphones, their specific features, and suitability. However, later in the article, I will review each in detail.

But, first, have a look:

Best Overall : HyperX Cloud Stinger

A quality and lightweight design that works with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC

Best For Professional Gamers : Audio-Technica ATH-M50Xbb

No #1best seller on Amazon due to its professional-grade sonic performance with the deep and accurate bass response and excellent clarity throughout and high frequencies

Best For PC Gaming : SteelSeries Arctis 7

Offers lossless wireless audio with ultra-low latency and zero interference for quality surround sound when connected to PC

Best For Comfort And Flexibility : SENNHEISER HD 569

This is a lightweight design headphone that features soft replaceable ear pads and large ear cups for comfort. The 6.3 mm jack and 3-meter detachable cable give you a flexible connection to various gaming platforms. 

Best Closed-Back Headphones For Multiple Platforms : Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

The device is compatible with almost all gaming devices such as mobile phones, switches, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You have an option to connect to multiple source audio for uninterrupted gaming when making calls. 

Best Gaming Headphone With Noise-Canceling Mic : Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

Delivers loud and clear audio with noise-canceling mic for PC shutting all the outside sound to help you focus on your game 

Comparison Chart Of The Best Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming

Here is a quick overview of the closed-back headphones on one table. Have a glimpse of the main features and what to expect ahead.

Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming It Is Best ForWeight Frequency ResponseSensitivity 
HyperX Cloud StingerBest overall for closed back headphones for gaming 9.7 ounces50Hz-18, 000Hz-40 dBV
Audio-Technica ATH-M50XbbBest for Professional gamers10 ounces15-20,000 Hz96 dB
SteelSeries Arctis 7Best for PC gaming12.5 ounces20-20,000 Hz38 dB  
SENNHEISER HD 569Best for comfort and flexibility1.54 pounds  10-28,000 Hz115 dB  
Logitech G633 Artemis SpectrumBest Closed-back headphones for multiple platforms 13.2 ounces  10Hz-20 KHz107 dB  
Razer Kraken 7.1 V2Best gaming headphone with mic11.4 ounces  12Hz-28 KHz12 dB  

Top 6 Best Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming 

So, you might already be having roughly the best product for you based on the above stats. But, you need to get into details before making up your mind. Here I get into specifics of each product in terms of features, specs, pros, and cons. Read through and pick the most suitable one.

HyperX Cloud Stinger: Best Overall

 Key Features

1. Adjustable steel slider

2. 90° rotating ear cups

3. 50 mm directional drivers

4. Volume slider on the ear cup

Product Specifications

Dimension 9.5 ×10.75 × 3 inches 
9.7 ounces 
Hardware platform PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
Voltage60 volts
Color Black 
Frequency response 50Hz-18, 000Hz
Driver size50 mm

1. Lightweight 

2. Gaming-grade sound quality

3. Comfortable due to HypeX Signature memory form ear cups

4. Compatible with most of the gaming systems, e.g., Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One

5. Good fir as ear cup rotates at 90°


1. Fragile ear pad’s swiveling joints 

2. Annoying click sound when unmuting the microphone 

In gaming, a perfect headphone produces quality sound, shut out the noise around, and is comfortable to be worn over a long period. All these features are present in HyperX Cloud Stinger closed-back headphones. The device weighs only 275grams (0.66lbs) for a lightweight headset that doesn’t burden your neck. You also get to fit it comfortably due to 90°swiveling ear cups with signature memory foam.  

Another great feature is 50 mm directional drivers. It positions sound right into your ears for precise audio and gaming-grade sound quality. But, if the volume is not at your preferred level, you can adjust it accordingly using a slider at the bottom of the right ear cup. 

The noise outside will also not be a nuisance as the device utilizes an in-built passive noise cancellation technique. You only flip it vertically against your head and the world around will be mute.  

Audio-Technica ATH-M50Xbb: Best For Professional Gamers 

Key Features

1. Sound isolating ear cups

2. 45 mm large-aperture drivers

3. Circumaural ear cup design

4. 90°swiveling ear cups

Product Specs

Dimension 11 x 2 x 10 inches
Weight 10 ounces 
Impedance 47 ohms
Driver size45 mm
Sensitivity 96 dB 
Frequency response 15-20,000 Hz

This is the number one bestseller product on Amazon due to its acclaimed sonic performance. You get exceptionally clear sound throughout an extended frequency with outside noise dealt with by well-designed ear cups. The ear cups feature a circumaural design that contours around your ear perfectly well. However, if you want to keep in touch with the environment, you can twist the 90° rotating ear cups for one year of gaming. 

No questions on durability as the headband and earpad are made of professional-grade materials. This is further enhanced by copper-clad aluminum coils with magnetized 45 mm large-aperture drivers. You will get a comfortable fit for relaxed hours of gaming experience. 

SteelSeries Arctis 7: Best For PC Gaming 

Key Features

1. Signature Arctis sound 

2. 360° precision audio 

3. 24-hour battery 

4. 38 dB mic  sensitivity 

Product Specs

Dimension 7.76 x 6.89 x 3.58 inches
Weight 12.5 ounces 
Sensitivity 38 dB  
Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz

1. Longer battery life

2. Quality built 

3. Great surround audio


1. Iffy mute button 

The thought of wireless headphones makes gamers dreadful due to common issues such as latency. However, with SteelSeries, you get to enjoy the freedom from wire tangles with no chance of latency. The headphone uses 2.4 GHz lossless wireless technology for quality connection. 

Speakers utilize signature Arctis sound that has been improved for over 15 years. As a result, you get subtle and balanced audio output for a great gaming experience. The bright mids, deep bass, and surround sounds ensure you do not miss any footsteps when playing. 

Another great feature is a clear cast noise-canceling mic that keeps your focus on the gaming sounds. Together with 24 hours of battery life, there is nothing that can come between you and your game once you get a pair of SteelSeries Arctis headphones. The device is compatible with PS4 and PC. 

SENNHEISER HD 569: Best For Comfort And Flexibility 

Key Features

1. Replaceable ear pads

2. 2-year warranty 

3. Aluminum voice coil in transducers

4. EAR technology

5. Noise isolating around-ear design 

Product Specs

Dimension 8.1 x 3.95 x 10.25 inches
Weight 1.54 pounds  
Sensitivity 115 dB  
Frequency response 10-28,000 Hz
Impedance 23 Ω

1. Easy phone control

2. No voice leak

3. Comfortably designed earcups

4. Lightweight


1. No bass punch

There is no doubt Sennheiser produces one of the top model headphones due to their 75 years of continued innovation. HD 569 won’t disappoint you due to its quality design and excellent audiophile production. Traducers utilize aluminum voice coils for efficiency and minimal sound distortion. And, your listening experience is made better by noise isolating around-ear and Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (EAR) design.

The luxurious feel when wearing SENNHEISER HD 569 is on another level. You enjoy extreme comfort as the device is lightweight yet robust. Padded headbands and cushioned ears make it easy to put on the headphones for hours without hurting the ears.  Furthermore, the soft ear pads can be replaced for all-time coziness. 

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum: Best Closed-back headphones for multiple platforms 

Key Features

1. Compatible with mobile phones, switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC

2. Foldaway design

3. 40 mm Pro-G Driver

4. 7.1 surround sound

Product Specs

Dimension 8.82 x 3.74 x 8.82 inches
Weight 13.2 ounces  
Sensitivity 107 dB  
Frequency response 10Hz-20 KHz
Impedance 23 Ω

1. Multiple source audio mixing

2. Customizable with Logitech gaming software

3. Foldaway to mute

4. Used on multiple devices

5. Great audio experience


1. Plastic fragile construction

If you are looking for multiple–platform devices, Logitech G633 is the perfect option. It is compatible with mobile devices, Xbox One, PS4s, and PC. You get extensive cinematic gaming experience from 40 mm Pro-G. Your gaming ability will also be enhanced as the drivers can detect every subtle sound and capture every enemy’s sneak attack. Furthermore, the 7.1 surround Dolby, and DTS support makes every detail sound real when using a PC.

For mobiles and consoles, the headphones give you stereo, which sound good. Apart from enjoying your gaming, you can also connect the headphones on the phone for a quality phone conversation. You do not have to interrupt your gaming as the device supports multiple source audio mixing. 

Use a 3.5 mm connection and USB cable to connect to two devices to answer calls while playing music. And, when you want to take a break, you flip up the device and mic mutes. So, taking a break doesn’t mean disconnecting everything. 

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2: Best gaming headphone with mic

Key Features

1. In-built advanced virtual surround sound

2. 50 mm custom-tuned drivers

3. Bauxite aluminium frame

4. 30 mW input power

Product Specs

Dimension 6.15 x 3.86 x 7.8 inches
Weight 11.4 ounces  
Sensitivity 12 dB  
Frequency response 12Hz-28 KHz
Impedance 32 Ω

1. Durable aluminum built

2. Excellent surround sound

3. Mute mic by pinching 

4. Lightweight 

5. Quick mute


1. Warm-up after a long time of use can be quite uncomfortable 

The Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 is a device to reckon due to its quality built featuring Bauxite aluminum frame. The device is lightweight with oval ear cushions for all-around comfort. This doesn’t compromise quality as the headphones deliver loud and clear audio due to their large 50 mm custom-tuned drivers. Razes Kraken advanced 7. 1 feature further enhances the sound to ensure you are aware of every aural situation. In fact, you can calibrate the headset to your listening likings. 

Noise cancellation that is only available on PC mutes your surrounding so you can focus on gaming sound. And when monitoring the chats, the Kraken Chroma gives you the liberty of adjusting the mic accordingly. The storage is also not an issue as the mic is retractable for easy keeping.

What To Consider For The Best Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming: Buyer’s Guide

You have probably opted for closed-back headphones due to the ability to block the outside noise and minimize voice leaks when gaming. But, do you know that should not be the only guiding factor when buying headphones?

Here are some considerations that will help you pick the best closed-back headphone for gaming:


Gaming can make you forget about everything else, and you might end up spending hours in front of the PC. For this reason, you need a device that can be worn for an extended period without getting warm or hurting your ears. Since closed-back heats up easily, look at the options that have cooling materials such as memory foams. Those with padded ear pads are also great for comfort.

Wireless Or Wired Option

Wired headphones take the lead when it comes to gaming headphones, but that is not to say wireless options aren’t good. People do not like the frequent need to charge the device, and there is fear of latency and interference. So, if you want to move away from wires, it would be best to invest in a superior wireless option with minimum latency and zero interference, such as SteelSeries Arctis 7. 

Sound Quality And Surround Audio

The output sound is what defines the overall gaming experience. So, opt for devices that can handle various gaming music, voices, and effect to produce clean and extra bass. If you are an FPS gamer, then an option that creates an excellent virtual surround is a plus. Some Dolby and DTS surround choices are also great for RPG and adventure games. 

Note that gaming headphones might not be great for listening to music, and you might need to strike a balance by sacrificing either. 

Platform Support 

Very few headphones are flexible enough to support all the gaming platforms. In that case, you need to get a compatible device with the platform of your preference. This conditional option might break or make your world if you choose an incompatible item. For versatility, opt for Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum that can be used on mobile phones, switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 

Gaming Mic

A gamic mic that produces clean chat vocals is the best option if you do many chats. Consider the devices with noise cancellation feature to enhance your input signal. Among the six reviewed, Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 takes the lead in terms of gaming mic. You get loud and clear audio external noise shut to help you focus on your game 


Cost is the final determining factor after all considerations have been made. However, breaking your bank for a pair of gaming headphones does not always guarantee quality and awesome sound. Other affordable options provide an excellent gaming experience. Figure out your preference, check the price, and if it fits your budget, go for it. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using Closed-Back Headphones For Gaming?

1. Noise Cancellation: Closed-back headphones work by isolating external noise, making them a good option even in noisy surroundings.

2. Portable: most closed-back headphones are foldable for easy carry and storage.

3. Minimum Audio Leakage: Closed-back headphones let you listen to music and play games with minimum leakage. This gives you some privacy and prevents you from disturbing people around.  

4. Good Bass Quality: Produce excellent bass sound that captures every subtle audio. 

Final Word

Immerse yourself in your game with the best closed-back headphones for gaming reviewed above. If in doubt, go for HyperX Cloud Stinger, which is the best overall product in our review.  The headset is lightweight and feature quality built. It works on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC.