The 8 Best Gaming Headsets For PSVR (Upgrade Sound Quality Massively)

Do you want to take your gaming experience to the next level? If your answer is yes, you should hurry up and grab a headset for PSVR. This gaming headset will modify your definition of a perfect game setup quite evidently. Gaming headsets are those products that are compatible with the play-stations and other devices. The users feel that they are a part of virtual reality and hence enjoy their game like never before.

The fun of playing games is incomplete without a proper headset. The gamers would agree that headphones play a significant role in involving us in virtual reality. This experience of forgetting the real world for some time, and getting enchanted by the virtual world is thrilling.  The sound plays a major role in this process. The primary requirement for gamers is superior sound quality. It is the fundamental factor that will upgrade your PSVR session exponentially. All other features are add-ons. The more you get them, the more luxurious you will feel. But for immersing in the world of VR, you should always prioritize the sound quality.

Gaming Headsets For PSVR

Quick Answers | List Of Top 8 Gaming Headsets For PSVR

Best Headsets For A Magnifying Gaming Session 

Below we have listed eight best products available in the market. You can go through each of them and know about their specifications in detail. We have also mentioned the pros and cons of the product. Besides, you will find the strong points that will tell you why you should invest in that particular headset? Read on to know about the products that would suit you the best.

1. Plantronics RIG 4VR – VR Gaming Headset for PlayStation VR

It is designed for use with PlayStation VR and PS4. It’s a wireless headset with the optimized version of 40 mm driver controls that delivers accurate audio. The resonators (low-frequency) used in it boost the bass characteristics of this product. The cable does not clip to VR display’s cable which is a significant plus-point. The open acoustics feature helps users maintain the balance of sound over various frequencies.


1. Ambient sound

2. Flexibility to choose between wired or wireless mode

3. Interchangeable cables

4. Easy to use

5. Flexible frame

6. Comfortable

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The ear-cups fit perfectly with the wearable displays. It consists of several tiny vents to dissipate heat and helps to keep your ears all time aerated. All parts are of outstanding quality and are replaceable. This wireless controller is also compatible with tablets, mobile phones and PC/Mac. Besides, this product offers a proper amount of noise cancellation, which leads to a fantastic experience. The sound quality is excellent. The headset is also up-to the mark regarding the comfort factor.

2.  Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset – Variable Bass Boost – Mic Monitoring – PlayStation VR and PS4 – PlayStation 4

The Stealth 350VR headset has a lightweight design. It is smooth, and the fabric-wrapped memory foam ear cushion ensures a breathable and comfortable fit.

The unique battery-operated amplification system is a great experience. Only on a single charge, it can work for more than 30 hours. It comes with the support of shifting bass technology that gives this headphone a magnificent touch to its sound quality. It comes with a 3.5mm Audio and Mic Connection.


1. Unidirectional Noise-Cancelling

2. Variable Bass Boost

3. High-Quality 50MM Speakers

4. Interchangeable Cable System

5. Lightweight

6. Battery life 

Why Should You Buy This Product?

It has an easily interchangeable cable to swap between the various modes of its compatible devices quickly. And it is completely suited for PlayStation VR, PS4 Pro and PS4, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. The over-ear elegant foam cushions ensure a comfortable fit for your ear. Besides, this headset has the optimum quality of material and fabric. The ear cushions are soft for prolonged use. Moreover, you can rely on the battery life of this product.

3.  Bionik Mantis Attachable VR Headphones: Compatible with PlayStation VR, Adjustable Design, Connects Directly to PSVR, Hi-Fi Sound, Sleek Design, Easy Installation

This headphone is compatible with PlayStation VR and suitable with the feel and look of the PSVR headset. It fits gently and easily on ears for a comfortable fit without depriving its distinctive sound quality.

It has extended spring located clips in order to attach and detach the VR headset. You can adjust it in different directions and degrees as per the requirement.


1. Detachable

2. VR direct connection to PSVR

3. Easy installation

4. Hi-Fi sound and comfort

5. Unique Patent

6. Highly compatible

Why Should You Buy This Product?

It has a long cable (20-inch) that connects directly to the headset to integrate the set-up. Due to its sleek and slim infrastructure, it is easy to use and store. It is suited to fit in cleanly with the PSVR headset for an impressive aesthetic. It is effortless to use and handle. This product is compatible with several devices and has fantastic sound quality. Besides it is portable thanking to its lightweight and unique design

4. Sony PlayStation

Sony is a prominent brand when it comes to the headset. Besides, it has a separate customer base that admires it for the gaming headphones it makes. This product has a high level of sound quality that enables you to hear all ranges of sound. You can listen to low whispers to loud audios with the same efficiency. Owing to its quality, it has a fantastic design and is comfortable too. You can rely on this headset for durability and portability. In addition, this headphone is also stylish.


1. Brand name

2. Stylish

3. Sound quality

4. Comfortable

5. Portable

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This product enjoys an immense positive customer review. The users trust this headset due to its exceptional performance. The sound quality is capable of beating many competitive headsets in the market. The design and construction make it both durable and stylish at the same time.

5.  Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone

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It is a multipurpose headset suitable for various purposes. Its over-ear design and premium style makes it a popular choice for many people. Besides, this is a famous product for those who prefer wired headphones. It is comfortable for long hours and is compatible with several devices. The frequency range and impedance makes it useful not only for gaming purposes but for other activities too. It can be a proper choice for listening to music, picking calls, studio activities and playing games. Also, it is the top choice for the home entertainment system too.


1. Multipurpose

2. Frequency range

3. Impedance

4. Sound quality

5. Two years warranty

6. Comfortable

7. Lightweight

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This device offers a high-frequency range, which makes the audio experience fantastic. The bass and the clarity that it provides tremendously elevate your session. The kind of quality it gives will make you use this product for long hours. But, its comfortable material will cause zero irritation to your ear-buds. Owing to its lightweight nature, the product is portable and easy to carry. In addition to these features, you get a two-years warranty if you buy it from an authorized dealer. It is a major plus point that should be in your mind while you finalize the product.

6. Gold Wireless Stereo Headset – PlayStation 4

Another dedicated headset for gamers, this product is a boon for the players around the globe. The superior sound quality makes it stand out from its competitors. While using this product, you can listen to the softest whispers without any effort. It will make you enjoy your game to the fullest. The design is comfortable yet stylish. This combination makes it popular among gamers around the world. The 3.5mm audio cable provides you with the flexibility to switch between wired and wireless modes. It is a unique luxury not provided by the majority of the products.

The battery life is reliable, and it can fit easily to provide a hassle-free experience.


1. Design

2. Strong battery life

3. Comfortable fit

4. Flexibility to choose between wireless and wired mode.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

With a comfortable fit and stylish look, this headset will make you look different from the crowd. Besides, its durable battery-life will leave you with an uninterrupted gaming session. The high-quality sound will enhance your overall experience, hence taking you to virtual reality. As this a play-station product, you will have the luxury to enjoy some additional benefits. Its noise-cancelling microphone will take you to another level of the gaming world.

7.  PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset – PlayStation 4

The three-dimensional audio technology and the virtual surround sound makes this product one of the most popular gaming headsets. The extended battery acts like an additional perk among so many spectacular features. The dual microphone is capable of canceling out distractions profoundly. Besides, you get the luxury to switch between wired and wireless modes according to your mood. The sound quality is robust, and this headset can make you groove on your favorite music too. The high compatibility of this headphone with multiple other devices makes it a good choice, among other stuff.


1. High-quality sound

2. Compatibility with many devices

3. A choice between wired and wireless mode

4. Battery life

5. Dual microphone

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This headphone changes the current definition of ‘premium gaming audio’ by providing immensely rich and detailed sound quality to its users. Its microphone is capable of capturing your voice while cancelling out the disturbances and distractions of the surroundings simultaneously. Its lightweight and durable design makes it a sensible investment for the long run. The multi-device compatibility makes it suitable for various platforms. Hence it can save a lot of your money too. Besides, its battery life is praiseworthy.

8. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-cancelingmic, Flip-To-Mute, XXL plush velvet ear pads, compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphone

This headset is primary for VR gaming. The sound quality and the noise cancellation feature are beyond perfect. The lightweight nature makes it portable and handy. This product is also comfortable and hence suitable for extended usage. Meant for professional gaming, it is versatile and compatible with various devices.

Overall, this device is reliable, robust, and suitable for multipurpose. Also, it is durable and is one of the best products for PSVR gaming available in the market.


1. Signature sound quality

2. Noise-cancelling microphone

3. Lightweight

4. Compatible

5. Versatile

6. Classic design

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are a hardcore gamer who fancies to experience reality in the virtual world, this headphone is perfect for you. Its classic design makes it popular in the market. Besides, its lightweight and compatibility add to its list of benefits. The microphone is excellent and can catch your voice, cancelling the surrounding noise quite efficiently.

Buyer’s Guide To Make Your Shopping Hassle-Free And Easier

After going through the above mentioned products, some of you might feel that more than one headphone suits you. With such fantastic products available in the market, it is quite evident that people find it difficult to finalize a single stuff.

To ensure that our reader’s make the best choice, we have come up with a buyer’s guide exclusively for you. Here, we will discuss some key factors that you should consider before giving the final nod to any of your purchases. This guide will help to make decisions on the basis of the features that are essential for a headset. Read on to know about the features and aspects you should review while shopping for the gaming headphones.

1. Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most prominent characteristic of a playstation VR headset. The more detailing your product gives, the more you will enjoy your session. Make sure, the product you choose offers this perk. It is because the amount of bass, treble, and clarity plays a major role in improving your gaming experience drastically.

2. Noise Cancellation And Noise Leakage

Suppose you are busy fighting the villain in a game, and you hear your friends chatting with each other. Such kind of experience will ultimately damage your mood and the game as well. Hence, noise cancellation is an essential aspect while opting for a PSVR headset. Many products claim to provide a reasonable amount of noise cancellation at a decent price. Choose the one that simultaneously suits your budget and environment.

Besides noise cancellation, also have a look at noise leakage. Your family members or friends would not find it amusing to hear the sound of your fight scenes too often. So, choose a headphone that provides a proper amount of noise cancellation and anti-noise leakage features.

3. Battery Life

It is one of the primary angles that you should ponder while buying a wireless product. The battery life will decide the length of your stay in the gaming world. If you are an ardent gamer, try choosing the stuff that offers a long battery life to your headset. Else, you might feel disappointed and cheated in the middle of an important game.

5. Comfort

The material of the headset is another crucial aspect that you should keep in mind. If you spend hours playing games, then you should choose comfort over many other features. Try selecting the product which has soft and cushiony material. The heavy or metallic built will make you uncomfortable and hence will ruin your overall experience.

6. Warranty

Gaming headsets are generally quite expensive if you buy them from a trusted company. So, while you shortlist the top products, try to choose the one that offers a good warranty. Some sellers also provide after selling services, which is a good deal.

7. Portability

If your lifestyle demands travelling around, and you are also a hardcore gamer, portability has to top your list. In this scenario, make sure that the product that you choose is lightweight and not very huge. If you are getting a case with your headset, then it is a win-win deal for you. On the contrary, try to invest a few bucks on the headset case too. It will be useful in the long run.

8. Buy A Branded Product.

If you buy a branded product, you will undoubtedly have one of the best customer services and support ever. This factor will provide you with peace of mind. Even after your product exceeds the warranty limit, you know, the people at the customer support center have your back.

9. Customer’s Review

It is one of the other important reasons why you should buy stuff from a trusted website. Such websites have genuine customer reviews on which you can rely. Go through the ratings and reviews, and understand how the product turned out to be for other customers. It will enlighten you about the item, and you will be able to make a more responsible decision.

10. Durability

Investing such heavy bucks in the product, least we expect is that our headset stands the test of time. To get knowledge about durability, you can depend on the customer’s review and answers. Also, have a look at the duration of the warranty that the company is giving on the item. Give a glance to the terms and conditions to know about the types of damage covered in the warranty.

The last step is to inspect the material used. You should avoid plastic materials due to many reasons. Besides the environmental cause, plastics are not durable as a headset material.

11. Compatibility

If you enjoy playing games on multiple platforms, then getting a different headset for the different platforms can be an impossible task. Try choosing a product that is compatible with PSVR and your computer, laptops and other devices too. It will not only save a lot of space in your house but also it’s a pocket-friendly idea.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

After going through this article, you can finalize the product that you consider the best for yourself. However, to further clear your doubts and give you a clear insight into gaming headsets, we will discuss some FAQs. In this column, we will address some common queries of the customers that they have regarding headphones for PSVR.

Q  1. Is It Okay To Wear Glasses Inside The PSVR Headset?

Yes, you can do it. The PSVR headset did give a thought about its customers who wear glasses. Its design allows you to adjust the lens as per your requirement to get the best result. So, you can now conquer the world of games with ultimate comfort and with your glasses on!

Q 2. Can I Plug My Earphones With PSVR?

Yes, many headphones are earphones compatible with PSVR. You can plug them with the device quite effortlessly. However, for an optimum experience, you should opt for the headset primarily meant for gaming. By choosing such equipment, you will feel highly satisfied with the overall set-up.

Q 3. Wireless Or Wired Headsets, Which Is Better For Ideal Experience?

This question has no ‘correct answer’, and it totally depends on the user. If you are more comfortable with wired headsets, you might vote for it and vice versa. However, if you choose any headset suitable for gaming, you will have a pleasant experience. The factor that it has wires or is wireless won’t change the level of fun you have.


Getting lost in virtual reality is not a kid’s play anymore. Gaming has become a hobby and passion for many people of all age groups. To take a break from the monotonous nature of life and a busy schedule is vital for mental health. Such gaming options prove to be an ultimate gateway of self-care for us. Besides, many of us show interest in setting up our gaming room, decking it up with all the essential equipment.

Gaming headsets are a priority and probably a fundamental step towards setting up a gaming environment. It provides an aura that can take you away from the ongoing work pressure or stress for sometimes.

In this article, we discussed the best headsets available in the market. Also, we tried our best to clear your doubts and queries and help you choose a product. So, gear up to enhance your gaming experience and let the gamer inside you make the noise! Grab the best headset to experience gaming like never before.