Beat Battle: Skullcandy VS. Beats

Skullcandy and Beats are two of the most popular headphone brands in the market today. They both offer quality headphones, but is one better than the other? It’s time to find out!

In this blog post, we will review Skullcandy vs beats, including their pros and cons.

Skullcandy Features

1. The Skullcandy Push is a lightweight, wireless earbud that’s perfect for running and working out

2. Listen to your favorite music on the go with the Skullcandy Jib Wireless Headphones

3. Get up close and personal with your tunes with these great-sounding in-ear headphones

4. Stream audio from any Bluetooth device or laptop without wires or cords

5. The Grind Wireless In-Ear Headphones are designed to stay put while you’re moving around so you can keep listening even when you’re on the go 

6. You’ll love this over-the-ear headphones if you want excellent sound quality but need some noise cancellation too.


1. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable

2. The sound quality is clear and crisp

3. They come with a lifetime warranty for sweat, rain, or accidental damage

4. It comes with an armband to wear your phone while you’re running 

5. You can choose from three different sizes and colors of headphones to fit your needs best 

6. There’s no need for wireless Bluetooth because it has a built-in microphone so you can take calls without any problems


1. Skullcandy headphones are not noise-canceling

2. The sound quality on Skullcandy headphones is not as good as other brands

3. Some people say that the plastic casing can break easily

4. The price of a pair of Skullcandy headphones is expensive for what you get 

5. You cannot use your smartphone to control the volume, which means it’s difficult to find a balance between how loud or soft you want your music to be 

6. The cord gets tangled up and in knots more than most other brands because they’re so long.

Features Of Beats Headphone

1. The Beats headphone is a premium product that can be purchased at a reasonable price

2. It has the ability to reduce external noise and provide an enjoyable listening experience

3. It is designed with all types of music in mind, from classical to hip hop

4. You can purchase it in colors such as blue, red, white, black, or gold 

5. One of the best features about this product is that it’s made for both professionals and casual listeners alike 

6. The Beats headphone comes with a 1-year warranty for any defects or malfunctions.


1. Beats headphones are lightweight and comfortable 

2. The quality of sound is excellent, with deep basses and crystal-clear highs 

3. They’re durable – they can withstand being dropped or tossed around without getting damaged 

4. They come in a variety of colors to suit your style 

5. You can customize the color scheme on the inside of the headphone so you feel like it’s yours!

6. There are many different models available to meet anyone’s needs (wireless, noise-canceling)


1. Beats are expensive

2. They don’t come with a warranty or guarantee

3. The cord is too short to be used while exercising

4. You can’t wear them in the rain without getting them wet

5. There’s no volume control on the cord so you have to adjust it on your phone every time 

6. They’re not good for traveling because they’re bulky and heavy.

Is Skullcandy Good Quality?

Yes, Skullcandy is of good quality.  It has a rich sound that delivers all the bass and treble you need for your music or games. What’s more, Skullcandy is sleek, lightweight and it doesn’t hurt your ears after wearing them for long periods of time like some other headphone brands do. You’ll be able to wear Skullcandy anywhere without being embarrassed about how they look on you!

Which Is Better Skullcandy Or JBL?

The Skullcandy headphones are better because they provide a clear and strong sound while JBL’s have more of an echo. You can get Skullcandy came in many different colors, which is kind of nice when you want to personalize your equipment for the day or if you’re giving them as a present!

Is Skullcandy Better Than Bose?

Bose is a well-established company that Skullcandy wants to compete with.  Skullcandy’s have their own strengths, but they haven’t been around for long enough yet to compare them against Bose just yet. Skullcandy provides an excellent sound and is very comfortable!

Is Skullcandy A Cheap Brand?

Skull came are relatively cheap in the sense that they’re competitively priced.  The Skullcandy company is still fairly new and doesn’t have any famous connections to other brands or companies, so there’s not a standard price for them yet! Skullcandy’s can be found on websites like Amazon and Target at prices as low as $25 which isn’t bad considering you get two pairs of headphones with this deal!

Why Is Skullcandy Bad?

Skullcandy is not bad, Skullcandy’s just don’t provide the same quality as other brands like Beats by Dre. They may be cheap but they’re still made with low-quality material and a cheaper sound.  Some people might enjoy this because Skullcandy has a lower price point and some people find these types of headphones to be more comfortable than others! Skullcandy can also fall apart easily which means that you’ll need to replace them frequently if you want your Skullcandy for an extended period of time.

Is Skullcandy Better Than Sony?

No, Skullcandy is not better than Sony.  Sony headphones cost more but they also provide a higher quality sound with over-the-ear noise-canceling technology and have the ability to fold up for travel which Skullcandy cannot do. Skullcandy can be bulky if you want them to go on your neck while some people might find that uncomfortable or annoying!